Steven Lord – Bitcoin’s Groundbreaking Advantages

Published on
December 30th, 2014
22 minutes

Steven Lord – Bitcoin’s Groundbreaking Advantages

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Featuring Steven Lord

Published on: December 30th, 2014 • Duration: 22 minutes

With new start-up developments, technological advances, and venture capital behind it, Bitcoin is building momentum - but what are some of the market applications of Bitcoin? Steven Lord of the Modern Money Group delivers concrete examples of ways that Bitcoin can revolutionize and disrupt our current markets.


  • AA
    ALI A.
    4 January 2015 @ 12:53
    This is not original content... plenty of summary articles like this dotted around the web.
  • SL
    Steven L.
    1 January 2015 @ 00:22
    The blockchain database is now about 30gig. If BTC were processing lots of transactions, the disk requirement would be huge. Those of us in the peer to peer net don't get compensated for this.
  • PH
    Philip H.
    31 December 2014 @ 17:49
    Tremendous presentation delivery but still having trouble getting my head around the business case. So you can send a dollar to Somalia for nothing. Great but so can mobile apps etc.
  • FJ
    Frank J.
    31 December 2014 @ 16:29
    Excellent presentation. The best explanation of Bitcoin I have come across! I wonder when Amazon will be using it?
  • ZY
    ZHENG Y.
    30 December 2014 @ 23:11
    if the USD/BTC is very volatile, is it possible created arbitrate from transaction to transaction? is it depends on the mining difficulty? since miner solve the transaction math behind?
  • DB
    Duncan B.
    30 December 2014 @ 18:17
    Another great presentation - thanks. Could you explain how a dollar-value is ascribed to bitcoin by click-micro-ayments?