What’s Worth Saving?

Published on
April 17th, 2019
10 minutes

What’s Worth Saving?

Future Fears ·
Featuring Dan Oliver Jr. and Simon Mikhailovich

Published on: April 17th, 2019 • Duration: 10 minutes

Dan Oliver of Myrmikan Capital and Simon Mikhailovich of the Tocqueville Bullion Reserve sit down with Real Vision's Grant Williams and discuss the process whereby history appears to "rhyme." Oliver and Mikhailovich provides some historical perspective to explain how we got here, and discuss how history might shed light on the problems of tomorrow. This video is excerpted from a piece published on Real Vision on August 20, 2018.



  • EW
    Ethan W.
    20 October 2019 @ 05:05
    great discussion. hi, isnt this the paid version? why the content cut off after 10 mins? is there a next part thanks.
  • GF
    Gordon F.
    17 April 2019 @ 18:43
    Wow! Possibly one of the most profound discussion yet. Inflation benefits the bankers and big-spending politicians, and screw the moral fabric of the nation or community. We are told that inflation is necessary to keep the system from collapsing, which is true, but the system is designed by and for the banks and politicians, not the common man. The system as currently designed and implemented, makes every effort to get young people in debt as soon as it will be legally binding on them through student loans and easy access to credit cards, and then makes it very difficult to ever escape from debt. As a consequence, we teach them that debt is normal and natural, and anyone who is not in debt is weird. And speaking of teaching, one reason that socialism is making a comeback so soon after the fall of the Soviet Union, and despite current examples around the world, is that students are not taught about this history or these events. I.e., the USSR fell because it was the "Evil Empire", not because it had a faulty economic system, etc. I fear that as the old saying goes, "Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it." At least Dan, Simon, and Grant have studied history, but outside of RV, who's listening to them?
    • TR
      Travis R.
      19 April 2019 @ 17:34
      Money=Debt=Slavery https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKob3fGSm9o
    • MZ
      Martin Z.
      24 April 2019 @ 06:02
      I believe the full quote should be: "Those who don't study history are doomed to repeat it. Those who DO study history are doomed to stand by helplessly while everyone else repeats it."