Jay Pelosky: “The Higher You Go, The Tougher It Gets”

Published on
September 1st, 2020
60 minutes

Charlie McElligott – Macro’s Seasonal Shifts and the Volatility Compression Slingshot

Jay Pelosky: “The Higher You Go, The Tougher It Gets”

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Featuring Jay Pelosky

Published on: September 1st, 2020 • Duration: 60 minutes

What can investors do when the easy money has already been made? Managing editor, Ed Harrison, explores this question and more with Jay Pelosky, chief investment officer and co-founder of TPW Investment Management. Pelosky shares with Harrison his base case for China, Europe, and the U.S. as well as emerging markets, and he describes as what he sees as weakness in the long-end of the U.S. Treasury yield curve. Pelosky and Harrison then discuss how a successful vaccine would affect specific sectors of the market, such as tech and industrials. Finally, after sharing his thoughts on how the 2020 election would impact markets, Pelosky analyzes the potential new geopolitical coalitions that could form should deglobalization continue. Filmed on August 28, 2020. For Pelosky's latest report, "As The Tri Polar World Turns - The Higher You Go, The Tougher It Gets," click here: https://www.tpwim.com/insights/tri-polar-world-turns-08-20