Grant Williams in Conversation with Leon G. Cooperman

Published on
December 14th, 2018
75 minutes

Grant Williams in Conversation with Leon G. Cooperman

Grant Williams ·
Featuring Leon G. Cooperman

Published on: December 14th, 2018 • Duration: 75 minutes

Grant travels to Boca Raton to the home of Leon G. Cooperman, chairman and CEO of Omega Advisors. The two discuss the character traits which form the building blocks of Leon's legendary career, his experiences at Goldman Sachs and Omega Advisors, along with his well-publicized run-in with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Leon explains his decision to return his investors' money and concentrate on his own family office, and outlines his views on the importance of philanthropy – both for him and future generations of the Cooperman family. Filmed on November 7, 2018 in Boca Raton, Florida.


  • UJ
    Ulf J.
    14 October 2019 @ 07:26
    I like your Interviews Grant, I am amazed that people forget that Cuba has had sanctions against them since the 50s I guess Singapore had not done so well if the Western countries sanctioned Singapore. That said Cuba would be in better shape without communism.
  • CG
    Chuck G.
    21 December 2018 @ 20:53
    I found him to be falsely modest and condescending re the SEC. I'd like to hear the real story there...
    • dm
      david m.
      27 June 2019 @ 17:04
      Insider trading.
  • CH
    Chris H.
    14 February 2019 @ 02:09
    Wonderful Grant, Thanks.
  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    28 January 2019 @ 00:20
    Absolutely brilliant interview. What an amazing man. Someone prepared to work hard and hold onto his morals. I love his principals and his wisdom. Love that he can speak his mind and sorry to hear the outcome.
  • PB
    27 January 2019 @ 22:12
    A great example of an out-of-touch billionaire elite. No wisdom in this interview, really. Looter. No thought leadership on how the elite plan to help create a future that makes the world a better place...oh, philanthropy, that's it...I forgot. This interview is angering.
  • KS
    Kathleen S.
    14 December 2018 @ 22:16
    "Economic history is a never-ending series of episodes based on falsehoods and lies, not truths. It represents the path to big money. The object is to recognize the trend whose premise is false, ride that trend, and step off before it is discredited." WOW, I love this quote by George Soros because it is so true. I listen to the interview with Mr. Cooperman and he seems to be very concerned at where our nation is heading - which is good, because I am also very concerned about the direction our country is taking; and just like him I worry about socialism. Socialism does not come out of nowhere - it tends to rear it's ugly head when an economic system is rewarding the minority at the expense of the majority, and this bring me back to the Soros quote -- Mr. Cooperman never acknowledges the economic falsehoods that have allowed him and his billionaire friends to run away with all the rewards. To get this country on the right path and turn it away from socialism, there needs to be a honest conversation on what went wrong and how we got here. So, what are the economic falsehoods? First, that we have capitalism in this country; that is a LIE - we don't and haven't had capitalism for decades. The 2008 bank bail outs and the last ten years of "free money" in the form of low interest rates for the select few should have dispelled any delusions of capitalism. Sure, capitalism exists for the small business and middle class, but not for the Davos Crowd they have socialism. The second great falsehood is our monetary system and the financialization of the economy (aka debt fueled Ponzi Scheme) which has turned a once industrialized nation of hard working people who could take care of themselves into two classes: a class which lives off government hand outs and a class of debt slaves. Oh, but how could I forget the third class - the billionaire class- the financial and corporate elite who have captured both the democratic and republican party and who have used their money fueled influence to legalize plunder - to rig a system where only they and those closest to them get to succeed. Frederic Bastiat said it 150 years ago - The question of legal plunder can only be settled in three ways: 1. The few plunder the many (what has been going on for the last 40 years) 2. Everybody plunders everyone else (socialism) or 3. Nobody Plunders anybody. The billionaire class needs to be held accountable for what their legalized plunder has done to our great country. You can't continuously rig a system in your favor and not expect the masses to eventually come for you with pitch forks. The system we now have in place is so unfair and offers so few opportunities that it shouldn't be a surprise that the millennials want socialism - it is the only way they see themselves getting ahead. I just hope that people like your Mr. Cooperman's friend Thomas Peterffy, who has experienced the horrors of socialism, can convince the billionaire class to put their greed aside and help us bring back the RULE OF LAW and do what needs to be done to get this country moving in a direction that offers opportunities for everyone who is willing to work hard.
    • ab
      aaron b.
      15 December 2018 @ 02:58
      This idea that America is a beacon of prosperity is just more exceptionalism/delusion. If one is looking for social/economic mobility, there are numerous countries you are more likely to find it.
    • DS
      David S.
      15 December 2018 @ 07:38
      Kathleen S. - Some human beings always have and always will plunder other human beings. Some human beings always have and always will help other human beings. You are correct that the rule of law can help mitigate the harm caused by people who plunder. The rule of law, however, requires a strong majority of citizens to either fear the state or respect the community. Be it Mother Theresa, average folks or billionaires, we always need to applaud anyone who helps other human beings. Let’s encourage others to respect and give, not denigrate those who are already giving. Let’s show our spirit by giving and helping worthy charities over the Holidays and throughout the year. Sorry about how to change the current American kleptocracy. It is way above my pay grade. DLS
    • JD
      John D.
      15 December 2018 @ 10:12
      Well sad Kathleen ,,,
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      15 December 2018 @ 14:48
      The term American Exceptionalism is nothing but propaganda to justify empire building by the ruling corporate and banking elite, what actually makes the United States exceptional is its constitution and it's bill of rights which guarantees the rights of the individual (I do not know of another country that has this). Each of us has the right by God to defend his life, liberty, and property; thus these rights to not exist by government decree or mob rule, on the contray it is the fact that they existed first that man made laws to defend them. I believe in charity when it is given freely as it was meant to be given; I do not approve of charity that involves tax exemptions and other legalize entitlements the rich use to avoid paying taxes while still maintaining control of their vast amounts of wealth (more signs of a rigged system and legal plunder). FYI maybe if we had a real economy instead of racket economy there would be less people needing charity in the first place. The problems that lay before us are very complex and fallacies need to be exposed. The Law is an AMAZING book/pamphlet (only 75 pages long), I believe it should be required reading for every high school student.
    • AA
      Alberto A.
      15 December 2018 @ 15:06
      Indeed this is not a perfect country or system. But it is the best one I know so far. It can be better, of course. It has changed over the years, of course. But having being born and lived my teenage years in a true socialist country and seeing the destruction it brings, forcing young generations to leave and find opportunities in other countries without their families is simply insane and not human. No one in the USA can really understand what is socialism if you have not lived throughout it. The USA, with all its faults, is the best system in the world. Yes, we need to create more opportunities and have a better balance. Yes, we need more enforcement in the rule of law and overlook the privilege class that by nature becomes too greedy forgetting real values (not all). Yes, we need to call out the hypocrisy of both Democrats and Republicans working and ruling for themselves without noticing the water is getting to a boiling point with future severe consequences. But we need to recognised that we live in the best country in the world, safe versus other countries, full of opportunities to make your dreams a reality and having social upward mobility while leaving a legacy and generating more opportunities for the next generations. I don't know which other country provides so many opportunities as the USA. I know is not perfect but everyone can still have a voice and make an impact. Again, focusing on creating more opportunities for the young and upcoming generations. We need to protect our capitalist system. Some people criticised Grant for certain aspects of his interviews not being constructive which I find it to be unfair. Oh! but I forgot, we live in a free country and everyone has the right to express an opinion without consequences and we can debate, marvelous! Great thoughts Kathleen; I love when someone makes everyone else think!
    • TS
      Timothy S.
      15 December 2018 @ 17:06
      When someone like Kathleen makes an interesting long form comment , they are handicapped by their inability to format by paragraph. This was once available but was disabled to the frustration of the reader.
    • dm
      dude m.
      16 December 2018 @ 01:37
      Nice thoughts, but name a period in US History where your views were practised, economically.
    • DY
      Dmytro Y.
      16 December 2018 @ 12:58
      Kathleen, give us a better alternative. For full disclosure I was born in USSR. Don’t tell me about socialism please . :))
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      16 December 2018 @ 18:07
      Dmytro, Wow that is a tall order - here are a few suggestions to start: 1. Have everyone read Bastiat's "The Law". Law created to protect man's natural rights, not to legalize plunder. 2. End Central Banking. 3. Make fractional reserve banking illegal. . 4. Make gold or bitcoin world reserve currency. 5. Have banks be what they were suppose to be a utility and not what they have been allowed to become a predatory parasite. Banks need to lend into industry and not into asset inflation. We need an equity based economy not a debt based one. Flip the type of capitalism we have now on it's head - earn money by lending into organic growth not through compounding interest, which ultimately ends in debt feudalism for the masses. 6. Prosecute Wall Street/Banks and put guilty, starting with CEO's, in jail . 7. Use block chain technology to decentralize systems and offer greater transparency in all areas where beneficiary. FYI, full disclosure, I am a middle class American and I am being crushed by socialism on both sides and this is why my class is struggling to survive.
    • HJ
      Harry J.
      16 December 2018 @ 18:10
      If you think that is true go there and give it a try.
    • MP
      Matthew P.
      17 December 2018 @ 09:13
      Kathleen these 7 suggestions are nonsense, if we implemented your suggestions immediately it would literally DESTROY the entire world economy overnight. Although it does sound good on a college ethics paper or cnn speech and that's the problem; you are the most liked comment on this page regurgitating biased media "have not" arguments. Educate yourself on the quantitative mechanics of what you suggest if you want an explanation. You like to read, recommend you read about Leninism in the early 1900s(specifically the reforms of 1917-1918), the term "useful idiots" and reflect on your perspective. History rhymes.
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      17 December 2018 @ 15:33
      LOL!! The useful idiots are those in academia and the financial media whose job it is to control the narrative to make sure the truth about our fake markets is kept from the general public. Negative interest rates???? Healthy markets can take stress - ours can't and without the constant infusion of free money they fall down. Since the 08' crisis, Central Banks world wide have intervened and have not allowed markets to clear, and just like when humans intervene and do not allow forrest fires to happen - ultimately you end up with eco-systems that are infinitely more fragile and exceedingly more dangerous because of how large they have been allowed to grow. No doubt, my suggestions would blow the system up, but make no mistake this system will blow - it is just a matter of when and as far as I am concerned the sooner the better. There will be pain and destruction, but without it there can be no real recovery or organic growth. Matthew, if you think me a "useful idiot" - englighten me with some suggestions, tell me how one goes about tapering a ponzi scheme? Maybe you can some likes too -
    • MP
      Matthew P.
      18 December 2018 @ 02:58
      Sorry I didn’t mean to come across as rude. Luckily, someone has already done most of the work explaining for us. Try its completely free and explains much about market cycle you are worried on.
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      18 December 2018 @ 03:39
      Do you realize who is giving the praises for this book you linked me to??? Larry Summers, Hank Paulson, Tim Geitherner, Ben Bernacke -- these are the architects of the bank bail out, who think the way to solve a debt problem is with more debt. You can think what you want, but you need to do a bit more research on exactly who these people are and what they represent. FYI - Larry Summers was involved in not preventing regulation on the derivatives market - he went to battle with Brooksley Borne who warned of a major financial crash. Borne was over ruled by Congress, but she was proven right and in 1998 Long Term Capital Management which specialized in derivatives blew up. The blow up was so big it threatened to take down global markets - Summers had to orchestrated a bankers bail out of LTCM. Anything that the likes of Summers, Paulson, Geithner or Bernacke is selling I am not buying - they are LIARS.
    • MP
      Matthew P.
      18 December 2018 @ 06:45
      I hope that you can look at facts and research to have an outspoken opinion. Que yuri bezmenov interview 1984
    • KS
      Kathleen S.
      18 December 2018 @ 19:17
      Good Luck
    • EF
      Eric F.
      19 December 2018 @ 08:44
      Have to side with Kathleen here Matthew. Your arguments are pretty shallow. What Kathleen says may not be palatable, but it is unfortunately true.
    • WM
      Will M.
      20 December 2018 @ 16:52
      Yes, Kathleen I sometimes find your comments annoying, yet when I read them carefully I find myself agreeing with most of what you say. I think in theory your 7 points sound good, especially points 5 and 6. I am sympathetic to points 2 and 4 although there are some issues with achieving these goals. Unfortunately point 3 on ending fractional reserve banking would collapse the economy to zero at a stroke. I think there is a middle way which could be introduced gradually here, to at least substantially raise the fractional rates. I see only chaos ahead and socialism will undoubtedly raise its ugly head once more. The Millennials seem more inclined to it as they have not experienced the 60s and 70s (especially for those of us from the UK) but the post millennial generation (sometimes referred to probably derisively as the Snowflakes) will likely swing hard left in the 2020s. The middle class is almost certainly doomed as opportunities for professional technical trades and product line manufacturing fades. The social welfare net will bankrupt the nation if not curtailed, but baby boomers will react negatively to reductions in medical and social security, even though these things must follow. As a voracious reader of both political / national history and financial history I am convinced a larger war is coming, perhaps a different war from those of the 20th century, but a destructive one nonetheless. I will be retiring within just a few years and am worried sick about whats coming, even though I can adjust much my personal wealth to avoid major losses. We shall see all to soon.
    • TJ
      Terry J.
      25 January 2019 @ 17:26
      Brilliantly said Kathleen. I am not familiar with Bastiat's book of Law but will now read it. What I have read over the past couple of decades however are books such as "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and "World without cancer", both by G Edward Griffin, which brilliantly document the history of how a few elite banking, oil and industrialist families from the United States, and Europe highjacked American democracy and took control of economies all over the world to pilfer for their own gain, through various dirty tricks such as tricking Congress into allowing the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve in 1913, gaining control of both state education (to ensure most citizens never got properly educated and so could not be a threat), and the health industry in the US, as well as creating clandestine organisations such as the Bilderberg Group to control easily bought puppet politicians from all over the globe. In addition they ensured Latin American countries and umpteen other nations like Afghanistan could never be allowed to develop economically but instead serve as nurseries for their highly profitable illegal drug operations. The truth is readily available for anyone seeking it, but these evil elite know that Lincoln was sadly wrong with his famous statement about the electorate and that you can fool sufficiently large numbers of the people all of the time.
  • RK
    Roger K.
    29 December 2018 @ 15:06
    Very sharp mind even at his age
  • JM
    Jason M.
    17 December 2018 @ 04:12
    Druck was so much better.
    • AG
      Adam G.
      17 December 2018 @ 04:25
      Yes, Lee didn't really share anything...
    • SD
      Stephen D. | Contributor
      28 December 2018 @ 03:35
      I'd have to agree with Jason but teasing out the way great investors think and act is incredibly difficukt to articulate. Stan Druckenmiller is a rare man in that he's not just an outstanding investor but has an uncanny ability to articulate his process clearly and simply. In my experience those two skills are extremely rare. Grant has a great ability to tease out these ideas when modest men are inclinmed to shrug and say "luck and hard work" which isn't very enlightening. What a great series RV!
  • JY
    James Y.
    20 December 2018 @ 18:26
    Honestly, listening to this I swear I had watched it before and couldn’t quite place it. Then realised Leon did and interview on the Masters in Business podcast for Bloomberg. I have given the video a thumbs down because it hasn’t really told me anything new, and it felt more like a biography piece as opposed to getting an insight into a great investors thought process. There have been some truly great interviews in this series’s but with respect, this isn’t one of them.
  • SB
    Sean B.
    19 December 2018 @ 13:22
    Grant and Leon, thank you. Grant, please keep this series going! To me it’s the most impactful series on RV.
    • BC
      Burton C.
      20 December 2018 @ 06:40
      I totally agree. this is the best part of Real TV
  • BC
    Burton C.
    20 December 2018 @ 06:39
    For the 69 thumbs down voters I have to ask what could you be possibly thinking? This was such a great interview.
  • MW
    Myron W.
    15 December 2018 @ 18:24
    Bravo, Grant, for the series. Can't wait to see what's next. Regarding this interview, It reinforced the mixed opinion I already had of Cooperman. On the positive side: hard-working, successful, conscientious, pro-Capitalism, philanthropic. On the negative: pro-crony-Capitalism, praising the Bernanke/Wall Street cabal as the solution rather than the cause of the problem, conspicuous philanthropy rather than quiet giving, etc. I guess it proves once again that we all have good and bad in us. Not my place to judge him ultimately. Thanks to both Grant and Cooperman for the interview.
    • my
      markettaker y.
      17 December 2018 @ 03:05
      Spot on. Same mixed feelings.
    • JS
      Jason S.
      19 December 2018 @ 15:42
      I don't really understand how some people think that Bernanke didn't save the world. His QE idea was genius, given what happened during the Great Depression where there was no govt support. I thoroughly agree with that decision. The issue was the Fed extended QE for far too long and didn't raise interest rates quick enough. That said, Cooperman is correct alongside Armstrong that govt is the issue and the next crisis will be on the public side. I don't see any risk of a stock market crash at this time either; where's the immanent crisis?
  • dd
    david d.
    15 December 2018 @ 08:59
    "He made a billion bucks from nothing" Not from nothing, from the clients and insider trading. You guys just don't get their business plan, they are not wealth creators. This interview was meant for people who want to believe in fairy tales. They did not talk about the markets. I dont want to know about the life of some career guy who knows nothing about the markets and a lot about how to take advantage of the system. Or maybe I do. Except they will never talk about that.
    • my
      markettaker y.
      17 December 2018 @ 03:05
      Elaborate please!
    • EF
      Eric F.
      19 December 2018 @ 08:35
      That’s a healthy attitude. Not.
  • CA
    Craig A.
    17 December 2018 @ 06:19
    Rather have an interview that tries to look forward/looks at the present. This interview is all about him, which really doesn't interest me at all. I come here to learn about the markets and not about him. Quite boring, felt like i had to skip a bunch of parts because its wasn't insightful at all.
    • HS
      Hendrik S.
      17 December 2018 @ 12:48
      So true, it felt like The Great Leon Cooperman Show. Maybe one or two insights, but this did not compensate for the bad after taste of narcisme. No comparison to real and authentic people like Druckenmiller, W. White, A. Deden, F. Zulauf etc.
    • NA
      N A.
      18 December 2018 @ 06:19
      Well like he analysis management through what they say to understand a stock so should you based on what he says and doesn’t say. Osmosis. Thank you RV for this great interview.
    • EF
      Eric F.
      19 December 2018 @ 08:31
      Criticism feels harsh, unwarranted. Can’t say I learned as much as from other interviews, but that is the way it goes.
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    19 December 2018 @ 04:07
    I really enjoyed this conversation! Thanks a lot!
  • DS
    David S.
    18 December 2018 @ 19:17
    Thank you Grant and all the RVTV staff for all your efforts to bring these conversations to us. Since you, Raoul, the RVTV team and persons interviewed know more about what is important in finance, I encourage RVTV to continue to plot its own course for all our benefit. The ratings and comments are interesting feedback as to the understanding and positions of some subscribers but should not be a determining factor in how you run your business. Happy New Year to all. DLS
  • MK
    Mads K.
    18 December 2018 @ 18:42
    Just brilliant!
  • AL
    Andrew L.
    17 December 2018 @ 21:35
    Suggestion for RV: Would it be possible to create a messaging system within RV for subscribers. If subscribers wanted to take a conversation off line, would seems like a big benefit rather than having to share personal email address within a public forum. Just a thought.
  • dm
    dan m.
    17 December 2018 @ 18:47
    Obama and his gangster govt. was a sad episode.
  • gr
    guy r.
    17 December 2018 @ 13:06
    Thoroughly enjoyed the series and would welcome the next one. Top notch and an anchor to the real vision brand in my view.
  • MB
    Matthias B.
    17 December 2018 @ 11:25
    hi Grant and RV team, this was a great series. Although this latest interview did not reveal the same quality as eg Tony Deden, M Cohodes and/or Felix Zulauf, the format and your interviewing / discussion skills are top notch. I hope that you will continue the format in 2019. As for this particular interview, I found there were too many inconsistencies in LC's argumentation about the markets, especially when thinking him to be a value investor. Or maybe he is fully aware that in order to beat a benchmark or simply making money in the current set up, one cannot be fundamentally consistent but has to bend or being "mentally flexible". This mental flexibility to adapt to the changing market narrative, whether right or wrong is a massive skill which I admire and is probably best exemplified by Mr. S. Druckenmiller. Anyway, wish you guys a very festive season and look forward to great content in 2019.
  • SW
    Scott W.
    16 December 2018 @ 16:07
    So now Grant we're renting Mercs instead of Kias? 2018 was good, yes? ;)
    • JV
      Jens V.
      17 December 2018 @ 11:22
      Maybe next year he can afford to rent a Tesla :)
  • CL
    Charl L.
    17 December 2018 @ 11:01
    Fantastic series Grant. Insightful to see how almost all of the guests recognise the element of luck involved. Can’t wait for the second season.
  • NR
    Nuno R.
    17 December 2018 @ 10:08
    Class act!
  • PT
    Patrick T.
    17 December 2018 @ 04:29
    Cuba cannot be compared to the United States. Cuba can be compared to the Dominican Republic or Honduras. .
  • AG
    Adam G.
    17 December 2018 @ 04:26
    I actually met Omega's IR team 5 years ago and walked out of the meeting.
  • RP
    Ryan P.
    17 December 2018 @ 02:49
    LC is one of the most humble people in the business. Fantastic interview. If your looking for trades or insights on where markets are going , stop and think about why your actually here. Sometimes it’s not about “the trade” but about the character and makeup it takes to actually make it in this business.
  • AG
    Adam G.
    16 December 2018 @ 23:59
    Truly, not impressed with Lee’s insights. Seems like a megalomaniac, actually not even one GM of an insight in this interview
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    16 December 2018 @ 17:57
    As usual a great interview. After listening to this I think I have and did the other factors so I’m left with the wish for better luck and maybe intuition. Thank you Grant and RVTV
  • VS
    Victor S. | Contributor
    16 December 2018 @ 13:47
    I know Lee and was almost his partner... great interview and it should be said that Lee’s honesty ,character ,and integrity were also the hallmark of his success,which is why the SEC persecution is so wrong! No one in Wall St is less likely to do anything wrong? But as we öften debated govt -it is not a benefactor to “the people” as i suggested, but much more the “black hand” (Mano Nera ) of a criminal enterprise known for extortion.
  • DY
    Dmytro Y.
    16 December 2018 @ 12:55
    Great. Thanks !
  • MS
    Matt S.
    16 December 2018 @ 09:29
    The socialist youth he is referring too are the Millennials - however, the newer generation, Gen Z or the "Zoomers" are decidedly conservative in their outlook... more than most people seem to realize.
  • SS
    S S.
    14 December 2018 @ 14:23
    Is this the final episode ever? I pray it isn't because this has probably been the best series on RV this year. Grant is The G.O.A.T!
    • SS
      S S.
      14 December 2018 @ 14:25
      My favourite episode of the year was with Hugh Hendry
    • M.
      Milton .. | Founder
      14 December 2018 @ 17:44
      It's been an amazing ride and there's so much more coming up in a new series we're currently cooking up. As always, watch this space!
    • SF
      Simon F.
      16 December 2018 @ 09:09
      A remarkable series by Grant, and the summary at the end was a great reminder of the insights we all gained over the year. Those last minutes bought home to me that by far the best compass to guide us through this mess and to a sounder fairer future was Tony Deden.
  • JB
    Jack B.
    15 December 2018 @ 23:12
    What a great series of interviews! Thanks Grant
  • NS
    Nico S.
    15 December 2018 @ 22:52
    What I’m learning through these wonderful interview is that the powers/idols of wall street actually do have hearts and understand their obligation. It’s wonderful to hear of their giving thought process and that ‘a man is not made of what he makes, but of what he gives’. Keep it up guys!
  • LP
    Lynn P.
    15 December 2018 @ 22:46
    Thank you Grant for a remarkable year of interviews. As a founding "member" (if that's the correct term) of RealVision, my expectations have been succeeded. Looking forward to 2019, hopefully with useful ideas as to how to protect my portfolio, though holding a large allocation of cash will likely continue to be what I choose to do. Fooled in 2008, I won't be fooled again.
  • SH
    Stefan H.
    15 December 2018 @ 19:45
    Good interview, but would have been interesting to hear his view on the market and specific investment ideas for 2019.
  • KF
    Kenneth F.
    15 December 2018 @ 15:42
    Could not see the Euphoria? Trump Ramp wasn’t Euphoric? Bitcoin IPOs FANGs. Only a blind man can see
  • MH
    Marco H.
    15 December 2018 @ 14:59
    I have feared this moment when this series of interviews would end. Although I have favored others over this one also this stands out as a part where thinking, being quiet, is as much part of the interview as the talking bit. How to reflect and hone your line of thinking is what can be regarded as a central theme for me. Apparently there are next exiting plans for the future. If I may: please keep away from the fast lane, with people just promoting themselves but leave also room for the philosophical part of life.
  • DT
    Dennie T.
    15 December 2018 @ 14:22
    Thank you for the great interview. I appreciate the wisdom these old timers share in this series.
  • AA
    Alberto A.
    15 December 2018 @ 14:19
    Grant thank you for all these conversations. You have given us jewels of insights throughout this series and made us think in different ways about investing, how the world works behind the scenes, advice from a diverse pool of investors, and in general values which are missing and long overdue as you mention. I hope you continue in 2019 bringing so much insights that we cant get anywhere else. Amazing year! Thanks
  • dd
    david d.
    15 December 2018 @ 12:46
    Hey Grant, you left the inside trading out of the interview.
  • AH
    Andreas H.
    15 December 2018 @ 12:13
    Love it!
  • IC
    Ibrahim C.
    15 December 2018 @ 10:22
    Impeccable interviews and lots to learn from distinguished chamber of individuals. As Napoleon Hill indicated that you need to know your Masterminds when the going is hard and what else can be missing! Grant has all given us. Thanks a lot 👌🏻👏🏻
  • BT
    Brian T.
    15 December 2018 @ 09:12
    Grant - absolutely awesome! Great close!
  • JQ
    Joseph Q.
    15 December 2018 @ 06:15
    Grant! Wow, what a interview to finish up on this year. Leon is the best! Leon epitomizes success. He made a billion bucks from nothing. But the big thing is he did it through a lot of hard work and giving back! I just wish your interview was 5 hours so much knowledge from him. Frankly these interviews are why I subscribe to real vision. Just awesome!
  • RI
    R I.
    15 December 2018 @ 05:36
    Simply superb episode and series. Period.
  • je
    james e.
    14 December 2018 @ 22:48
    To say "Grant Williams interview" and "excellent" is redundant. Just outstanding. I hope a new Grant series is coming in 2019. I like to look for common themes among the interviewees. The common theme about them is clearly their character - ethical; hard-working; integrity to their values, investment processes and their investors. Same integrity Grant has with his interviewees and to his viewers. RVTV = real value to viewers! Thanks Grant and Raoul.
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    14 December 2018 @ 21:56
    ...polar opposite. The comment about us being in a capitalist global framework is completely wrong. More like a crony capitalist and oligopolistic system. Thanks again Grant!
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    14 December 2018 @ 21:54
    Fantastic series - Grant did an excellent job, and very diplomatic and thoughtful as always...BUT I was disappointed with the content of this interview. The Tony Deden interview is perhaps the polar o
  • DS
    David S.
    14 December 2018 @ 21:37
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