Trump and the Fed’s Trillion Dollar Decision

Published on
September 4th, 2019
10 minutes

Trump and the Fed’s Trillion Dollar Decision

Future Fears ·
Featuring David Stockman

Published on: September 4th, 2019 • Duration: 10 minutes

David Stockman, the former director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan, argues that the Fed's decision to rapidly expand its balance sheet in response to the financial crisis set the table for a breakdown in global economics and politics. Stockman argues that the knock-on effects from the Fed's decade-old decision could have significant consequences. This clip is excerpted from a video published on Real Vision on February 25, 2019 entitled "The Economic Danger Posed by Trump."



  • AB
    Andrew B.
    8 September 2019 @ 01:10
    This guy is just horrid. Starts out OK - explaining the explosion in the Fed's B.S. thru QE1 to QE3 ... then devolves into an invective vs. Trump. So regulatory reform, a tax bill, no TTP, Paris Climate accord, taking a tougher stance on trading inequities was just political speak? Sure, that is the fiscal policy side of the ledger, but that's like saying someone being treated for diabetes (being given drugs - i.e., monetary policy) wouldn't also benefit from losing weight and exercise (fiscal policy). Go away, you hack ...
  • AB
    Andre B.
    6 September 2019 @ 00:02
    no spesifics, same old same old......misguided negative fear mongering
  • ME
    Michael E.
    5 September 2019 @ 11:02
    I give a lots of credit to people like Dr. Paul, stockman, etc. There is no magical to get to prosperity (losing weight). Work hard & save. These principle has Ben around for thousands of years & will be around for many thousands more. What CBs system has created to suck $$$$ from poor to give to Rich.
  • JK
    Jay K.
    4 September 2019 @ 13:19
    So what are the knock-on effects of rapidly expand the Fed's balance sheet? Asset price bubble? That's it?
    • WG
      Wade G.
      4 September 2019 @ 16:54
      Death of price discovery; perpetual resource misallocation; rocketing wealth gap; degraded societal harmony; uber populism; death of capitalism; societal failure? I don't really know, but these are things I think about.