Episode Two

Published on
October 27th, 2017
52 minutes

Episode Two

A World On The Brink ·
Featuring Dee Smith

Published on: October 27th, 2017 • Duration: 52 minutes

In Episode Two of ‘A World on the Brink’ – Globalization and its Discontents, Dee Smith examines globalization and its impact, bringing nearly a billion people out of poverty, but not without significant drawbacks. In this episode, we attempt to place globalization in context: as both progenitor and part of larger global changes that include automation, the rise of identity politics, economic contagion, and phenomena like Brexit. Contributors discuss the pros and cons of globalization in the context of the politics of nostalgia, populist movements, and attempts to recreate previous political and social structures. We also examine the largely unanswered questions that face us all, as opposing economic and social trends continue to gather strength. https://www.realvision.com/world-brink-disclaimer/


  • JC
    John C.
    17 April 2018 @ 03:19
    RV - Instead of playing the already well documented thesis of the disenfranchised white males who are closed minded about the forces of inevitable change; try interviewing what the average Greek on the street thinks of globalization. I curious what their thoughts are about Brussels and the IMF? Next time remember the true disenfranchised are not the people that we already know about but it the people that we forgot about. In closing you played your bias out when you let one of your guest get in the comment that referendum are a dangerous thing. I thought democracy was a good idea. The suggestions at the end feel a little to close George Orwell’s Animal Farm. “All animals are equal but some more than other.”
    • RH
      Robert H.
      31 December 2019 @ 01:25
      John C, glad you responded on the "referendum comment" I was shaking my head after hearing that.
  • pw
    protima w.
    13 December 2018 @ 22:30
    Dear Raoul, I have liked many of the shows on RV. eg Grant Williams documentary on "Gold" was quite thorough and objective and there are many more interviews and documentaries here that I thoroughly enjoyed. However, these series appear to be straight propaganda. If you want to make a documentary that talks about globalism and working classes, please interview people from the working classes to show their perspective as well and talk about their fears and insecurities. Why they fear losing their nation and their idea of a nation state. This documentary is missing the point of why the world is really on the brink. It looks like something CNN would produce.
    • JD
      Jacques D.
      27 October 2019 @ 13:08
      While I find this comment is a bit of an exaggeration, because the series is in many ways more nuanced and lucid than what mainstream media present, I think its gist is correct. However this is to be expected from an investor's channel. Investors basically just look for economic growth and see civil unrest as misguided and a nuisance. As an investor I understand this point of view but it's not the whole picture by far.
  • DL
    David L.
    12 June 2019 @ 01:56
    I was struck by the comment about transferring the wealth of the Western manufacturing countries' middle class to China, but can't help wondering who actually voted for this. Is anger and alienation due to nostalgia for a mythical past or to a sense of powerlessness?
  • MS
    Martin S.
    8 May 2019 @ 20:12
    I really liked this video. I found the ideas on identity politics to be very insightful and it made me reflect on my own sense of identity and how it affects my political thoughts. I think it always is easiest to blame "foreigners", whether you're talking about people coming into the U.S. over the southern border or about refugees coming to Europe from North Africa. I mean you know the people like yourself, you've been with them all of your life. You see a bunch of new people come in and feel at the same time that things are not quite as good as they should be ... so it must be the new guys that are screwing things up, right? But that is just so very superficial ... and unfortunately this episode didn't touch at all upon what I consider to be the true underlying cause of the inequalities - the role of the central banks and the financial industry in profiting the debtors at the expense of the savers. I hope it's covered in a later episode. Anyway, thanks for this episode - it was great!!
  • gg
    georgy g.
    8 April 2019 @ 22:15
    Could have been much better
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    1 November 2017 @ 00:11
    Common, guys - we are better than this. We may not like the series (or the episode) in question, but that doesn't mean we need to be throwing people under the bus. I am sure Dee Smith and those involved in the production of this series put a fair amount of hard work into this. And, while I am not a fan of the approach taken for many reasons, I think it is absurd to suggest that the series is "propaganda," that the series is "crap" or that those interviewed, many of whom are associated with excellent universities in the US, have never had a "real job." This doesn't reflect the typical tenor of reasoned and intelligent RV debate.
    • KE
      Kenan E.
      11 December 2017 @ 15:03
      This series (I watched parts 1 and 2) is so full of propaganda and just plain wrong conclusions -- it makes my head spin. No matter how hard Dee Smith tries, this is crap. Maybe he should try doing something else. I will give episode 3 one more try, but if doesn't improve SIGNIFICANTLY I will ignore the rest of the series.
    • pw
      protima w.
      13 December 2018 @ 22:06
      Yes I agree with what you say. Most people on this platform are educated enough to see both sides of the argument. However, its important to show both sides of the argument and the facts in documentaries. Globalism obviously has failed "Worldwide", not just in the west but everywhere. Who are the globalists kidding with their talking points? How many globalists live among migrant populations? Excellent universities is where the propaganda begins!
  • pw
    protima w.
    13 December 2018 @ 22:00
    Identity politics is superficial. Its a good way to divide populations and rule. With globalism the future will look like a medieval feudal society where everyone slaves away for the elite.
  • KN
    Kelly N.
    4 November 2018 @ 10:53
    Very disappointing... more suited to being CNN .... devoid of reality
  • KE
    Kenan E.
    11 December 2017 @ 14:45
    It doesn't get better in episode 2. Only a few arbitrary points from a german european. 1. THE ONLY REASON why Germany currently 'prospers' (compared to the rest of europe) is the euro. It is a just the effect of the currency. The euro makes german exports cheaper and the exports of all other european-union nations more expensive. This effect is only a medium term effect since it will ultimately cripple the strong german export-industry and this is also the cause of much of the political dissent in europe. 2. Britain leaves the EMU NOT EUROPE. EUROPE is a continent. 3. The migrant influx in europe has nothing to do with people seeking work or people who come here because they want to live a life under the rule of law (or some other noteworthy reason). Those guys (80% young males) come here because some nations (especially germany and sweden) build homes for them and give them money without really demanding integration or SOMETHING ELSE. Most of them are completely non-integratable. Most of them don't respect the rule of law, don't respect free speech, don't respect gay rights, don't respecht women rights ... NOT WANTING those people here has NOTHING to do with intolerance or some strange dislike of foreigners. I won't go on further although there would be much more to say about this piece of crap! Sorry guys maybe it would be useful for RVTV just to produce fewer content but instead keep the quality where it was just a few months ago!?!?
    • OT
      O T.
      5 May 2018 @ 14:52
      About #2 - Britain is leaving EU (European Union), not the EMU (European monetary union). UK was never part of EMU, they still have their British Pound.
  • DL
    Dan L.
    12 April 2018 @ 19:29
    Love the closing soundtrack. Sounds like synthwave from an 80's movie.
  • BL
    Brian L.
    9 January 2018 @ 23:26
    Part 2...shaking my head RV. Faulty memories of the past? How about stagnant wages for 20+ years. Massive Illegal immigration, Balkanized societies, No go zones, non-assimilation, Immigrant access to free health care that costs the middle class thousands of dollars, sharia law rather than Western law, the destruction of meritocracy and replaced by race, sex quota's... I could go on and on. In short, Western Civilization is under attack...by who RV? Not citizens with a faulty memory.
  • AO
    Aram O.
    4 January 2018 @ 06:45
    I can't rid myself of the thought that these series were somehow covertly funded by CIA or CFR lackeys. The way CIA goes about achieving their objectives often makes it impossible for the party (RV in this case) doing the heavy lifting to even suspect they are being played. Hope I'm wrong...
  • EG
    Eduardo G.
    28 December 2017 @ 14:43
    These topics will always generate controversy as there isn't a unique way of looking at it. Looking forward to see how it develops and what are the authors' views on Latin America (if it ever gets to that region of the world).
  • WM
    William M.
    24 December 2017 @ 19:50
    Don't waste your time in it. Populist junk commentary.
  • BB
    Barbara B.
    17 December 2017 @ 23:01
    What an 'alternative' view... certainly never heard this before...
  • RO
    Robert O.
    26 November 2017 @ 06:36
    It seems that Japan has been a global partner in trade without opening its doors to anyone who wishes to move there. Other countries offer immigration to people who have the skill sets that the country needs. Why is this bad? If unrestricted immigration is such a great idea why shouldn't the US empty its prison population into London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. With all these working age males released into their great cities, I'm sure small business growth would see a marked uptrend based on the broken window hypothesis.
  • B
    Bojo .
    23 November 2017 @ 18:55
    A lot of glossing over and very one-sided. Opium epidemics, for example, is not an accident. It is a deliberate policy.
  • ag
    anthony g.
    13 November 2017 @ 19:55
    Good introduction and RV touched on a few reasons for all the " upsetness " all around. But never really developed them past talking with a group of academics it seems. The Morocco comment is very important as it strikes at the heart of what has happened. Essentially to many, to fast, is my view. The rules seem to have also been thrown out. Sharia law all over for example is one repeated comment here and in many other places which should be a concern. But nothing is done about it. The increased speed of change will destroy many loved institutions all over the place. This was touched on but only very briefly. Seems RC is scared of saying what many viewers already seem to know. Look for increased instability almost everywhere. Maybe the tech people need to be told to slow down a bit ? Good luck with that. To RV - be more specific next time and develop this discussion more be including more different people, including business's and charities and maybe a few average people as well. Or - concentrate on 1 or 2 specific places and develop only those..... for a while perhaps ?
  • CT
    Claudia T.
    8 November 2017 @ 19:23
    I have been a RV TV subscriber from the beginning. In the past few months I had not been too impressed with content overall. And after having watched the first part of this series I finally decided to cancel my subscription. And by just reading the comments below I know I made the right decision. This is not the RV I want and have known over these past three years.
  • LT
    Luc T.
    5 November 2017 @ 10:07
    @ Nicolas V: you are spot on! Raoul, there is a huuge diifference between a documentary and an interview...
  • CM
    C M.
    4 November 2017 @ 02:31
    I agree 100% with the anti-globalist/CFR commentary below, so I won't repeat it here. Let me just say that the only value I gained from this video series thus far is reading the comments below: RV members give me hope that all sanity is not lost (!), and some of the RV readers' recommendations have been excellent -- e.g., the James Goldsmith website and Charlie Rose interview, which was superb (it was satisfying to see CR claim that NAFTA was a resounding success and that JG was a nutter and had it all wrong -- boy, talk about egg on one's face!).
  • RT
    Rune T.
    3 November 2017 @ 02:15
    The guy in Morocco nailed it, a few are very welcome. Thousands and thousands not so much. Also the over class lord of whatever should stop to think that societies may prosper in spite of immigrants, not exactly because of them. At least not the ones I see hanging around most of Europe... how is unemployment, lack of education and no interest in assimilating with locals prosperous? He needs to get out more, try heading over to a few of the local ghettos where sharia law is in place, where they don't speak the local language... these places are everywhere and as I drive around Europe I see them more an more.
  • ms
    mahesh s.
    2 November 2017 @ 21:17
    WOW!!! AMAZING INSIGHTS!! Would love to have Neil Howe watch this and put it into the " turning" concept as it appears he has nailed this Keep up your fabulous work.
  • JG
    James G.
    1 November 2017 @ 14:46
    Perhaps an interview with well spoken and thoughtful person of the “ unprotected class “ would add another dimension ... this is like watching a pro team running plays...no competition
  • JV
    JP V.
    28 October 2017 @ 16:33
    It's pretty clear that none of the speakers has been bothered a lot by immigration from boatloads of muslims. When you see that elderly persons and single women are forced out of there houses/appartments to "make room" for newly arrived "refugees" then I can assure you that you're thinking of immigration changes. And when 70% of those "refugees" don't bother to integrate or find jobs and live of welfare, it becomes obvious that they just want to receive all the goodies from our society without contributing the slightest. In several countries/cities in Europe you have no-go zones where the police doesn't even dare venture. Exploding crime numbers and rapes do not make you love your refugee more, quite the opposite in fact. Governments explaining that there's no more money to have a decent health care service but on the other hand spend billions on immigrants makes people think twice when they're in the poll booth. And yes, indeed, political parties that openly disagree with this way of handling the situation soar in the polls, understandable, no ?
    • Hv
      Henrik v.
      1 November 2017 @ 12:48
      You must be from Sweden. I understand your suffering.
  • SR
    Steve R.
    30 October 2017 @ 19:17
    I was very disappointed with this segment. It seems as though the immigration argument was a straw man that was "insultingly" knocked down. Why is it xenophobic to want the "rule of law" enforced? Those of us in the United States that oppose illegal immigration are considered racist for wanting our laws enforced. If we ignore the tax laws, will the authorities be equally forgiving? If we want a "points based" immigration system, why are we considered xenophobic or racist? Canada and Australia have "points based" immigration policies. Are they xenophobic? I have traveled internationally for my job. If you want to see tough immigration employment practices, try working in Mexico. Are they xenophobic?
    • rj
      rodolfo j.
      31 October 2017 @ 22:10
      Mexico has some pretty arcane employment practices for foreigners...
  • JG
    Jory G.
    31 October 2017 @ 20:59
    I think a lot of the experts have been educated beyond their intellect and probably never had a real job.
  • BK
    Brian K.
    31 October 2017 @ 16:09
    Compares Andy Grove and Sergey Brin to the people being brought in today ?
  • RM
    Russell M.
    31 October 2017 @ 15:36
    Kind of a summary of the effect of ever accelerating change brought on by technology. If you want a more insightful exploration of the potential paths to and effects of change, try reading Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark. The Audible version is great.
  • RL
    Radu L.
    30 October 2017 @ 12:54
    Many people around this forum (interestingly, RV became a forum) express the most primal survival instinct wrapped in, what they wishfully claim to be, intelligent words and concepts. Sarah D and the likes only push forward the stories of their "threatened self, family, nation, life- style" without ever having read a high school history book. They have no clue that the US came to dominate the trade world by massive, massive (should I say it the 3rd time) subsidies and protectionist measures in agriculture, steel, and many countless industries. All empires are ok as long as it is “my” empire (US, UK, NL, DE, BE, etc.). When Chinese kids are sewing Nike sneakers for our kids and eat bowl of rice a day (stereotypes, huh?), we are capitalists and we gladly spread it into the world. When others rise, catching up on the lifestyle and food habits and maybe building up their own empire then “we love our country and life style”. These cartoon books readers have no clue that it is ALWAYS the immigrant, the outsider either conqueror or settler who generates change and, eventually, progress. Biologically, it is the one who moves that needs to adapt, to improvise, to improve, to change, to take the extra step and the leap of faith. The topic is just as vast as the ignorance of these “my life style” lovers.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      30 October 2017 @ 17:18
      The change to......... Sharia Law and "the rape game" becoming a national tradition at New Years Eve celebrations?
    • RP
      Raoul P. | Founder
      30 October 2017 @ 18:48
      Matt... this is not Twitter or the Zero Hedge forum. We would prefer it if you respected the community more and offered up thoughtful debate. We do not accept trolling, bullying or attacked on peoples beliefs - religious, political, economic, sexual or anything else. Your comments crossed the line. Please engage in intellectual debate and help make our community the best there is.
    • RL
      Radu L.
      30 October 2017 @ 22:21
      No joke, but initially I meant to write "Sarah D, Matt S and the likes" but i took the short form. However, it is very interesting how my words resonated with exactly the right ppl. I bet you couldn't spell out 3 principles of Christianity(catholic/protestant/orthodox/you name it), of Islam or of Buddhism yet you are ready to enroll in a conflict(from your living room couch, of course) for/against precepts you don't comprehend. I know, your "life style" doesn't need you to understand...
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      31 October 2017 @ 14:25
      @Radu - your original inclination was correct. There is no need to put down any other user or contributor. Raoul's comment is not an excuse to pile on to someone we disagree with, and while Matt's comment was not acceptable, neither is calling out users by name. Civility is a two way street. Please keep Real Vision's discourse respectful.
  • AF
    Andrew F.
    30 October 2017 @ 21:05
    The type of insights that make you think about where we came from and where we are today. How we interact with each other and were we may be affected by tomorrows new order. Be it technological or human interactions. Well explained. Thanks Dee Smith and RV.
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      31 October 2017 @ 08:38
      Dee Smith doesn't explain anything - this is all propaganda and false narratives that suit the goals of the CFR and other large international agencies and foundations that want governments to install their policies. It is crap not an education.
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    31 October 2017 @ 08:32
    Thanks a lot for the content! Fantastic value!
  • CS
    C S.
    29 October 2017 @ 06:52
    Just some assorted thoughts. I apologise for the ramble in advance. A documentary format, a narrative woven by the host. Short clips or comments from the participating speakers. My personal preference is to long-form interviews. If each speaker had been interviewed for an hour each I would have found that more interesting. The production/cinematography was first class, nothing to be taken from Dee in that respect. I think it would be interesting to have an extended interview with Dee. He's traveled and spoken to a number of well connected people and must have other insights to share, as well as his own intuition and opinions on global issues. We could also hear about the nitty gritty of producing such a massive project. You have a biased sample of viewers here at RVTV Raoul. People, lay or not, with a financial bent (as well as a day job) are going to be plugged into current events. Most are likely to have strong opinions, one way or another. A program long on opinion, however seemingly well informed, is going to prompt opinion in return. I dont know about others but I will take myself as the median viewer. A man on the street if you will. Not an academic, researcher, or thought leader. My life, particularly the last 18 months has featured 2 prominent abstractions, on top of ordinary life: 1) Running to stand still - in these times of financial repression - how and an what risks to take as a non-professional in the field of finance in order to defend my savings and protect my families future; 2) The current state of governance and societal trends in the west - not an insignificant matter, even if your interest is purely financial (think Brexit and Trump). I've been in the trenches. It has been visceral and exhausting, and seemingly existential. I think most, whatever persuasion, know what I'm talking about. Judicial Watch is an interesting group to watch currently. Its seems our senior national lawmakers, administrators and commentators have not proven sufficient bulwark against what is being (apparently) revealed. Comments are going to have a high ratio of chaf to wheat ratio. Take the stuff that makes RVTV even better, the rest is best ignored. Now, having said all that, I'd be much obliged if someone could tell me how to go long cake.. https://www.macakecompany.co.uk/ Cheers.
    • WE
      William E.
      29 October 2017 @ 15:28
      Well said. If you are "Everyman", I will gladly stand along side you. Best of luck - Larry
    • CZ
      Cyprian Z.
      31 October 2017 @ 08:10
      100% agree re. format
  • MM
    Michael M.
    31 October 2017 @ 01:51
    Wow - do you guys need some oxygen up there....?
  • TD
    Tom D.
    30 October 2017 @ 18:56
    Here is a fitting end to this discussion... https://www.chonday.com/5595/anthofius3/
  • JF
    John F.
    30 October 2017 @ 16:52
    You left out Samuel P. Huntington, author of The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (Simon & Schuster, 1998). The conclusion should be, that the Western world, in its rush to spread its cultures and laws, have ignored history. Countries defend their culture and their ancestry and their emotional attachments. The thrust to bring the Middle East into modernity without the West setting boundaries on its own actions contributes to tensions. The Nixon era policy of ignoring ideological or moral considerations to advance political and economic alliance has swung in the other direction, polarizing the theme of globalization. If you poke at a lion in a cage, he will take a swat at you. Is this provocation intentional or out of ignorance. Will we cry the lion must be killed because he is now aggressive. Didn't we provoke England to gain our independence. Rising nationalism is about rebelling about being kept in a high chair past a reasonable age. The West imposes restrictions through, treaties, protective trade agreements, and political and economic pressure to feed their balance of payments. The cultural problems internal to Western countries is not globalization exporting jobs. Rather it is the allocation of capital internally by the private sector. Example: when the transistor was ready to market, long term bonds were issued based upon the calculation of a high volume of sales. This lowered the price and made it marketable. The west has not moved into the a modernized way of living. Where is the hydrogen economy we were promised in Forbes magazine? What ever happened to the oil eating bacteria that a lab developed in California that was never applied to the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill? Is venture capital over focusing on the internet and information technology. Should they be mandated by law to diversify by a national planning commission? Why must the Right use most deficit spending to feed the military and leave little for infrastructure without regard for the reduced ability of citizens to consume and take their place is driving GNP. Where is the peace of mind that pension money should be managed by your trade association, because businesses come and go and governments come and go. Germany has a more balanced system. They are motivated, as they say,' because they know what it is like to go hungry'. Only war can teach that lesson. How unfortunate, if that should be one of the outcomes to us in the future. Time is a roll of the dice.
  • an
    adrian n.
    30 October 2017 @ 11:41
    Identity. It really pisses me off when I am dissappointed by my realised identity. These experts understand that rationale, but they don't understand that feeling. Without knowing the feeling they only have a token understanding. Their conclusions can never be accurate. Very clever and persuasive conclusions. However, these will never quell the anger. True emotional experience compounds enmasse. Then it becomes policy.
  • KS
    Kevin S.
    28 October 2017 @ 19:51
    THE NEED FOR UNION BETWEEN THE PEOPLES OF THE EAST AND WEST Friday, October 20th In these days the East is in need of material progress and the West is in want of a spiritual idea. It would be well for the West to turn to the East for illumination, and to give in exchange its scientific knowledge. There must be this interchange of gifts. ‘ABDU’L‑BAHÁ said: In the past, as in the present, the Spiritual Sun of Truth has always shone from the horizon of the East. Abraham appeared in the East. In the East Moses arose to lead and teach the people. On the Eastern horizon arose the Lord Christ. Muḥammad was sent to an Eastern nation. The Báb arose in the Eastern land of Persia. Bahá’u’lláh lived and taught in the East. All the great Spiritual Teachers arose in the Eastern world. But although the Sun of Christ dawned in the East the radiance thereof was apparent in the West, where the effulgence of its glory was more clearly seen. The divine light of His Teaching shone with a greater force in the Western world, where it has made a more rapid headway than in the land of its birth. In these days the East is in need of material progress and the West is in want of a spiritual idea. It would be well for the West to turn to the East for illumination, and to give in exchange its scientific knowledge. There must be this interchange of gifts. The East and the West must unite to give to each other what is lacking. This union will bring about a true civilization, where the spiritual is expressed and carried out in the material. Receiving thus the one from the other the greatest harmony will prevail, all people will be united, a state of great perfection will be attained, there will be a firm cementing, and this world will become a shining mirror for the reflection of the attributes of God. We all, the Eastern with the Western nations, must strive day and night with heart and soul to achieve this high ideal, to cement the unity between all the nations of the earth. Every heart will then be refreshed, all eyes will be opened, the most wonderful power will be given, the happiness of humanity will be assured. We must pray that by the Bounty of God, Persia will be enabled to receive the material and mental civilization of the West, and by Divine Grace to give in return her spiritual light. The devoted energetic work of the united peoples, occidentals and orientals, will succeed in establishing this result, for the force of the Holy Spirit will aid them. The principles of the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh should be carefully studied, one by one, until they are realized and understood by mind and heart—so will you become strong followers of the light, truly spiritual, heavenly soldiers of God, acquiring and spreading the true civilization in Persia, in Europe, and in the whole world. This will be the paradise which is to come on earth, when all mankind will be gathered together under the tent of unity in the Kingdom of Glory.
    • sl
      simion l.
      29 October 2017 @ 11:21
      is this the same dude with the "so many stupid people in the world with stupid comments " reply above?
    • KS
      Kevin S.
      29 October 2017 @ 22:00
      yes maybe you should join your crack head friend and listen to crack heads about finance u dumb fuck. sorry for my manners
    • sl
      simion l.
      30 October 2017 @ 09:38
      hmm, tempting. but rather spend that money to buy back your subscription and make RVTV great again...
  • OF
    Oliver F.
    27 October 2017 @ 22:55
    What I find so infuriating about this piece is the insistence that this is something that western countries MUST take upon themselves. Once we destroy our national identities we have little or no belonging, to believe countries like Japan, China and Russia will give up their national identities as the elites demand of us is absurd. Perhaps in due course we will be citizens of the world but that development isn't yet here and why the hell should we get pushed first? I loved the comment below regarding hubris, yes these career elites certainly look down their noses at us. Coming from New Zealand, our new government has promised to cut immigration drastically, not because we are fearful of the other, but because our nation realises that this trajectory is unsustainable.
    • OF
      Oliver F.
      28 October 2017 @ 02:12
      Reading Raoul's comment I agree, going after after character isn't constructive or pretty. I just wanted to point out the way in which the show was packaged; globalisation is inevitable, its here to stay and theres much that people need to accept. That turned me off. There seems to be large scale group-think going on here.
    • DB
      Darko B.
      28 October 2017 @ 03:43
      My parents and I were immigrants into Australia. I hate the fact that all immigrants are put in the same basket. Australia was mostly built by immigrants who have taken up life here and made it a great place. The problem isn't ALL immigrants but a set group. I believe all countries must retain their national identity regardless of who comes in. Those that seek to disrupt should be booted out. There is a misconception that counties are obligated to take immigrants.....well they aren't! We just need to get better at saying no to the trash.......and there is far too much trash flowing into western countries.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 18:49
      we know this Darko - the argument the left push is that anti-immigrant protesters are all racists who hate all immigrants. It's a diversion - we can accept handfuls of friendly, useful immigrants and some who are in trouble. But when it gets to about 5-10% of the population and they aren't assimilating... you've got problems.
    • DB
      Darko B.
      30 October 2017 @ 09:21
      @ Matt S....don't get me started on the leftists. 5-10%????? I think you are far too relaxed about it. If you get to 10% you don't have problems you have a disaster as we are seeing in Europe. Give it some more time and Europe will be in a world of hurt. There are 2 type of people on the planet, those that are concerned about if it "feels good" and those focused on if it "does good". Uncontrolled multiculturalism and immigration will destroy western societies.....which is exactly what "globalists" want.
  • JL
    John L.
    30 October 2017 @ 03:50
    Hope the main meal is better than the entree. But again, thats kudos to RV; we have come to expect excellence from this insightful purveyor of financial, economic and geo political analysis.
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    30 October 2017 @ 03:46
    Likewise disappointed by this series and this episode. Doesn't go deep enough, and the diversity of interviewees is well below par in terms of country and, let's be honest, economic class / status - for example, nearly every interviewee is American or British. Not a single Chinese person was interviewed about the rise of China, as far as I could see?! Seems crazy and woefully inadequate and very Western-centric. We also need to see interviewees not just from elite institutions and the corporate world, but also other from other backgrounds (e.g. freelance investors, financiers, etc.). Agree with many of the comments echoed below - not up to the good ol' RV standard of independent, rigorous thought we are used to.
  • IZ
    Ileana Z.
    28 October 2017 @ 19:27
    After watching this segment and reading the heated comments below, I re-watched both parts. Clearly the people being interviewed are mostly part of this self appointed policy ruling class that irks many of us who believe in liberty and true free markets. The strong commentary reflects an overarching angst that any thoughtful person living through this time of accelerating change must be feeling. I for one can see the "american dream" that my parents were able to offer me by fleeing a communist country in 1961 becoming ever more elusive for my three children despite their extreme hard work, private education and elite university degrees. However, I do not wish to kill the messenger. I despise most of the liberal think tank holier than thow elitists that are featured in this series BUT I would rather hear what they have to say and gleen whatever I can to help me forge a path forward for myself and my family. These are the people making the rules, wheter we like it or not. So I for one appreciate RV giving me this opportunity to hear their thoughts at this moment. Keep your friends close, your enemies closer. But if RV is going to present the globalist positions that most of us are recoiling from then I expect an indepth analysis of actionable ideas for navigating safe passage towards the future. I wish things were different but they are what they are. With the wealth of thoughtful people in this RV community we need to think of how we preserve and grow our life savings and guide our families and businesses against this tide of corporate statism that is what it is. That is what we have come to expect from RVTV and I think your are up to the challenge.
    • JH
      Jesse H.
      30 October 2017 @ 03:39
      Absolutely - well said : )
  • PN
    Paul N.
    30 October 2017 @ 01:12
    Globalization has had tremendous economic benefits for humanity as a whole but anyone who dismisses the concerns of skeptics as racism is intellectually dishonest. This kind of dishonesty on both sides of politics makes discussion of any political issue unbearable to listen to. All of the reasonable people tuned out years ago.
  • GM
    Greg M.
    29 October 2017 @ 22:41
    Too much style not enough substance.
  • yd
    yon d.
    29 October 2017 @ 21:59
  • SB
    Sergei B.
    29 October 2017 @ 19:27
    A well produced recap of "globalization and it discontents" that, unfortunately, does not contain a lot of [original] analysis with subsequent predictions as extensions of underlying driving forces. That is, nothing in the presentation is new to an average observer of the current events. We know the state of affairs but, as in Memento, we are not sure how we got here. Te be fair, various structural and psychological factors are listed as culprits, such as the Westphalian order, post WW2 global order and even imperfection of human memory but what is missing, in my opinion, are description and discussion of actual historical links that tie the past to the present. Many possible developmental paths were possible, I would think, but what transpired must have been defined by both global and local forces (people and events). Again, some events and people are listed and/or shown but not treated in any depth. The type of analysis I have in mind is well represented by the demographic tour-de-force of the "Fourth Turning", "The Dark Side of the ETF", "Oil" and many other series. In fact, as many other already mentioned, these in-depth analytically rigorous presentations define the Real Vision. We, viewers, might have been spoiled by the RV but the "World on the Brink" so far has proven to be mostly a visual and not intellectual exercise.
  • RP
    Raoul P. | Founder
    28 October 2017 @ 00:38
    Dear fellow Visionaries, Thank you for all your comments and debate about this documentary series. I always read every single comment and we always listen to what you say. We are here for you, after all. However, I think there is some incomplete information here that needs to be addressed... Real Vision has no political, economic or market view. We are conduits for others. We only seek truth in finance via open discussion of our guests. If they don't agree with us, or you, then that is not our concern. The concern is whether they are of the quality that Real Vision demands and we stand by the quality of our guests. The odd one slips through that is not good enough but Dee Smith is not one of those. Dee is an immensely high quality individual. When we interview people we mostly have no idea what their views are. We literally don't even think about it. Bulls, bears, communists, Libertararians, neo-Liberals, left-wing liberals, Fed lovers, Fed haters, Keynesians, Monetarist, Austrians, or anything else. All we care is whether they are smart enough and bring fresh perspectives. We never judge others for their views either. We leave judgement to those who have an agenda. Now, what is happening here is that you may not like our documentary and that is fine. We cant get everything right for you personally. But our data shows that the majority of our many, many thousands of subscribers have enjoyed it and engaged in watching it. Whether they agreed or not is not relevant. Our objective is to bring people to the debate and listen to those with opposing views. This documentary series is Dee's documentary series. We are just the conduit. We don't endorse or condone the content, except for the quality, which we are immensely proud of. We are learning how to make documentaries because that is a medium which is highly effective in our stated aim of democratizing financial information. By the way, I hadn't seen the series until it was released. That is how little concern I had as to whether I agreed or didn't agree with Dee's views. I honestly didn't care what Dee's view was but I damned well knew it was going to be interesting and well worth my time. I knew it would add to my knowledge base and make me think. That is what I care about. I also cared about whether we made a well made documentary and for our first one, Im pretty damned proud but flawless it isn't! You may not be aware that at the same time, we are making a documentary on the History of Gold, which to many of the more forthright commentators here will better suit their views. Again, the view of gold and its function in financial markets or the role of the Fed etc is not a Real Vision view. We don't have a view. Again, we are a conduit for views that should be heard. Over time, we will make many more programs, some you'll massively agree with, some you will think are too simplistic. Some you'll think don't cover the topic as you'd like. Some you'll hate. And that is all fair, but it is simply impossible for us to cover every aspect of peoples opinions in each program.We don't, and will not strive for that. And that is the key point, over time our content needs to, and does, show immense balance and thoughtfulness. One piece might be bullish, one bearish, they might come out in clusters that people are eager to spot a pattern from, but the reality is that there is no pattern. We made Edge of The Cliff but we are also making a piece on the bulls who got it right and why. One piece of content that you don't agree with doesn't make, or break, Real Vision's credibility, the body of our work does. Only you can be the judge of that, as each person is different. We are also not interested in your political views or market views. We love you all, regardless. What we are interested in is intelligent debate and discussion. We love it when people post links to contrary work or supportive pieces. We love suggestions to interview other people who have different views. We love constructive debate and discourse and treating people with intelligence and empathy. That adds to everyones knowledge. If you are looking for a Libertarian site, a neo-classical site, a left-wing site, a bearish site or a bullish, a cat-video site or whatever site then you'd come to the wrong place. We are not interested in confirmation bias. We are interested in bringing everything to the table, respectfully. We are interested in learning from all side of the equation. So, with that in mind, maybe even if you don't agree with Dee's view you might want to watch it, add to the debate and make this community richer for it.... but don't turn this into a diatribe because you don't agree. That is not what Real Vision is about. Feel free to love it, hate it or feel indifferent but please do not ever draw a conclusion that we have an agenda. We don't and never will. Truth in Finance and the Democratization of Financial information is all we stand for. Raoul CEO and CO-Founder, Real Vision
    • MR
      Marten R.
      28 October 2017 @ 01:25
      Raoul, this is a weird post. The series was produced by RVTV was it not? I see at the end you / Dee own the copyright... so it's RVTV content. So... you own it, right? If the answer is yes (you own it) and yes, you've produced it... then isn't it RVTV's sanctioned view? I can't believe that as CEO and Founder... the (obviously) high production cost... and RVTV foray into documentary style content - that you had not viewed this prior to it being launched. Perhaps - you should have?
    • AL
      Andrew L.
      28 October 2017 @ 02:38
      Raoul - This is exactly why I love Real Vision! Even though I felt the need to opine (at length) about how much I disagree with the views in this video, I will defend to the end the value and quality Real Vision brings to the world, including, perhaps especially this series! We should not want to have a biased source, or one that is interested only in providing what the audience agrees with. I whole-heartedly stand and applaud your position and want to thank you and everyone at RealVision for the amazing quality of content and guests, including Dee Smith.
    • pf
      patric f.
      28 October 2017 @ 02:42
      Realvision is awesome, if this was an uninteresting documentary it wouldn't evoke such emotions
    • DB
      Darko B.
      28 October 2017 @ 03:31
      Ok wait just one flippin minute here.......NO CAT VIDEOS!!!???? EVER??!!! That's it......I'm out!
    • SD
      S D.
      28 October 2017 @ 05:10
      The danger we all face from this global rise in political risk - which this series claims to examine - has been created largely by a political and corporate class that refuses to respect the interests or the views of an increasingly alienated and furious Western majority. Therefore, when an outfit that claims democratization of information as its mandate presents a doc on rising political risk which yet again fails to incorporate any real or credible presentation of the politically charged fury driving that risk, a negative reaction is inevitable. Those comments are not a reflection of the "quality" of Dee as a person, but on the quality of his doc, and your ad hominem defense and the comments on goldbugs are odd. If a doc fails to maintain balance, break new ground, or even make a token effort at story telling, it's a bad doc. When you take on this sort of subject and screw it up, don't expect flattery.
    • SD
      S D.
      28 October 2017 @ 05:28
      And I do apologise for the overly pithy tone, btw. Too much time in newsrooms.
    • NG
      Nicolas G.
      28 October 2017 @ 06:30
      Dear all, I have been very surprised by the level of verbal violence in the criticism to this video. For me it is not justified. I think the videos have fulfilled their purpose i.e. to spark critical thinking, objection, reasoning, counterargumentation... I can say that I have enormously learnt from the comments posted by my fellow viewers, with as many new concepts and terms as with the videos themselves. That's the beauty of RVTV, at least that is why I continue to love it. So yes, you critics may have been disapointed because you had much higher expectations. The expectations of having your own thinking and beliefs wrapped up in a Hollywood-type super production. And now you poor little things you realized your show is not what you have imagined and you blame RVTV and Dee for it.. really? Then, you may not be as smart as you try to show as per your superior criticism... I think you have not been fair. Criticism is good, constructive criticism is even better. @RVTV, Keep doing better, keep innovation up, keep disruptive attitude up, continue to challenge financial media, but above all, continue to provide us with content with wich we can LEARN, THINK and be CHALLENGED INTELLECTUALLY. Best regards. Nicolas G. G.
    • SP
      Steve P.
      28 October 2017 @ 07:26
      Raoul This is the very first time (and I am an original subscriber) that I have given a thumbs down to an RV piece. Due to the brilliant content usually presented by RV and the invaluable knowledge imparted during RV's life span , this series has left me learning absolutely NOTHING (thats NOTHING). It has not created the usual feeling of enthusiastically waiting for the follow up release of the series video that would add to financial acumen /knowledge. "World on the Brink" would suggest a more in depth coverage of current unprecedented global problems we now all face, than peripheral views of American and British sociologists that this second video seems to whole heartedly embrace. For instance Andrew Solomons contribution to this topic was a shocker. Learnt absolutely zip. I'd implore RV to keep control of content relevance as a first imperative. That doesn't mean only presenting popular views or content that will please the majority of views/ biases/ etc. I'd suggest that gaining knowledge is the reason that most of us subscribe and that should be the defining criteria that determines whether content is worthy of RV distribution. Cheers sp
    • JW
      J W.
      28 October 2017 @ 10:02
      Raoul, I've been one of the other severely negative people on this particularly series. Not because I care about a specific political viewpoint, but because it's too simplistic. Whether it is skipping things like Dr. James Goldsmith's views on free trade and the global system (admittedly, I only found these lately), ignoring the obvious similarities between Japan in the 70s and 80s and China now (rising power moving from being broke to having something but with hideous demographics) as well as the differences (Japan as the 51st state, China trying to recover lost glory) I feel like this series is the high school version of history. Perhaps my perspective is skewed because I've lived in Asia as an American expatriate for over 20 years, know people at CFR and in the US foreign service, but it just seems more Frontline than Realvision. I watch EVERY video that your team releases because I trust the curation of content. Please ensure that when others do work to be released on RV that they understand the high bar of your audience. I am certain that if either Pippa M or Harald M had run this series it would have been more appropriate to the RVTV viewership.
    • BD
      Bruce D.
      28 October 2017 @ 15:21
      Raoul, as a founding member of RV, I find it fascinating that this series has created the most thumbs down that I have ever seen. The quality of production, and the diverse discussion points in this series are both superior to what you will find in old TV.....HOWEVER, what shocks me is those that think this is propaganda?! As I sit in my small town in the Berkshire mountains in New England and listen to the comments from around the World, is amazes me of how narrow minded many still are. The definition of intelligence is the ability to handle two opposing viewpoints in your brain at the same time! The fact the Raoul did not watch this before it was released is EXACTLY why I will never leave RV. If you want propaganda watch CNN....if you want to learn about the world, and enhance your mind, watch RVTV!!! It's time to start thinking outside the box you live in, as the world is changing so rapidly it is breathtaking to watch....either get on the train of change or be left behind. It's your choice......BTW Milton, don't change a thing, keep pushing forward and continue to amaze us. I feel so blessed that I am a part of this growing community, and I want to thank RV for making it happen. Thank you for listening.
    • RM
      Richard M.
      28 October 2017 @ 15:32
      Raoul, Definitely appreciate your comment. And I TOTALLY appreciated what RVTV has done in bringing deeper issues to the fore in the investment world (its been a fantastic journey to have followed you and your crew on since its inception - I truly thank you). That said, it is obvious that the people who subscribe to RVTV are well off (if they can afford the price of RV) and well educated and have done well financially throughout this globalisation era. That being said, it's also obvious by the comments to this series that they still feel the rage/discontent/disillusionment that the global powers that be have wrought on the world (Trumpism be the latest expression of outrage). It does seem as though the speakers in this series are the IYI that Nassim Taleb describes. I think the biggest take-away from this series comments are how even the ones who have done well know something is definitely wrong and it will not end well. And that intelligent folks know this and yet nothing seems to be occurring to help resolve it, just more of the same bad medicine being applied. When the masses do finally rebel it won't be pretty for any of us (and that we know that, yet can't seem to be able to do anything about it). It's very sad indeed.
    • GO
      Gary O.
      28 October 2017 @ 15:32
      Raoul, let the haters hate. I just get pissed off by them taking up space and time!
    • TE
      Tito E.
      28 October 2017 @ 18:15
      Raoul. Realvision is frikkin excellent. I'm not a rich guy but i'm so glad i subscribed. I learn so much from the interviews on this site.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:08
      @Raoul "We leave judgement to those who have an agenda" Yeah I have an agenda to save myself, my family, my fellow-countrymen, my country and my whole way of living from globalist vermin! @Nicolas G Breath #1 "I have been very surprised by the level of verbal violence in the criticism to this video. For me it is not justified." Breath #2 "I think the videos have fulfilled their purpose i.e. to spark critical thinking, objection" Umm.......sorry, who are ya..? @Gary O - I'm going to refrain from calling you names ;)
    • Nv
      Nicholas v.
      29 October 2017 @ 02:43
      Individuals who are interviewed on Real Vision may be one-sided or have, what some might find, a disagreeable political stance, but few would begrudge Real Vision for that one person's view. A sweeping documentary containing interviews from a large number of people that has a very, very specific, mainstream narrative, however, is different. Documentaries should attempt to find truth by looking at all sides of a topic. This documentary clearly hasn't done this.
    • VP
      Vincent P.
      29 October 2017 @ 17:28
      Raoul, Likely, many subscribers were expecting a response from you or Grant, which is what was needed. Thank you!!! This series has clearly triggered anecdotal evidence of the mass diversity among the RVTV population as well as the angst that prevails in the global environment or should I say the "engineered" re-structure of the financial system and all its side affects. I say this because chances are most of us have some "skin in the game" financially and perhaps some (including me) haven't recognized the opportunity to capitalize early on with this hair-brained scheme that boggles the mind 30 years in. I for one, made that mistake thinking I could "fight the Fed" as one example following the GFC. It took a while but I'm playing along to mitigate some damage but still preparing for what could be the most historic series of events in the history of the world! How's that for drama? Isn't this what we're trying to analyze?? Maybe. Seriously, I applaud you Raoul, as its proves you have the guts, class, integrity and consideration to remind your subscribers what you, Grant and the entire RV Team is here for and that is something incredibly valuable and most often, enjoyable. Vinnie
  • WE
    William E.
    29 October 2017 @ 15:31
    My first of probably several short observations. If you were to give Golbalization an overall letter grade, it would be neither A nor F...... at best C+ or B-
  • SD
    S D.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:10
    It also strikes me as entirely pointless to justify globalisation by the creation of a Chinese middle class, since that middle class was stolen from the United States, and has now enabled the first credible military and economic challenge to the United States. If you're looking for evidence of the failure of globalisation as the word is currently defined by the corporate and political class, that fact should take pride of place. Secondly, this endless stream of privileged and ignorant fools describing Brexit as an expression of racism were never challenged by the far more accurate description of it as a protest vote against a form of tyranny by unelected officialdom in Brussels, which is intent upon the destruction of a sovereign state. Nobody who's ever lived in the UK could ever claim it's a racist country. It is, however, a patriotic country, with a strong sense of identity that clearly poses a challenge to the determinedly beige uniformity preferred by those entirely dependent upon corporate and shareholder wealth. Much easier just to claim that referendums should never be allowed.
    • GR
      Gregory R.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:24
      In addition, Brexit was a revolt against a totalitarian and neo-fascist (or neo-communist) EU with dictatorial powers created by self-selected bureaucrats who create laws and rules designed to support large incumbent corporations and squelch all smaller, marginal and incipient competition.
    • JW
      J W.
      28 October 2017 @ 10:55
      I guess it depends if you view trade as a zero sum game. I believe that it is possible to expand the total amount of trade through creation of value, which seems to be excluded from your analysis above. Further, I think that moving people out of poverty is good for humanity, but you may choose otherwise. The rise of China as an economic and political threat is mainly dependent upon the quality of our elected political class, which seems not to be up for the task, regardless of party.
    • SD
      S D.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:40
      If the issue is job loss and economic loss from these policies, then value creation and global poverty indicators are irrelevant. Even Dee Smith acknowledges that the risen expectations of this massive Chinese middle class is now its own source of instability. Ultimately we disagree about loyalty - who deserves it and who doesn't - and the value of the nation state. In my opinion this attack on the nation state is an attack on culture and identity and shared prosperity, and it is precursor to a type and scale of tyranny that is as yet unimaginable. So these risks are real, and it's profoundly disappointing that space is carved out for some type of investigation of these issues that is, yet again, wasted, and used instead for the repetition of tired, discredited cant.
    • JM
      Jay M.
      29 October 2017 @ 14:27
      "tyranny by unelected officialdom in Brussels, which is intent upon the destruction of a sovereign state" - I second that Sarah! Here is an idea for RV: find some people who have worked there and share with the rest of us, what the "thinking" in Brussels is, describe to us the culture within those walls and how few people really do come up with the laws that affect so many!! I spoke to one German politician who worked there for several years as a rep and it was truly, truly shocking to hear how "Brussels" really works and functions! That would be extremely value adding RV!
  • JO
    James O.
    28 October 2017 @ 16:33
    I am all for "Truth in Finance and the Democratization of Financial information." This video was political, not financial. People who love the political views of Dee Smith, about 1/2 the populace, are likely to enjoy it. The other 1/2 not so much. As with most political pieces the arguments are shaped to try to denigrate the opposing political views. It's the looking down on voters that creates the negative emotion. If you don't agree with Dee you are clinging to a past that you are fanaticizing as being better than it was. You are supporting demagogues. You don't understand the historical benefits of globalism, if only USA was as smart as Germany, if only people would get educated, etc. etc. I respect Raoul's description of Dee as an immensely qualified individual. So is Al Gore. Partisan videos are not the sweet spot of RVTV.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:14
      Al Gore is a total crook.
    • JM
      Jay M.
      29 October 2017 @ 13:55
      Germany's is educational system is degrading at a rapidly advancing rate. It starts in Elementary School and the challenges these teachers face by teaching handicapped children, foreign children that don't even speak the language and regular children on top of a daunting amount of admin paperwork is mind boggling. Beyond comprehension what the politicians have done to this country over the past 8 years. Beyond repair. We live in a dictatorship of sorts and freedom of speech is no longer granted and loss of identity is as real as it gets...
  • HB
    Heini B.
    29 October 2017 @ 07:37
    This is a great new RV initiative, however RV was founded on giving a voice to non-main stream experts and these interviewees seem firmly established in defending the status quo. Understandably so as they are largely employed by the state, so it’s not in their interests to be revolutionaries. These are the same people who would defend QE and NIRP. This series sets a foundation for a new discussion theme; hopefully we can hear Kyle Bass, Hugh Hendry`s & Harald Malmgren thoughts on what they think will happen with the global power shifts. Harald can be compared to other retired Central Banks who, no longer directly influenced by the state, can be more open and honest.
  • MS
    Matt S.
    28 October 2017 @ 19:44
    Gormless, Globalist, Left Wing Propaganda from the Council on Foreign Relations. I made notes as I went along, in no particular order and blurt them out here as I'm tired and going to bed soon: - Lazy, lazy director who shows white supremacists when talking of those unhappy with immigration - how about showing normal people, like me? A person who subscribes to Real Vision! - Funny how those who say immigration isn't a problem in the UK, always live in majority white areas, that most normal citizens will never be able to afford to live in. They never actually live amongst the mass immigrant communities, unless they are dyed-in-the-wool lefties. - That engineer guy from Cambridge University - immigrants always bring prosperity? Drinking the Kool-Aid pal! Go down to Streatham Job Centre (aka, the place to get free money and NOT a job) next time you've got a little holiday from Cambridge University... you'll be pleasantly surprised! Full to the brim of prosperity sucking, I mean giving, immigrants! - Globalism as a "means of preventing wars?" lololol........ wars are the foundation of banking profits! You think the CFR and friends actually want wars to end?? No way! They'll help to promote them in their own funny way for the rest of their existence! - "Nostalgia" - oh boy.......... Nostalgia for a time when Europe wasn't constantly under the threat of bombing by Muslim radicals... me and my rose-tinted glasses eh! - where these think-tank fools are going to trip up over themselves is their false belief that it's "older, more conservative" generations that can't accept change and that young people are totally cool with being displaced and replaced, man........ WRONG... Sebastian Kurz is living proof. - that CFR tool shot next to the graffiti, basically says "people are too stupid to really understand why their lives are so rotten now and so they just point to the most obvious signs, like fresh immigrants". This guy absolutely sums up the ivory tower echo chamberers these finely suited and booted fellows live in; Mr. CFR........ the people are becoming ever more aware that it is exactly the CFR and other quasi-legal, trans-national organizations that actually ARE the problem. The only reason I'll watch this series to completion, is that I hate leaving things half finished. That's it.
    • SB
      Stephen B.
      29 October 2017 @ 04:03
      The real value of RVTV is that it is thoughtful - not because it expresses any particular point of view. That is why i value my subscription. I have watched countless commentators arguing both for and against various positions, and learnt much from all of them. In many ways the conclusions are secondary - it is the quality of the thinking that matters. That is the beauty of RVTV. This series should never have been allowed to be branded as RVTV content as it falls well short of that standard for thoughtfulness that Raoul and Grant have otherwise set for RVTV.
  • DS
    Dan S.
    28 October 2017 @ 23:59
    As someone that has watched a few documentaries in my time I had the following observation. Generally I am very wary when a speaker is positioned in front of a large bookcase/library. This is often used as a 'prop' to try and reinforce the message that the person is very intelligent and should be listened to. The director has decided to turn the volume up to 11 on this one with some of personal libraries behind the speakers being the most extravagant I have seen on a documentary (I think one was multi storied!). This tactic might work with the masses but I would imagine the RV crowd would be very turned off by it.
    • KS
      Kevin S.
      29 October 2017 @ 00:47
      why. its good
    • KS
      Kevin S.
      29 October 2017 @ 00:48
      why does it bother just listen to what there saying whocares about the oher stuff. would you rather it be recorded in a crack house
    • KS
      Kevin S.
      29 October 2017 @ 00:50
      so many stupid people in the world with stupid comments
    • SB
      Stephen B.
      29 October 2017 @ 03:39
      You frequently see the same thing with law firms. I have always been reluctant to engage attorneys that seek to impress me by the number of (no doubt unread) law books in their offices.
  • SC
    Shane C.
    27 October 2017 @ 18:55
    It is shocking how wrong these people are. Automation to one degree or another has been around for 6 decades. If you guys want an authority and the truth check out Alfred E. Eckes Jr. book called opening of America's markets: U.S. trade policy since 1776. He's a long time state department guy who was around when we developed the post Bretton Woods trade system. He knows exactly what our trade policy is. I first discovered him a few years back at a free trade debate at Hillsdale College. I am willing to debate anyone that America, Great Britain, Spain, etc. became superpowers with protectionist measures. See what happened to England when they abandoned the corn laws. Free trade (as we think of it now) sowed the seeds of England's downfall (at least the end of their dominance economically.) It was now an American economy with Germany not far behind. See "A companion to 19th century Britain." Explains this to a T. You will be shocked with the modern parallels between the US now and England during the corn law repeal debates. Seriously
    • DC
      Dave C.
      28 October 2017 @ 21:30
      Useful links - thank you.
  • SH
    Stu H.
    28 October 2017 @ 12:03
    I fail to see how intelligent and inquisitive people, the likes of which subscribe to services like Real Vision, could fail to be mentally stimulated by this documentary series. Enlightening, thought provoking and certainly not out of place on RVTV.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:13
      if you care to look down the comments section, you'll see plenty of stimulation in response to this propaganda piece by the Council on Foreign Relations.
  • SR
    Steve R.
    28 October 2017 @ 09:24
    Well I don't care what anyone else thinks, never have done, never will do, so you can all save your 'down-arrows', I simply don't care. I love this series. I think it's brilliant! It's thought provoking, and shows some of the big picture issues facing the world today. Raoul's previous comment just nailed it perfectly - thanks for posting Raoul, some people seem to have an axe to grind, very sad.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:12
      it's called a thumb.
  • Av
    Ad v.
    28 October 2017 @ 09:11
    I just have to facepalm at commenters calling this "propaganda" etc.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 19:11
      can you do it a bit harder next time?
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:07
    Too much economic reduction-ism. Nations are built on culture. Too much immigration of people of foreign culture causes, and has always caused, great problems. Immigration is ok when the new people are able to assimilate, but when the immigrants are so many that they do not assimilate, it causes a tearing of the fabric of society, those cultural norms that hold society together. But, interesting, and better than the first episode, it is very BBCish. Not particularly helpful.
    • MS
      Matt S.
      28 October 2017 @ 18:29
      I know that... you know that... so we must ask the question, do the people responsible for these mass immigrations NOT know that? Of course they know that. Therefore.... "when the immigrants are so many that they do not assimilate, it causes a tearing of the fabric of society, those cultural norms that hold society together." ........... must be their goal.
  • SD
    S D.
    28 October 2017 @ 17:24
    Now I understand why this series is so incompetent. Dee Smith is a branded content guy. He is not a journalist. Wish I'd known, I would have adjusted my expectations. My objections are rooted in the professional weaknesses. It doesn't matter whether you're for globalisation or against it, it matters whether content is presented in a factual, credible, and honest manner. Branded content is not honest content, and thus it explains the partisanship. I agree with all those below who credit RealVision with doing what it does well, which is to produce useful and actionable financial information to those who want it and paid for it. Next time RealVision wants to produce dox on geopolitics, it should hire somebody who knows how to do that job, or risk compromising its established credibility in other areas.
  • VS
    Victor S. | Contributor
    27 October 2017 @ 20:25
    This is a massive propaganda commercial for Globalism. Unlike Real Vision TV its all one sided??? I truly detest these two episode's as they don't allow a retort. I'm sure the Rockefeller and Rothschild family loves it . The worst of anything you've shown. Victor sperandeo
    • RM
      Richard M.
      28 October 2017 @ 14:35
      Victor, I have always admired your work (esp. your TA work and book). RV should have you on to give some counter balance to this one-sided display of giddy globalization talk by these "protected class" of people.
  • MF
    Martin F.
    27 October 2017 @ 21:01
    Bring back the punk from the homepage! Be controversial again. That's what we are here for. That stuff can be found everywhere.
    • CM
      Carl M.
      28 October 2017 @ 14:12
      .....oh there you go getting all "nostalgic" ...lol
  • pf
    patric f.
    28 October 2017 @ 00:19
    The quality and picture was stunning and there was a couple of valid points made that was interesting. What was most striking however was how far removed these people are from classical western thought, regular people and frankly sanity. Their point of view is so extereme I actually would choose Real racists over them with a gun to my head, I may even consider the unproblematic islamic way of life. As a post Berlin Wall main stream "liberal" it would be appropriate to reevaluate and listen to people outside their bubble instead of martingale and say absolute crap like "no one could have foreseen" and "there are no easy sollutions". Would be nice to see these sorts of resources handed to non mainstream people and stories
    • pf
      patric f.
      28 October 2017 @ 11:35
      To clarify my point. They claim that they stand for inclusivety, openness and tolerance while at the same time simultaniously play down working class western peoples concerns and claim that the ideology of islam is compatible with the so called tolerant or open society. And then after everything that has happened to have the stomach to point out racism from white people as a mayor ongoing problem in western society. To stigmatize your adversaries is not very tolerant. My intention was not to bash RealVision, if anything this point of view have hardly been mentioned at all RV, its just that when a truly beautiful piece is done
  • T~
    Tshort63 ~.
    27 October 2017 @ 14:41
    This a fantastic new series. Broadening the scope of insight into global social, political, and historical drivers is an excellent backdrop of context. An excellent framework for navigating uncertain times. Keep up the great work @realvision!
    • JW
      J W.
      28 October 2017 @ 11:08
      I keep waiting for the meat of the series. So far, I've spent two hours on the gruel....It's not that all the presentations are wrong, but just they are banal.
  • TK
    Thomas K.
    27 October 2017 @ 18:47
    The new style of this piece is just distracting. Give me an interview or think piece like RVTV used to do any time over this. This is the sort of stuff everyone else does, RVTV used to be different. Please get George Friedman on to give an alternative view on China's geopolitical imperatives.
    • PH
      Phil H.
      27 October 2017 @ 19:19
      couldnt have said it better. Real Vision used to be of a lot more value. Stuff like this video i can see everywhere on youtube or bloomberg or cnbc, no need to pay 700 bucks a year.
    • JW
      J W.
      28 October 2017 @ 10:59
      Friedman, Malmgren (both) and some other top thinkers would be a good balance to this program.
  • SD
    S D.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:02
    The objective of a documentary series like this should, as a baseline, be a commitment to diversity of thought and opinion in an attempt to establish truth, or some version of it. I'm curious what the objective is of this series, apart from an attempt by the people who run RealVision to dabble in geopolitics and documentary production in an effort to shore up their own prejudices. There is nobody in this hour who represents an alternative point of view. Not a single voice. As such, this hour is a total waste of time, and RealVision discredits itself by persisting with the series.
    • GR
      Gregory R.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:01
      Sarah: You are spot on. Bravo!
    • JW
      J W.
      28 October 2017 @ 10:56
      I would not say "discredits", but would say "does not promote substantial, unconventional thought."
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    28 October 2017 @ 08:26
    I have not seen the video. I have a total different opinion then most people speaking in interviews, because they are mostly bearish and I am bullish and long stocks since 2011 (with a hedge in 2015). I would say I disagree with 90% of the views. BUT this is great to me, because, there are also people here, where I say, wow, this view I understand and I built it into my framework: Jawad Mian or J. Famy for example. AND: This makes me money!!! Because of RV I had a 600% Plus Bitcoin Trade this year (though I should not have sold, still the trade alone made 80k!). Jawad and Famy hold me in this market since Feb 2016. Needles to say, that I like Roal and all people who run RV a lot (even I just saw videos from). Real Vision is great. To get cracy, just because you do not like a video? Well, I have to say, then you did not get RV at all. Also this is not a good position to learn and to get better and to make money. Keep up the good work RV and do not get rattled, Do your thing! I like RV a lot!!!
  • JV
    Jason V.
    28 October 2017 @ 08:17
    Sharpen your knives, folks, but this was an intelligent, insightful, well-composed and articulate documentary capturing the manifold causes and current condition of the most serious issues affecting our globe. The irony for me is actually how uncontroversial the views presented were. They mostly represented the latest scientific understanding and current best theories underpinning the various fields of modern geopolitics. I know it's almost become a 'sport' to bash this series, but I would contend applying a little calmness, rationality and humility, as Dee Smith brings a depth of thinking and breadth of experience to this series that is highly impressive. I eagerly await the next episode. There you have it, let the knife flinging begin!
  • TD
    Tom D.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:50
    This series is borderline evil. If this is the product of our modern day universities and think tanks, it is terrifying. The hubris is so thick it almost drowns out their subtle, ad hominem attacks on the sovereign individual and on all the wonderful and diverse cultures on our beautiful planet. These academics are either clueless or wicked; yet, they have the audacity to indirectly impugn anyone that doesn’t agree with their false narrative that recommends we downgrade the world to some sort of vague ordinariness. The Danes must learn to give up their monolithic culture and welcome Sharia law? Is he serious? All the problems these people have created are now our problem and our fault? The threat is Islam is only perceived? It is our failure to remember the reality of our own inferior cultures? Our culture is not really as good as we remember? Being nostalgic equals extremism? We are only fooling ourselves? The immigrant argument is totally bogus. Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but we never had open borders; we vetted and had established rules. We let in those who loved our country, who respected our laws, and swore allegiance to the flag and our constitution. Today we are overrun with La Raza (Mexican racists), who hate us and want to annex the southwest to Mexico. Look at the rise of MS-13; look at what the Muslims are doing in Europe. How can we just accept these illegal immigrants to integrate and form a new global culture in the USA, as a policy we should embrace and follow? The globalists are advocating a mediocre world culture and a reduced standard of living in the West. These goals satisfy no one in the West. It is wishful, maybe deceitful, thinking that has already caused continuous in-fighting; but hooray for globalism (!); we would be well-fed (yea!) zombie hi-tech citizens (IPhones for all, triple yea!). In such a dream utopia, there would be no ability to freely express and actually live one’s own culture. Even now, you are called a racist for admiring George Washington. The whole idea of globalism is sickening, authoritarian, and insulting. This kind of one world mindset is eerily similar to the cold, matter-based philosophies in Moscow (dialectical materialism) and Berlin (master global elite) in the first half of the 20th century and led to the death of millions. The globalist argument is devoid of spirit, truth, freedom, and love, analogous to the worldly vision of tyrants.
    • ns
      niall s.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:27
      I seem to remember large parts of old Mexico being annexed by Uncle Sam sometime , in the not to distant past , just saying. No doubt bought and paid for through some Mexican politician,
    • SD
      S D.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:47
      Tom, settle down now. If you thought the world was less of a mess 20 years ago that's either because you're memory's going, or because you're a racist. The fact the majority of voters agree with you simply proves that the electoral system is flawed. And if you don't have a job or can't find a place to live that you can afford, stop whining and just be grateful how much better your life is now that you've got an iPhone.
    • NG
      Nicolas G.
      28 October 2017 @ 06:43
      @Tom, thank you for your enriching opinion!
  • SB
    Stephen B.
    28 October 2017 @ 06:00
    Gave up on it half way through. Superficial at best. Globalist propaganda at worst. Exactly what we don't expect from RV. Come on guys, you can do much, much better than this!
  • js
    jacob s.
    28 October 2017 @ 05:01
    wages are flat because we went off the gold standard http://s3.amazonaws.com/sc_images/thumbnails/productivity-wages.png
  • MR
    Marten R.
    28 October 2017 @ 01:13
    Wow. This was amazingly terrible. Expected, given episode one, but I was surprised to the downside.... :( A comprehensive and complete misdiagnosis of 'the problem'. Globalisation is basically just a debt fuelled, centralisation of profit and socialisation of losses, facilitated by global fiat currency systems. The magnitude of socialised losses is growing. The penny is dropping. People are waking up and they don't like what they see. The social, political and other symptoms sighted in this series have monetary origins, yet I don't believe that either money or debt are being discussed to any great degree. To blame 'nostalgia' and question the human ability to remember things accurately is quite frankly insulting and embarrassing. This content has negative value RVTV. Perhaps it is therefore dis-content (?)... Subscribers are discontent with this dis-content... which is why they vehemently dis.. the content. Lift your game RVTV - this is crap and the high production cost of this series is a complete waste of money.
  • AL
    Andrew L.
    27 October 2017 @ 16:27
    Apparently we are to let the brave new world dictated to us by large corporations (overlords), globalized media (propaganda) and globalist geopolitical agendas (neo-colonialism) just wash over us and take it all with a smile. To quote Christian Michel from the video, "...the concepts of borders, ethnicities, and so on. That is reappearing, that is the real threat." As a good brit might say, bullocks! (See it's nice to have distinct cultures you get wonderful diversity of swear words. Thank you British culture for being undeniably British!) To my mind that quote was one of the most terrifying things I think I have heard in quite a while. It is akin the the world view of Stalin or Mao, to deny and do away with culture and ethnicity as a going concern. Forward Soviet! Well that didn't work out so well. A straw man of globalization as a warm fuzzy beneficent force in history is held up of the tomato making it's way to Italy and then becoming synonymous with the idea of classic Italian culture. Well this is all fine and good except for the fact that you're still talking about an actual distinct people with distinct history culture and actual identity, not this kind of Facebook social network identity through media consumption. The straw man of the beneficial influence of different cultures is not the issue. Everyone appreciates the interplay of various cultures. The issue is what people like Christian Michel identify as the problem and what they may see fit to do about it. It is the denial of the validity of culture, borders, nationality, actual identity, ultimately sovereignty and their sacrifice on the altars of fluid, dynamic changing times and identity culture which is actually all about destroying any sense of a stable identity. All of which is not being promoted because it is some liberal idealistic dream of what is right and fair. This is an intentional atomization of individuals and destabilization of the people of the world that benefits those in power, those that would love to take more money and land and resources and the force of human labour to their own goals. I don't believe a word was spoken of the obscene redistribution of wealth from the middle class to a minor fraction of a minor fraction of the population. What is it about the world today that prevents us from having a strong middle class? When it comes to immigration If you actually wanted to help those people you might ask where is all this diaspora in the world coming from, what is causing it? Well that thinking is verboten! It is not a matter of debate because of course we had nothing to do with it, right, right? Mexico is close to being a failed narco-terroist state. That was accomplished by a small minority of the population but it means there is essentially no rule of law. This did not happen in a vacuum. The CIA picked a winning side, they have a history of trafficking in drugs and weapons, money laundering, overthrowing governments, they have a history of manipulating the domestic media. Large banks get away with laundering cartel money with a slap on the wrist and Carlos Slim is one of the richest men in the world who owns the NY Times and we just act like all this doesn't exist or is not connected this is not all connected? There is a twisted monstrosity trampling the world right now that nobody is talking about. It is the alignment of massive corporations and the government connected by a revolving door. The handmaids of this system are also fundamentally a product of this system and that is the media and the intelligence agencies along with the military industrial complex. It is a dynamic that has always been with humanity in one form or another, it is the fundamental matrix of "world order." That order is best described as neo-colonialism. Syria is a perfect example of how it all works. There are geo-pollitical reasons that the government and military will cite for wanting to overthrow the governments of the middle-east. They will use propaganda through the media to justify and hide what is going on. The corporations make a killing off the contracts and lo-and-behold the geopolitical advantage we seek is to have control a pipeline that benefits the west as opposed to Russia and its affiliates. How convenient for the Oil and Gas industry that they have all these forces arrayed to hand over a new business opportunity. This is also convenient for European countries that Russia has figuratively over a barrel when it comes to energy. So we fund the opposition forces, that happen to be Isis who the CIA is accused of having created and weapons are shipped from the west and handed over to the opposition. A successful, largely modern society is destroyed with a modern largely secular government to be deposed by the most hated evil fundamentalist organization in the world. Makes sense right? Thankfully we have a very complacent media and government that is happy to stick to acceptable talking points so we don't get uppity about it. Well if you stand to profit from it all then yes it does make sense. The diaspora heads west and many find their way to Europe. The leadership of the EU sees an opportunity to possibly gain a more friendly source of energy and new peasants to fill the ranks before a demographic catastrophe happens. I don't think someone who is paid by these people will give you that perspective. The lackeys of the large corporations, government think tanks and media commentators are not going to bite the hand that feeds them. They also would not have the positions they have without somehow misunderstanding this system or agreeing with it. These are the people that get funded, including Mr Smith who I'm sure goes to Washington frequently for his CFR meetings.
    • WP
      William P.
      27 October 2017 @ 20:47
      Milton, Please give Andrew L. 25 minutes for a Think Piece. Getting to read a comment like this almost makes enduring the lousy video worthwhile.
    • GR
      Gregory R.
      27 October 2017 @ 21:49
      Andrew: Remarkably I agree with everything you said, but be more succinct as it will purify your message.
    • ns
      niall s.
      27 October 2017 @ 23:05
      I agree with Andrew , lets hear more of Andrew as a counter balance to "this sort of thing".
    • AL
      Andrew L.
      28 October 2017 @ 00:11
      Thanks for the positive comments, I apologize for the length, I was late for work and did not have enough time to make is shorter.
    • BF
      Brad F.
      28 October 2017 @ 01:01
      Plus One for getting Andrew on to do his own interview. This is exactly the type of thinking we want to see on RVTV.
  • CR
    Chris R.
    28 October 2017 @ 00:23
    "On October 29, 2015, it was reported that the existing law would be changed to a two-child policy, citing a statement from the Communist Party of China. The new law became effective on January 1, 2016" According to wikipedia.org
  • JH
    Joel H.
    27 October 2017 @ 23:29
    Embarrassing, childish, simplistic. For the first time I'm second guessing my subscription. Embarrassing.
  • TE
    Tito E.
    27 October 2017 @ 23:09
    Warning: The Adam Curtis (rip-off) styling of this documentary will not hide the fact that its a bunch of suits stating the bleedin' obvious. What does he Council on Foreign Relations do again? I only know about it from The Creature from Jekyll Island which made it sound like a nefarious master-organisation. Perhaps they're losing their touch.
  • KR
    Kel R.
    27 October 2017 @ 22:48
    Disappointing...and with a trailer to boot?
  • SW
    Scott W.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:45
    There's some moronic stuff in here. If not beholden to PC leftist treacle a thinking man surmises that rather than being simply anti-immigration, a nontrivial number of folks both in Europe and the US are anti-MASS illegal immigration - of persons unskilled and uneducated - and therefore drains upon societal services. Neither Europe nor US are truly free-market. These are welfare states and that must factor into the calculus. In addition these same folks object to the arrival of adherents to a believe system, largely unchanged since the 700s, which explicitly stipulates these adherents kill non-adherents of said belief system. This thinking man also concludes there are generally negligible quantities of nazis and klansmen on either continent, and that the facile "but immigration is good, not every muslim is a terroist" tone of the intellectual patsies in this video misses the mark.
    • GR
      Gregory R.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:31
      Scotty: Thank you!
  • VS
    Victor S. | Contributor
    27 October 2017 @ 20:25
    This is a massive propaganda commercial for Globalism. Unlike Real Vision TV its all one sided??? I truly detest these two episode's as they don't allow a retort. I'm sure the Rockefeller and Rothschild family loves it . The worst of anything you've shown. Victor sperandeo
    • RA
      Robert A.
      27 October 2017 @ 22:12
      You nailed it Trader Vic. Video was carefully built around Dee looking at his cell phone and standing on RR platforms.
  • CE
    Carol E.
    27 October 2017 @ 21:17
  • sm
    stephen m.
    27 October 2017 @ 21:02
    while I did not learn much of anything I can still find these enjoyable to listen too as a bedtime activity. My bigger disappointment is I don't want these to take from the at minimum 1 or 2 videos of someone who follows a framework of 1 here is what I am saying 2 here is why it is important and 3 here is how it effects your investment portfolio. To either protect or grow your wealth. And here is what I am doing. Globalization has its good and bad some love it some hate it. But it has made me lots of money. Yes driven by technology. It's more a winner take all business model. Why don't we discuss. The global companies are drastically outperforming in the markets. It is easy to,say fang stocks are overvalued. But you cannot deny they are taking huge profits from everyone from ad agencies to Telecom companies to bricks and mortar. They are growing at rates on big numbers that we have never seen in history. That's a more interesting discussion. Having someone who as a consultant is paid to talk big picture is quite different than someone who identifies and investment theme that is very well thought out with recommendations on how to play it is hard to find on a consistent basis. Hopefully realvision can conquer this equation it's not easy. Feels,like a lot more videos have nmdiscission on my investments and that's not to say they are not interstinf but there needs to be a balance
  • SS
    Steven S.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:53
    Dee Smith really needs to get Chris Martenson & Adam Taggart of PeakProsperity & their primary message into this series......their focus on post-peak resource management in a finite resource based world is really missing from this thought piece, but also from global economics in general. Globalization has fuelled psychopathic corporations' hunger for greater returns - and investors in these firms are equally responsible. It's now the financialization of everything - putting nature's balance into greater harm, all for FIAT confetti profits that economic history tells us will soon be worth nothing... Limitless Globalization only truly works in a world with infinite resources. Capitalism with infinite FIAT money & infinite credit creation has failed us & all sentient life on this planet with no voice to confront our recklessness. Want some examples?: -MonsantoPapers/glyphosate revelations, - industrialized farming practices in general both cash crop & our evil animal husbandry practices, -CRISPR cas9 & the future patenting of all genetics, -pharmaceutical industries carte blanche addiction agenda, -the Rusty-back bumblebee (N.A. important pollinator) is on the endangered species list, -a 27-year German study just released found the amount of insects flying in the air has declined 75% -those of us with at least 20 plus years of rural windshield cleaning driving experience know this to be true, -countless animal species facing critical extinction, -plastic and other toxic pollutants dumped in the environment & food chain -Global Liberalism having the egoic tenacity of taking on unique societies innate tribalism There are too many examples to list - but when profits are truly at risk we can trust our governments will whip up war & conflict as the neocon solution, which only exacerbates everything listed above. The true measure of wealth is a measure of the sustainability of our natural environment -period. We are nature - and we are at war with ourselves and our true identity. William Butler Yeats is turning in his grave.
  • WP
    William P.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:41
    Omg - what a waste. Disappointing. Not even interesting. Sweeping generalizations. Ivory Tower much? Good god - let’s see what financialization and the technocrats have wrought if Bass, Stockman, et al. are even remotely close to right.
  • SD
    S D.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:12
  • MT
    Michael T.
    27 October 2017 @ 20:08
    Super interesting series- and your sound and music guy is doing a great job :)
  • FB
    Fernando B.
    27 October 2017 @ 19:52
    Worth the wait. Thank you
  • PH
    Phil H.
    27 October 2017 @ 19:23
    This is material everyone of us has seen multiple times and years ago on mainstream media. Where are the Stephen Diggles, Peter Brigers, Ben Melkmans, Ed Eislers that Real Vision used to get for in depth interviews rather than superficial coverage of catchy mainstream topics?
  • VP
    Vincent P.
    27 October 2017 @ 19:11
    Um, better!!! Thank you! China story is amazing but what would it take (if anything), to break down the wall of debt??? Forget QT, so, nothing to see here other than explosive asset values in perpetuity. Have a nice day!
  • CM
    C M.
    27 October 2017 @ 17:13
    It is all well and jolly to quote Ricardo and point to the rise of China, but tell that to the middle of the US that has been hollowed out with manufacturing being replaced with an opioid crisis. As per usual, no one who has suffered the consequences is interviewed -- only know-it-all think tank ding-dongs pontificating whilst sipping their cappuccinos. This is pure globalist/CFR claptrap.
  • IH
    Iain H.
    27 October 2017 @ 16:07
    I don't feel like I have learn't anything new from this series yet. The one speaker I felt did get the cause of dissatisfaction with globalisation was Edward Alan and his thesis on economic dissatisfaction and blaming globalisation. I don't think you can complete this topic without drawing in the actions of Central Banks and their role in inequality.