An Academic’s Financial Awakening

Published on
August 5th, 2019
8 minutes

An Academic’s Financial Awakening

How I Got My Start in Finance ·
Featuring David Collum

Published on: August 5th, 2019 • Duration: 8 minutes

Dave Collum, professor of chemistry and chemical biology at Cornell University, joins Tony Greer of the Morning Navigator to explain how he became so interested in financial markets. Collum talks about his perspective as an academic, and touches on the success that’s he's had investing as an outsider. Filmed on July 25, 2019 in New York.



  • TS
    Tim S.
    21 December 2019 @ 23:48
    More Dave, please......and where are the missing minutes? Is it a conspiracy?
  • MD
    Michael D.
    29 August 2019 @ 04:01
    Dave is one of the most entertaining commentators to track. His bullshit detector his well primed and he communicates in such a candid and straightforward way that makes his message so accessible. He can be controversial but in a way that is useful and thought provoking. This interview was interesting but irrelevant. His many podcast conversations with Chris Irons (Quoth the Raven) are better examples of the depth of Dave's thinking and RV would do well to tap into both Dave and Chris for their non-conformist points of view.
  • CC
    Casey C.
    13 August 2019 @ 18:36
    Wow. Kudos for having Dave Collum on, but this interview seemed entirely inadequate. Dave needs way more time than this and the viewers deserve it. Not sure what the goal of the piece was, but pretty sure it wasn't met. We're no wiser from the bit than we were before. Please have Dave back on and do it correctly. Don't mean to sound harsh, but man. This one wasn't characteristic of RV.
  • TQ
    Tech Q.
    8 August 2019 @ 18:25
    If you really want to enjoy Dave? Follow him on twitter. His tweets are classic. He bashes, lashes and makes you laugh. Great guy. Thanks for the short info on him.
  • HK
    H K.
    8 August 2019 @ 14:04
    why so short?!
  • BK
    Bruce K.
    7 August 2019 @ 22:41
    Was that a trailer for the actual interview? WTF ...
  • CB
    Clifford B.
    6 August 2019 @ 22:45
    loved this because he was not a hardcore finance guy.
  • JM
    John M.
    6 August 2019 @ 20:26
    This could have been a bit longer! He seems to have successfully navigated several bull markets in bonds, technology, energy & gold over several decades. I wonder what research he did to map out his strategy. The timing of his investments was very good. Why did he buy gold in 1999 when it was absolutely hated (after declining or going nowhere for 18 prior years). Dave is an amazing investor, definitely an outlier!
  • AW
    Austin W.
    6 August 2019 @ 14:29
    8 minutes huh...
  • BB
    Bojo B.
    5 August 2019 @ 20:22
    Wow, this was really disappointing. 8 minutes. Collum’s annual New Year’s interviews with Chris Martenson are always some of top conversations of the year. He is a great shit detector. As a general comment, I am a huge fan of RV, which is very diverse in the financial area, but would generally not give a platform to someone more controversial politically, like Collum. I totally understand why not, but I believe that in the current economic system the element of lies and crime is a huge elephant in the room, which explains a lot, also (partially) how this house of cards is still standing… things like Exchange stabilization fund, or the 21 trillion dollars missing from the Department of Defense and Housing Department, that Catherine Austin Fitts and professor Skidmore have demonstrated.
  • WB
    William B.
    5 August 2019 @ 20:00
    8 minutes??? Now I KNOW it was a rip-roaring great interview. Sad we might never actually get to see it. Was really looking forward it.
  • RM
    Richard M.
    5 August 2019 @ 13:31
    8 minutes??? Really? How much stuff got left on the cutting room floor? This could have been a MUCH longer interview and I think people would have really enjoyed it. Dave is a very unusual guy and has a lot to say (admittedly some of it can be controversial). And Tony would have been a great one to have pulled some of that out of him. Wasted opportunity I fear.
    • ID
      Igor D.
      5 August 2019 @ 14:39
      Agree. This guy is easily an hour plus interview.
    • EW
      Evan W.
      5 August 2019 @ 14:46
      He's done about 6 hours worth of interview on the Quoth the Raven Podcast in the last month.