Simon Hunt: China’s Credit Conundrum

Published on
January 9th, 2015
48 minutes

Simon Hunt: China’s Credit Conundrum

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Featuring Simon Hunt

Published on: January 9th, 2015 • Duration: 48 minutes

Simon Hunt returns with the third in the series with a year-end look on China, from credit and manufacturing to gold and the yuan. Simon touches on ominous indicators in the US, offers a new perspective on the bull dollar, and ends with geopolitical and macroeconomic predictions for 2015. It's a thought-provoking kick-start to the new year.


  • FA
    Frazer A.
    11 August 2015 @ 13:48
    Love to have a contrarian opinion, think he's off the mark on rmb. I would love a round table discussion on China with, Mark Hart, Albert Edwards, Simon Hunt and Louis Gave.
  • MF
    Mike F.
    15 February 2015 @ 11:14
    I've just sat and watched all 3 Hunt interviews and thus far he has been consistently wrong on nearly everything. I guess time will tell but I for one am not convinced. RTV: Needs 'filmed on' date.
  • KC
    Ken C.
    22 January 2015 @ 19:15
    I would love to get Louis Gave and Simon Hunt in the same room to discuss the world according to each.
  • BH
    Brian H.
    17 January 2015 @ 19:44
    In light of where the dollar, euro and yen are today ( breaking Mr Hunt's key levels) I would love to hear a timely update of his thoughts. It seems to me much of his thesis rests of a weaker dollar
  • KA
    Kelly A.
    12 January 2015 @ 23:38
    I originally gave up on this interview part way through because it wasn't resonating w me. Read your comments & so restarted & am so glad i did. Really interesting bits are in last third, i think.
  • CY
    C Y.
    12 January 2015 @ 17:04
    A thoughtful piece from a man who understands that the simple narrative to complex situations is almost always wrong. This is a must watch piece.
  • ac
    adam c.
    12 January 2015 @ 07:59
    A couple of thoughts, 1). Where does India fit into this? 2) is china innovative? It needs to steal ip like hacking NZ's NIWA climate model, but how can robotic rote learning clones innovate?
  • ac
    adam c.
    12 January 2015 @ 07:17
    I think Grant made pertinent points. FX rates are not absolute economic variablebut relative. Other countries want to be dominated by China ? Living in Asia I a sure you no one trusts mainland China.
  • NS
    Nico S.
    11 January 2015 @ 23:26
    Not sure how a strengthening of the Euro can possibly happen when Mr. Draghi has noted a significant QE program on the horizon. Maybe 2-3 years from now, but certainly not over next 1-2 years...
  • FJ
    Frank J.
    11 January 2015 @ 18:49
    Wow! Simon has nailed the big picture for the next 2 years! Gold will become the big story and its manipulation by the Central Banks will be part of it.
  • sa
    santosh a.
    11 January 2015 @ 07:42
    It would be useful in these interviews to ask the question as to what facts would change their opinion. I would want to know Simon's opinion of China's gargantuan credit edifice and if it topples?
  • JS
    John S.
    9 January 2015 @ 21:37
    Love hearing the carefully considered views of Simon. Outstanding discussion!
  • KT
    Kevin T.
    9 January 2015 @ 18:16
    I like that Grant provided a bit of devils advocate to give the other side of what Simon was saying. It lets the viewer decide which view seems more likely to them.
  • PW
    Phil W.
    9 January 2015 @ 17:59
    Always good to get the 30 thousand foot view of this great game we are in. I do agree with Mr Hunts views. Where will it lead us, time will tell!
  • CC
    Christopher C.
    9 January 2015 @ 17:39
    My favorite quote from Kyle Bass so far is, "A rolling loan gathers no loss." Roll or die.
  • PR
    Peter R.
    9 January 2015 @ 16:52
    Interesting to hear someone with a distinctly contrarian view of the world some aspects of which I agree with and some I find baffling. Time will tell. Same time next year please.