Tuur Demeester – Bitcoin

Published on
July 5th, 2016
24 minutes

Tuur Demeester – Bitcoin

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Featuring Tuur Demeester

Published on: July 5th, 2016 • Duration: 24 minutes

Tuur Demeester, Adamant Research, shares his views on Bitcoin's competitor Ethereum, and explains the network effects that will likely make Bitcoin the dominant cryptocurrency for years to come.


  • GM
    Gavin M.
    19 August 2016 @ 10:46
    Hi Tuur, thanks for the video again and joining the comments. If you do another video it would be great if you could discuss the potential risks/issues you see with bitcoin and how they might play out or could be mitigated e.g. centralisation of power, China (see link from Adam's comment below), 51% attack, transaction authorisation speed, etc.
  • TD
    Tuur D. | Contributor
    11 July 2016 @ 02:18
    Hi Brent, thanks for pointing at Prechter's newsletter. I inquired on twitter about his writings with regards to Bitcoin, and a subscriber told me "[Prechter] said "enormous potential as a currency" but didn't outright recommend. From Sept 17EWT 2010" https://twitter.com/peat99/status/752278146729189376 As for my own newsletter, Bitcoin was part of the recommended currency basket from Jan 7, 2012 until my successor took over in Nov 2013. As of yet, I haven't identified a subscription based financial newsletter who recommended Bitcoin earlier than mine.
  • bn
    brent n.
    10 July 2016 @ 19:44
    Robert Prechter reco'ed Bitcoin as an investment in his financial newsletter in early 2010.
  • JK
    Jan K.
    9 July 2016 @ 13:14
    This is a pretty biased opinion and unfortunately a lot of FUD. Also, comparing Bitcoin with Ethereum is like comparing apples to oranges. Bitcoin is an app, Ethereum is an app platform. They have different use cases.
  • TM
    Taylor M.
    9 July 2016 @ 01:56
    We are in early days here. As an investor you should own both BTC and ETH. Similar to Gold/Silver Its impossible to predict what will happen in this space. No doubt its the future. I don't see it as BTC vs ETH. They need each-other, especially now. Eventually I see many usable altcoins, easily tradable.
  • SS
    Sam S.
    8 July 2016 @ 12:49
    Last time I listened to this guy I gave up what would have been huge profits. I was early in Bitcoin then listened to his last video and sold too soon. He's too myopic and close to the situation to trust his theses. I'm gone forever--Truth Hurts.
  • DS
    David S.
    7 July 2016 @ 19:45
    Well done. I am a new buyer of Bitcoin and appreciate the additional background on the safety of Bitcoin.
  • gs
    grant s.
    7 July 2016 @ 17:19
    Tuur D. contact Andreas A, Ver or Voorhees to get them on RV as well! We need input from experts like you and him! Great vid..Most people here don't have enough exposure to Cryptocurrency or the terms and science.
  • GG
    George G.
    7 July 2016 @ 16:59
    Bitcoin investor since 2013.. These are approx figures Bitcoin outstanding 15 million Etherium outstanding 85 million Bitcoin price 625 USD Etherium price 10 USD Bitcoin market value 10 billion USD Etherium market value 1 billion USD Regardless of debate I think currently Bitcoin is a better value/risk/reward proposition than Etherium than 10 to 1 would suggest
  • KO
    Kieran O.
    7 July 2016 @ 11:53
    Realvision is getting a very nice collection of videos on crypto-currencies. Comparing this with the ethereum video is very helpful.
  • DR
    Daniel R.
    7 July 2016 @ 06:30
    Can't claim the same expertise as Tuur, but fwiw I came to same conclusions independently - BTC will break all time high in a sustained way, and ETH will fall drastically, maybe to $2.
  • AG
    Austin G.
    7 July 2016 @ 02:34
    We are in scary territory, it is a sign of the times I guess. All this does is make me want precious metals. Fine, I'll buy a few bitcoin and toss them into some bin just so I have them, but my gut says precious metals
  • KS
    Kathleen S.
    6 July 2016 @ 23:53
    Would like to know about the block chain technology and some of the crypto currencies that are of interest - lite coin, ripple, factom, counterparty or dash - bitcoin as a currency is interesting in the fact that it can be used to escape capital controls or as a hedge to currency devaluation (though it's price is very volatile). WHAT about the block chain technology for storing information and for performing transactions -- this is like investing in the internet in 1992 - question where should I be outside of the bitcoin community as pure speculation??? Where do you see the future of block chain going? Also, does it concern you that we don't know who invented bitcoin and the block chain technology?
  • RA
    Robert A.
    6 July 2016 @ 23:33
    Love the VHS vs BETA analogy. I had to throw away all my 4 Tracks when the 8 Tracks emerged as well . That said, if you had told me 2 years ago I would have spent ANY time trying to understand BC I would have your nuts.....and now, I can't get enough, especially when presented in such a concise and succinct manner. Thank you RV for the opportunity to learn about BC which, incidentally, seems to have captured the attention of some of the sharpest young minds in the world.
  • AR
    Adam R.
    6 July 2016 @ 22:59
    Im a Novice at this but my fear sensors perked up recently when i read this article in The Wall Street Journal (http://on.wsj.com/29xGzNs) which said 92% of all transactions are coming from 2 exchanges in China. This to me seems like a huge liquidity issue if China Gov goes after these exchanges. Am I wrong on this?
  • PR
    Peter R.
    6 July 2016 @ 21:57
    Fascinating but still opaque to 99.99% of the population. As an engineer I am still baffled by the vast computing power needed to manage the blockchain, to me this means vast cost somewhere in the system and in the end when I open my bitcoin wallet and find it somehow empty, who do I call? "Blockbusters"?
  • dw
    darcy w.
    6 July 2016 @ 21:30
    Certainly one of the more proficient speakers in the bitcoin/cryptocurrency space. Can speak to the financial, technological, and visionary outlook on bitcoin. I first learned of Tuur in Dec/2015 after joining RV. His primer on bitcoin investing (ow.ly/ZpluM) entirely dictated my own strategy, and has as been very rewarding, beyond just financially. I've been an avid follower of him on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TuurDemeester) and always look forward to his content. More clarity on just what Etherium and The DAO are, their potential/limitations, explained in layman terms, were some of my big takeaways here. If you enjoyed this, I highly recommend watching his prior interviews on RV. Just search RV for 'Tuur', namespace collisions highly improbable.
  • MW
    Michael W.
    6 July 2016 @ 20:57
    I must confess I don't have a clue about its use. Can I buy gas, plane tickets, a car, etc with bitcoin? Retired now so no usage in the business world.
  • TD
    Tuur D. | Contributor
    6 July 2016 @ 15:52
    Hi guys, Tuur here. I feel like something is missing about which type of protocols more often have a "winner take all" outcome. I think that "specialized + foundational" is perhaps a better criterion. With foundational I mean that we're talking about a protocol, upon which, over time, other investments (who can also turn into protocols) are layered, which in combination with the network effect massively pushes up the cost of changing protocols and favors market share expansion of the existing protocol.
  • CC
    Christopher C.
    6 July 2016 @ 15:44
    What is staggering to me is the amount of resources (computers, people, energy/electricity for mining etc.) that is being consumed to try to develop a fair (or more fair) medium of exchange and store of value.
  • td
    thomas d.
    6 July 2016 @ 15:22
    It is always intriguing to listen to Tuur. I follow him for years now and he has become my 'personal' coach to deal with my financials. The results have been beyond expectation. Keep up the good work, I love your work.
  • MS
    Matt S.
    6 July 2016 @ 14:48
    Long Bitcoin short Ethereum could be my first crypto spread trade. Great insight into digital currencies, especially if you're like me and trying to avoid to switching from traditional currencies due to general lack of understanding. Very helpful.
  • BM
    B. M.
    6 July 2016 @ 14:33
    Mr. Demeester's Twitter page is also very helpful for a full understanding of the many issues surrounding B/C