Gold in Uncertain Times

Published on
January 20th, 2017
52 minutes

Black Gold and Yellow Gold – Diego Parrilla

Gold in Uncertain Times

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Featuring Egon von Greyerz

Published on: January 20th, 2017 • Duration: 52 minutes

One of the most highly respected names in the gold market, with intimate knowledge of the perspective of high net worth investors, Egon von Greyerz illuminates the discussion on the long term trend for the precious metal, against the backdrop of the war on cash, a beleaguered banking system and a global debt pile that could potentially never be repaid.


  • CE
    Carol E.
    22 July 2017 @ 19:35
    I contacted Matterhorn. They require US citizens to have a will if the account is jointly held. Probate costs money which we all try to avoid. However, in Switzerland's Matterhorn, they require Probate for the remaining joint account holder to gain title. This is not acceptable. My money will go to Singapore.
  • SK
    Stefan K.
    11 February 2017 @ 12:40
    In my opinion, it all comes down to how Gold will behave during this last downward portion of the current Kondratieff Wave. Gold had a secular bear market during the first half of the downwave (1980-2000) and it appears to be in a secular bull market since the second half of the downwave (2000-202x). However, looking deeper, one can see that during the "fall to plateau" (1980-1983) Gold crashed, because there was a short bout of deflation turning the previous high inflation to disinflation. Then, during the "fall from plateau" phase - which was the 2000-2003 stock bear market, Gold made its low and then startet rising until it crashed with stocks during the "vortex" of 2008/2009. I believe we had a deflationary growth phase from 2011-2015 which coincided with the 46% correction in the Gold price. The next - and final - phase of the downwave should see a severe deflationary recession (hopefully not a depression) during which policy makers ramp up stimulus to ridiculous levels which in turn should make Gold soar. What I'm not sure about is whether Gold might crash alongside stocks first and soar after (i.e. crash to 500$ then go to 5000$) or if Gold just sees through this charade and just rises through the bear market. I still think that Gold (and possibly Gold Stocks) are the only assets worth holding over the next decade or so - it's only a matter of finding a decent entry point.
  • AE
    Alex E.
    6 February 2017 @ 02:41
    Mr. Williams, Mr. Williams, Mr. Williams...Why on earth would you soil yourself by running for any type of political position? I know your comment about running for President was made with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but seriously, You are too damned HONEST to be a politician!!!
  • ik
    ilija k.
    1 February 2017 @ 23:38
    Gold vs Cash pro and cons on both sides, who will win or will no one win?
  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    1 February 2017 @ 12:12
    Love hearing from Ergon. I often listen to his interviews on King World News. Thanks for getting him on.
  • JL
    Jinny L.
    30 January 2017 @ 00:03
    I don't know why this is the case but the date of the interview is available when using iOS app only to view RV but not when one views it through the internet. Hope this helps the subscribers.
  • JM
    James M.
    24 January 2017 @ 16:20
    It does start to feel like an echo chamber, but if its what people (who RV respect) think then I want to hear it and not force a balance by deliberately seeking only bears. At the moment RV has a lot trust and respect from me (and other customers I think), and I hope they stay firm and keep revenue from subs only and dont promote people or ideas for cash. I believe this to be the case. I also feel strongly you should re-introduce a filmed date guys, there is just no respectable reason not to from a subscribers point of view. I understand you are not looking to give real time commentary or advice but its an important piece of info to share with us. Maybe you can explain in the info why its published when it is etc, I think you will find your subscribers to be pretty understanding.
  • RM
    Richard M.
    23 January 2017 @ 15:56
    Milty, I've asked for this feature twice before already to no avail - Please post the date on which the video actually took place (you can see comments below from perturbed viewers as they didn't know how old the video was). You used to have this info on the "info" tab but when you changed to the new web page format you elected to take this information away from us. It helps us with perspective to know when it was filmed before actually viewing (so we don't think the interviewee is totally daft by making a comment that we know is obviously wrong (because the event hasn't actually taken place yet)). Thanks.
  • an
    adam n.
    23 January 2017 @ 02:11
    Gold&Bitcoin do the same thing :)
  • js
    jacob s.
    23 January 2017 @ 01:20
    Thanks for raising the audio.
  • js
    jacob s.
    23 January 2017 @ 01:20
    Thanks for raising the audio.
  • PN
    Philip N.
    23 January 2017 @ 00:19
    I think you both missed the big difference between government borrowers and ordinary people. Governments are free to take on debts and say the future generations will pay it, ordinary people cannot do this. If banks could force your children to pay your debts they would be happy to issue loans that put those children into servitude for their whole lives.
  • MA
    MarketStudent A.
    23 January 2017 @ 00:00
    Like the speaker. Comes off as very candid !
  • AP
    Adrian P.
    22 January 2017 @ 19:29
    You should bring someone to talk about the EU who's not British or has been based in the UK for so many years. I don't think the views on the other 27 countries are so gloomy with respect to the Union
  • TJ
    Terry J.
    22 January 2017 @ 15:33
    What a brilliant interview! Egon is an absolute sage and it is a shame every investor could not have access to his common sense insights and thoughtful observations crammed full of historical context. I doubt if many investors subsequently would fail to have physical gold as insurance right at the heart of their portfolios and sleep much better as a result! Grant was brilliant playing devil's advocate and teasing out every last morsel of wisdom from Egon. I especially liked their discussion on gold's volatility and the feasibility or otherwise of the US and other western economies being able to carry some of the unprecedented debt they have irresponsibly acquired since 1971 in perpetuity. Egon had all the rational answers which anyone not brainwashed by modern neo-Keynesian economics would agree with. Sadly Egon's views on Trump's hopeless task of making America great again due to the debt headwinds are likely to prove correct too, which of course makes having some physical gold even more important. A priceless interview for my money. Please bring Egon back soon. Thank you RV.
  • AD
    Arvydas D.
    22 January 2017 @ 13:33
  • NG
    Nicolas G.
    22 January 2017 @ 08:34
    Loved it! Thanks RV!! One question to RV viewers: do uou know if national banks debt is taken into account in country's national debt figure? I was wondering about Switzerland and SNB... Many thanks!
  • PS
    Peter S.
    22 January 2017 @ 08:16
    Nothing new. Long winded. No actionable ideas.
  • SS
    Steven S.
    22 January 2017 @ 04:02
    fellow REALVISION-peeps: This is a great video but too dated for me, so I'll just put this here, Egon's blog site and latest post on Gold :)
  • RI
    R I.
    22 January 2017 @ 03:12
    "The Italian referendum which will have happened before this ends." Please tell me this was misheard and this interview was not filmed before the Italian referendum.
  • PA
    Paul A.
    21 January 2017 @ 23:27
    On a 1 to 10 this one was an 11 in my book. Forgetting the lucid comments on gold, the side comments were so interesting, particularly those about Trump. This next 4 years may be far more exciting/depressing that any of us can imagine..!
  • NC
    Nic C.
    21 January 2017 @ 18:06
    David S - with regard to your point of concern re govt.s having to sell their gold holdings, were your concerns not allayed when it was pointed out that with annual gold prod.n of 2.5-3k annually aligned with inflation rise meaning that institutions will have to increase their gold holdings as a hedge - point being that in the greater scheme of things, if the SHTF the mkt should easily absorb that amount and not put anything more than a temporary hold on any gold rise
  • WM
    Will M.
    21 January 2017 @ 15:27
    Just excellent! Solid sound common sense with a long term vision and medium term warning. Grant said it well when he commented that he thought the EU would have bitten the dust 2 years ago. I thought the end game was going to occur 4 years ago and actually believed 2008 was the start on the final collapse. Boy was I wrong....... But because it hasn't all gone "tits up" I have been able to save more, squirrel precious metals away and enjoy life for yet another few years while slowly preparing for the financial chaos that approaches. The real problem now is the big pension promises that are not going to materialize for millions upon millions and the government response to that problem. I think that response could be huge windfall taxes on wealth and paper profits for gold holders!! Would be good to see RVT branch into that areas for advice or at least options.
  • SS
    Sam S.
    21 January 2017 @ 14:58
    Grant, I have to agree with a previous video comment (not this video) that letting the guest speaker finish their explanation will be advantageous to the viewer. I think you're fantastic but we do wish to hear out the guest. Details and ideas are everything to the narrative. I'm and will always be one of RV biggest fans. Respectively Yours.
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    21 January 2017 @ 13:47
    Gold is not an investment, it is an insurance. I 100% agree. Though the best insurance in case things get really south is a farm in the (best in the rocky) mountains (far away from big cities) that feeds you. When things are going really south everything else is an illusion: Gold, fiat money, etc.
  • AD
    Anton D.
    21 January 2017 @ 13:09
    ERIK T. I think Raoul P. talked about his path of emigration of London-Spain-CI (where RV is based) and his arguments for it are sprinkled here and there in RV archives. It's all age/wealth/family specific isn't it?
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    21 January 2017 @ 12:24
    He articulates the points well and I (generally) agree with what he is saying. As an Australian, I am concerned with the push to remove the A$100 note. But I am no conspiracy theorist (I hope nobody on here believes Neil Armstrong did not walk on the moon!). I see the FED, BoE, ECB, BoJ as bumbling incompetents, unable to even see the long term affects to their current policies and thus thoroughly incapable of such deep-thought-out plans. Rothschild said permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws! But then all the big banks nearly went out of business 8 years ago, so they're not apparently that competent either. So who is the "they"?
  • ET
    Erik T.
    21 January 2017 @ 09:24
    Watching this as a fellow Swede a question arise. Where to emigrate? Have been thinking of that for a while. I think it would be an interesting topic to see discussed on RealVision. What opportunities is there in the world for relocation?
  • TS
    Tim S.
    21 January 2017 @ 06:57
    Great interview. Really enjoyed his comments about the banking system and fiat currency over time. Also resonate with his libertarian views putting more power in the hands of people and having more localized trade deals. Helpful to understand that relationship. Resigned about cashless but would love to see a real money silver and gold alternative alongside digital currency. Once there is a reset and fiat (sdr, etc) is tied to this despised element I would argue having coin based exchanges would plausible. Hopefully balance privacy issues with full digital transparency for many purchases. Not going to buy a car with 6 pounds of gold -well, maybe I would actually but the choice would be nice.
  • GS
    Greg S.
    21 January 2017 @ 06:14
    I liked his observation that governments (with printing presses) will never have to pay back their debt, but they do have to service the debt. Picture $20 trillion in debt (we are almost there) at 5% interest. That ain't going to work.
  • CW
    Chad W.
    21 January 2017 @ 05:06
    Great Interview. Thx.
  • MS
    Matt S.
    21 January 2017 @ 00:34
    I think strong dollar, strong gold is exactly right too. I buy gold in £ - damn expensive!
  • DS
    David S.
    20 January 2017 @ 23:06
    Excellent interview. Desperate governments with large gold holdings are one of my few concern for the future price of gold. In the US the government's gold is held by the Treasury Department who reports directly to the President. When the US and/or other countries have to come up with money to pay current debts and the cost of bonds gets way too high, will they sell gold to raise cash - as corporations and individuals would? As of 9/16 the top 40 "countries" own 31+ tonnes of gold. The US owns over 8+ tonnes of gold itself. When President Trump needs money will he sell gold "since we are no longer on the gold standard"? DLS
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    20 January 2017 @ 21:18
    Makes me want to add to my position. This conversation is chock full of common sense. As much as I would like to argue with the message I can't find a reasonable point to base an argument on. Those wh
  • SB
    Sam B.
    20 January 2017 @ 19:36
    Props on a sober assessment of Trump. Great interview.