Matt Hu – China

Published on
May 18th, 2016
36 minutes

Matt Hu – China

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Featuring Matt Hu

Published on: May 18th, 2016 • Duration: 36 minutes

Matt Hu, CIO of FengHe Asia, gives a true insider's view of China and explains how to go elephant hunting, outlining the process of and benefits to finding and shorting blue-chip stocks, while also discussing China's position in the business cycle and how the government is preparing for a cyclical downturn. Transcript available.


  • FL
    Flavia L.
    15 September 2016 @ 20:34
    This guy apparently has very different understanding of the word “freedom” than most of the people here in the United States. Growing up in China and still spending quite a lot time there, I can tell you it is not uncommon, which is sad. When you stop using an organ, it stops developing, so is the ability and need to think critically and independently. A lot of people, old or young, do not criticize the system or the government, not because they don’t care, or they are not interested, because when you cannot do something for thousands of year, or do it at the risk of being persecuted, keeping the mouth shut becomes a survival mechanism and second nature. You no longer have the need or desire to speak up, nor the ability to do so. When young people in a country only care about making money, and nothing else, this is something to mourn, not something to cheer about.
  • DR
    Daniel R.
    24 July 2016 @ 15:31
    I agree, China is amazingly creative and innovative. More democratic in many ways. One question I wanted to hear was the change from foreign brands to domestic. Is this a trend and how do I invest i.e. consumer goods; shoes, clothing, cars...and the timeframe for this transition.
  • M.
    Milton .. | Founder
    11 July 2016 @ 22:34
    The transcript to this interview is available here:
  • KS
    Kashyap S.
    8 July 2016 @ 11:35
    Where is the transcript available?
  • LK
    Lisa K.
    1 June 2016 @ 22:17
    I'm glad the transcript is avail. I couldn't understand half his remarks without it! His insight into Chinese moviegoers is such a revelation.
  • DP
    Daniel P.
    26 May 2016 @ 19:43
    Great stuff, the last 2 minutes interested me the most, I had no idea of the young generations freedom and lack of interest or care for the government in China. Hugely interesting and an immense shift
  • XS
    Xin S.
    21 May 2016 @ 03:09
    So he is talking about 10 years? I have the sense he is trying to attract the money from the crowd here. where does he park his own wealth? In China or oversea. if oversea, he is talking about 10 yea
  • XS
    Xin S.
    21 May 2016 @ 03:02
    I think most westerners will be misled by him. Hu emphasizes on the consumer product sector because China has 1.4 billion population. but he did not say the political risk. you just ask Hu where he
  • TS
    Tim S.
    20 May 2016 @ 20:30
    I think he's saying young people don't give a rat's arse about politics. They are far more interested in their smartphones and consumerism. Does that bode ill, or well for the country? I don't know.
  • AE
    Alex E.
    20 May 2016 @ 08:05
    Thank you Matt & Grant. I wonder how the clash between government control and unbridled youth will play out? Another Tienanmen Square, maybe? Or will Communism step aside and allow full Democracy?
  • NG
    Nitin G.
    20 May 2016 @ 02:31
    amazing insights , thanks for sharing the transcript. Just noted that you took out a lot of publications from research tab which were posted last month
  • BL
    Brian L.
    20 May 2016 @ 00:41
    I guess I'll be the contrarian here. If what he is saying is true, China is a bigger train wreck than I thought. Massive missallocation of capital and the young dont care about the government?
  • LA
    Linda A.
    18 May 2016 @ 16:22
    Great point on shorting elephant co's. U need big money to sell out when fraud is detected. Since lending is lax, the less liquid fraud co's can keep it going by borrowing & buying back stock.
  • MR
    Michael R.
    18 May 2016 @ 15:54
    Loved it. Cycle discussion is key. We should not believe everything we perceive or think we know about China. Thank you RVTV, Grant et al.
  • PS
    Paul S.
    18 May 2016 @ 15:52
    Top 5 value add interview yet Grant. Hats off.
  • fc
    frank c.
    18 May 2016 @ 15:36
    would have liked his opinion on Gold! Nice interview though.
  • TQ
    Tom Q.
    18 May 2016 @ 13:59
    Awesome insider insight into Chinese markets - thanks for the downloadable transcript, really helpful!