China’s Four Traps

Published on
February 13th, 2019
6 minutes

China’s Four Traps

Future Fears ·
Featuring George Magnus

Published on: February 13th, 2019 • Duration: 6 minutes

Xi Jinping's China may have a debt crisis coming in the near future. George Magnus, the former Chief Economist at UBS, explains the many reasons why China is a time-bomb waiting to explode. This is a clip excerpted from a video published on Real Vision on October 3, 2018.


  • LC
    Lloyd C.
    7 March 2019 @ 03:54
    Can't see anyone wanting to live in a country where there's no real rule of law other than idiosyncratic notions of justice.
  • DC
    D C.
    20 February 2019 @ 22:34
    You mean MMT isn't going to save China and everyone else just printing domestic debt? Oh no....back to the drawing board.