Mark Ritchie II – Are You an Investor or a Trader?

Published on
November 23rd, 2021
84 minutes

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Mark Ritchie II – Are You an Investor or a Trader?

Investor Masterclass ·
Featuring Mark Ritchie II and Jamie McDonald

Published on: November 23rd, 2021 • Duration: 84 minutes

Mark Ritchie II, CIO of RTM Capital Advisors, has grappled with one of the classic questions everyone in the markets faces at one point or another: “Are you an investor or a trader?” Throughout his multi-decade career, Mark realized that for almost everyone who is successful over the long-term the answer is likely a little bit of both. In this interview with Jamie McDonald, Mark explains how he has taken a non-traditional path in finance, starting as a pure trader to his current style marrying trading and investing. Together they discuss how Mark uses trial and error, the help of mentors, and market history to develop his style and process that relies on the convergence of technicals, fundamentals, and sentiment. They also touch on the psychological aspects of trading and how Mark thinks about trading as part of a holistic life. You can find more information about Mark and his firm at their website: To get a complete picture of Mark’s framework as expressed in this interview, please use the detailed notes below, alongside the actual interview: