The Challenges to Gold Exploration and Extraction

Published on
June 20th, 2019
8 minutes

The Challenges to Gold Exploration and Extraction

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Featuring Grant Williams and Ross Beaty

Published on: June 20th, 2019 • Duration: 8 minutes

Surviving "hot" jurisdictions, diseases like malaria, and disastrous helicopter crashes are just part of why being in gold mining and exploration is so difficult. Grant Williams talks to Ross Beaty and a host of other mining experts to better understand the challenges gold miners face finding, mining, and refining the yellow metal. This video is excerpted from a piece published on Real Vision on January 26, 2018 entitled "Gold: The Story of Man's 6000 Year Obsession - Episode 1."



  • CM
    C M.
    10 August 2019 @ 16:07
    Just waited a bunch of these segments with Ross Beaty. Many of them were published in 2019 and not sure how I missed them. Jim Grant came out in strong support of PAAS this week and it had me researching these clips.
  • JL
    J L.
    21 June 2019 @ 00:31
    good old Ross never disappoints
  • CS
    C S.
    20 June 2019 @ 13:26
    Enjoyed that. Geology. Great stuff. Thanks.