Dynamic Applications for Bitcoin

Published on
February 7th, 2017
32 minutes

Dynamic Applications for Bitcoin

Cypherpunks beyond Bitcoin ·
Featuring Vinny Lingham

Published on: February 7th, 2017 • Duration: 32 minutes

Vinny Lingham, South African ‘Shark Tank’ technology entrepreneur and Bitcoin payment network pioneer, joins Real Vision to discuss progress in digital currency networks and new avenues for the Bitcoin blockchain, including ID and voter infrastructure systems.


  • bs
    bob s.
    18 January 2018 @ 18:34
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    11 February 2017 @ 11:30
    I am bullish on bitcoins because of the blockchain. Its like beeing bullish on internet start ups 1990 because of the internet. There is going to be a monster hype on block chain and bitcoins are dragged with it just because of psychological reasons. If that happens, you need to look at it again and get out (at 10.000?) before the crash (crashing back to 1000?) for maybe some years until it may consolidate and get more security in government acceptance of it (that is key, maybe US and Europe like it and commit on it, it would be then the new gold standard). Its 1990 for blockchain and bitcoin. It is going to be wild ride but and a chance of a livetime... (long 10% of my port in GBTC, startet with 5% of my port in December 2015).
    • CP
      Cole P.
      28 May 2017 @ 17:36
      We are very early in the story. Accumulate, accumulate... if it crashes, buy more. Revisit a decade later, then look at selling. Supply and demand principles are in full swing here. 7 billion people, 21 million coins, 16 million in circulation. The sky is the limit on price for a full coin.
  • CB
    Cliff B.
    20 February 2017 @ 13:31
    Wow, Blockchain, what a great way to vote and ensure voter integrity. I hope it works and a model we could us in the US
  • TK
    Thomas K.
    14 February 2017 @ 11:22
    Great presentation, very humble guy. More bitcoin related content please, specifically on ways for retail investors to invest in the blockchain technology itself rather than just bitcoin. Thanks Milton.
  • GM
    Greg M.
    13 February 2017 @ 00:17
    As millennial...we don't care about gold because we don't have enough money invest. Inflation can't eat your savings if you don't have any while living in your parents basement.
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    11 February 2017 @ 11:10
    Finally a gold bear ;-)
  • JM
    James M.
    9 February 2017 @ 11:52
    Vinny has some good ideas on how to create bitcoin apps and services and the focus of the interview is correct. He did however wonder into macro territory where I felt less confident in some of his comments involving extreme bitcoin optimism and gold bearishness. Yes a country can only control bitcoin within its borders but if China, the US or any other top 10 economy banned bitcoin tomorrow I think we would see more than a 30% fall. And such action would increase the chance of others following so it could be back so sub 100 USD for a long time and the death of the current ecosystem. There is plenty of upside potential but I dont see BTC as much more than speculation. I think Vinny is smart to build revenue producing companies ON bitcoin, whilst I just speculate IN it.
  • VK
    Viresh K.
    8 February 2017 @ 16:22
    @ PAUL N. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-12-19/millennials-piled-into-some-horrendous-etf-trades-right-after-the-election Young Americans i.e. Millennials piled into the gold etf right after Trump won. So I'm not too sure about the yonuger generation not caring.
  • PN
    Paul N.
    8 February 2017 @ 10:57
    He's right about my generation not giving a shit about gold. Doesn't matter though because there are some very rich people that do and a lot of investors that will when inflation starts picking up and real rates go down.
  • JS
    John S.
    8 February 2017 @ 06:25
    Vinny is very good on BTC but he really doesn't understand the gold thesis in all its nuances
  • MH
    Michael H.
    8 February 2017 @ 06:07
    Some of his comments compelled me to revisit some of my assumptions, which was useful. Thank you, Vinny. However, I struggled to get past the Shark Tank connection. Shark Tank? Really? What's next, electing somebody from the Apprentice to..never mind.
  • SR
    Steve R.
    8 February 2017 @ 04:16
    Unless Bitcoin becomes totally transparent and regulated (globally) it will never (IMHO) become a mainstream currency. Governments around the world and looking to ban high value notes and cash in general because its 'only used by criminals and tax evaders' and to exert complete control over the money supply. Its not coincident that cyber criminals only deal in Bitcoin and its the method of choice to get money out of China and other places undetected. Its the perfect 'currency for criminals'. I think his comment about 'store of value' must be a joke. Gold is a physical metal. Turn the electricity off or take servers offline and you have no bitcoin! Use of blockchain-type technology is likely to be the future, but I think bitcoin will go down in history as a good 'proof of concept' at best. All IMHO of course
  • TB
    Tyler B.
    8 February 2017 @ 02:44
    Lacks an understanding of gold. "Shorting gold" at the bottom of one of the longest bear markets in history is telling....Also saying that governments are dumping gold isn't exactly true....more gold is being accumulated by governments than any other time in history. He is what I would call a Bitbug...almost as bad a gold bug.
  • CH
    Crag H.
    7 February 2017 @ 18:49
    Great interview and great to see Vinny's passion! Would love to see a followup interview where we could hear a bit more about the new industry that's being built upon bitcoin and also a bit more about the biggest risks and challenges that bitcoin face. Thanks Vinny and RVTV for the great content.
  • JT
    Jayne T.
    7 February 2017 @ 17:35
    In general, I would like to see all interviewers and interviewees disclose whether or not they own a stock that will be mentioned before the start of the interview. Thanks, RealVision.