Gold – Brent Johnson

Published on
February 11th, 2015
31 minutes

Gold – Brent Johnson

Gold ·
Featuring Brent Johnson

Published on: February 11th, 2015 • Duration: 31 minutes

Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital speaks on the effect that big market moves such as the rising dollar and the Swiss depeg have had on the gold market, the gold mining industry, and Russia's relationship with the yellow metal.


  • SS
    Shanthi S.
    10 December 2018 @ 03:50
    Any chance of getting Brent back on soon? :) Seems like an appropriate time to have an update from him.
  • JE
    Jag E.
    20 March 2016 @ 16:22
    US can never put their gold on the balance sheet to back the dollar, regardless of price. Claims from before Nixons default would demand payment @ 35$/oz. Much like todays vulture funds and Argentina.
  • JR
    Jeff R.
    6 April 2015 @ 05:05
    Brent. You need to buy yourself some gold necklaces for special interviews such as this.
  • JV
    JP V.
    18 February 2015 @ 06:13
    My question to Mr Brent J would be : the mind set in the US is not directed to gold, but how do you explain then that every sale of gold/silver coins in the US is so rapidly sold out ? Who's buying ?
  • KS
    Kashyap S.
    17 February 2015 @ 12:56
    I'm from India and his observation is spot on. The poorest have their entire life savings in gold and currency notes. Most people treat the stock market as a casino, and gold and silver as real wealth
  • BJ
    Brent J. | Contributor
    14 February 2015 @ 17:18
    Thx for all comments/questions. I could talk gold for hours so happy to do some type of follow up or Q&A to address anything unsaid. I'll leave it up to RealVision to determine best format. Brent
  • TH
    Timo H.
    13 February 2015 @ 18:41
    Yet another quality interview. Apart from costly seminars, this kind of info is very hard to find. Thanks Grant and Raoul and the rest of the team!
  • WM
    Will M.
    13 February 2015 @ 15:32
    Hearing "we have 8000 tons of gold" surprised me a bit. My concern is imposition of 75 or 90% taxes on profits to punish "speculators". Good to have some thoughts on this on this site.
  • NS
    Nico S.
    13 February 2015 @ 00:41
    Great to finally see the face behind the brilliant/straightforward presentations that add clarity to a potentially devastating outcome to central bankers "gone wild".
  • AD
    Anthony D.
    12 February 2015 @ 18:56
    Great interview/dialogue. I would like to suggest a future topic: The probabilities of precious metal confiscation when the "reset" hits and strategies available to the common investor tor protection
  • KE
    Kenan E.
    12 February 2015 @ 15:54
    The most interesting part is that there are still people who believe the US has 8000+ tons of gold. If they really have it... SHOW IT!!!!
  • NP
    Nirav P.
    12 February 2015 @ 12:11
    Gold is indeed all about confidence..its nothing to do with inflation or deflation. Its bet on confidence in the system (Govt/Central Bankers)
  • JS
    John S.
    11 February 2015 @ 23:45
    Disappointed that he didn't discuss the critical role of derivatives in the paper/physical relationship.
  • TL
    T L.
    11 February 2015 @ 23:23
    Good to get to know the person behind the presentations but given all the other great videos (including his!) about gold, this one lacked new content.
  • RF
    Richard F.
    11 February 2015 @ 18:00
    I like Brent. But he sure avoided the question about price the last three years and paper gold. Raoul you gave him several big openings to talk about manipulation and he did not take the bait.
  • CC
    Christopher C.
    11 February 2015 @ 15:34
    It's a fun idea. Alan Greenspan - the ultimate financial special forces warrior. The narrative makes sense. Why dig a tunnel under the walls when you can walk in the front gates. Trojan Horse 2.0
  • MM
    Myles M.
    11 February 2015 @ 14:17
    Nice to see the face behind all those Santiago presentations at last. The more I hear the case for gold, the stronger it sounds every time.