Vietnam – Opportunities in the Land of Ascending Dragon

Published on
November 18th, 2016
28 minutes

Vietnam – Opportunities in the Land of Ascending Dragon

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Featuring Desmond Sheehy

Published on: November 18th, 2016 • Duration: 28 minutes

Desmond Sheehy from Duxton Asset Management manages the Vietnam Phoenix Fund and has dedicated the later part of his career to exploring opportunities in the land of the ascending dragon. Vietnam has been feted recently by a number of Asia analysts as a key destination for emerging market capital and Desmond takes Real Vision on a grand tour of the incredible progress over the last two decades as international investors have played a greater role.


  • SC
    Shane C.
    25 January 2017 @ 16:48
    I believe deeply in Vietnam. I just worry about US protection for the country down there. Forget Taiwan, focus on South Korea and Vietnam.
  • MS
    Matt S.
    22 January 2017 @ 00:35
    interesting.... i'm going to move to vietnam soon - maybe I'll get a good feel for it by being on the ground.
  • sp
    shashwat p.
    5 December 2016 @ 09:00
    As somebody who looks actively at Vietnam, there are way more exciting opportunities than Vinamilk. Vinamilk is stuck in the same vortex of excessively valued consumer stocks in asia, the world and especially India. The investors seem to be out of ideas at this time.
  • FB
    Frank B.
    27 November 2016 @ 04:18
    Thank you for this great interview. Also I would like to throw out there a Xmas wish for a conversation about investing in Myanmar.
  • GB
    Grant B.
    24 November 2016 @ 17:54
    One of the better interviews in recent weeks IMO. Good insights and perspective. Vietnam is definitely watch list material. Hopefully as EM outflows subside there will be an opportunity. Simon Ogus and Jim Walker also Vietnam fans.
  • MD
    Mark D.
    23 November 2016 @ 23:17
    Is there a minimum investment in this fund?
  • GC
    Gary C.
    21 November 2016 @ 16:52
    Quite actionable discussion.....oh, wasnt that a bottle of a Walla Walla Merlot on the second shelf..
  • ww
    will w.
    21 November 2016 @ 03:29
    Good to see people who are working in these under-appreciated places on RV! I wonder what Duxton’s results have been like? I bet they’re pretty good, especially given their favorable entry point. I‘ve been very happy with the modest amounts I have placed with another apparently similar group (but based in H-K): Asia Frontier Capital. AFC have a VN-only fund as well as their namesake broader SE Asia fund (which also has VN exposure). It might be fun to have the AFC people on RV sometime. And continuing with Raoul’s ‘Monsoon’ theme, I wonder who (if anyone) is yet working much in Myanmar and Sri Lanka? (I think AFC have had a slight exposure to Sri Lanka, but last I knew, had nothing yet in Myanmar.)
  • DR
    Daniel R.
    20 November 2016 @ 21:37
    I enjoy these deep dives. Even though I'm not looking to put capital to work in Vietnam it's still useful to get an insider's perspective. Would have liked another 30 minutes to learn even more.