History of the Gold Standard

Published on
May 30th, 2019
10 minutes

History of the Gold Standard

Gold ·
Featuring Grant Williams

Published on: May 30th, 2019 • Duration: 10 minutes

Real Vision co-founder Grant Williams and a host of experts walk through the history of the gold standard and the potential for a return to gold-backed currencies. After its "temporary" suspension by President Nixon in 1971, many people thought gold as money would go away, but its value has endured. This video is excerpted from a piece published on Real Vision on January 26, 2018 entitled "Gold: The Story of Man's 6000 Year Obsession - Episode 1."



  • MZ
    Mike Z.
    17 June 2019 @ 01:31
    I agree Jim, why are these snippets produced? More content is not a substitute for quality. It really is sad RV has to put them up.
  • JS
    Jim S.
    30 May 2019 @ 14:54
    It would be nice if the 'Episodes' list could be filtered so these snippets from previous episodes don't show up.
    • PS
      Peter S.
      3 June 2019 @ 05:21
      More filtering and sorting mechanisms would be helpful in general.