The Power of the Dollar

Published on
January 26th, 2021
21 minutes

The Power of the Dollar

Investor Tutorials ·
Featuring Jamie McDonald

Published on: January 26th, 2021 • Duration: 21 minutes

In this episode of Investor Tutorials, we look at the U.S. Dollar and its influence on global markets. Understanding the power of the dollar might be the difference between catching long term investment trends or being overwhelmed by them. To help you understand the importance of the U.S. Dollar, Jamie McDonald, a former portfolio manager at Point72, looks back at previous decades in an attempt to illustrate clear patterns in both bull markets and financial crises that are driven by movements in the dollar.



  • JF
    Jason F.
    21 February 2021 @ 21:56
    Really benefitting from these tutorials - 15 min bursts of important info - This one on Bond Yields and real rates in particular - not the sexiest of areas in financial markets but I'm beginning to realise how vitally important they are to everything else.
  • SN
    Sandra N.
    20 February 2021 @ 20:36
    THANK YOU!!! Soooooo HELPFUL!!! Soooo WELL DONE!!!
  • ly
    lena y.
    17 February 2021 @ 17:38
    These tutorials are really really really helpful to understand the market! And it has been able to explain complicated thoughts for retailers.
  • DB
    Dan B.
    15 February 2021 @ 20:34
    Great Series!
  • RR
    Robert R.
    14 February 2021 @ 16:14
    I too love this series. Well written; well delivered. Fun. Bite-sized. My only beef is with the cheesy transition music that plays constantly. It sounds like something out of an Ed Wood movie. I hear that the theme song from Barney is available???
  • BH
    Brian H.
    11 February 2021 @ 04:33
    Love it. Keep them coming. 👍
  • WT
    William T.
    26 January 2021 @ 20:58
    Excellent series. A suggestion for a future episode; an immense help would be an episode on bonds and the bond market and why many professionals claim that the bond market tells the truth of what is really going on in the economy and markets. Furthermore, if you could also include how the bond market is correlated to the stock market, the dollar, inflation/deflation, precious metals, and anything else that can affect it in a significant way. Also what carries the most weight vis-a-vis 2yr, 5yr, 10yr, 30yr. Thank you
    • SM
      Suzanne M.
      26 January 2021 @ 22:28
      Completely agree. Every time I hear analysts talk bonds I'm lost and confused, and internet searches aren't helping me.
    • JC
      James C.
      26 January 2021 @ 23:26
      Likewise, I would love an episode on bonds and the bond market.
    • PP
      Paul P.
      27 January 2021 @ 08:09
      Second this! ELI5 please.
    • ZP
      Zach P.
      9 February 2021 @ 22:36
      This would be phenomenal
  • sf
    susan f.
    8 February 2021 @ 21:03
    This was great thanks - I've watched all 3 of your tutorials. You have a gift for explaining these complex topics to the layman. Please make more tutorials !!
  • KK
    8 February 2021 @ 01:53
    This was great. Thank you. Also - I simply love the graphics on ALL of your content. Shout out to the creatives behind the scenes who make this stuff look good. It's truly the best background work I have seen anywhere - engaging and out of the ordinary. That goes for the CG, green screen, motion this and that and I loved the sound stingers on this and on your main videos. To all the creatives behind RV - I, for one, notice your cool and like it!
  • MS
    Mike S.
    7 February 2021 @ 22:28
    Great video
  • AW
    Austin W.
    6 February 2021 @ 22:41
    Much better than the last video! Thank you, keep them coming. Music was... a bit odd if I'm going to give any negative feedback.
  • PP
    PERCY P.
    5 February 2021 @ 21:15
    Every time I wanted to pause the video to take a closer look at the "zoomed down" chart, the pause button and the time remaining shows up exactly at the center blocking the chart.
  • PP
    PERCY P.
    5 February 2021 @ 21:12
    Why would anyone make the chart smaller by introducing a bunch of blue pen drawing in the background as distraction?
  • RB
    Rahul B.
    27 January 2021 @ 00:08
    Really good except that snake charmer music
    • JS
      John S.
      5 February 2021 @ 19:26
      Rahul (?)
  • JJ
    Jeff J.
    27 January 2021 @ 01:21
    Good content. Educational. Gorilla farting sounds preferable to the music.
    • TS
      Tom S.
      27 January 2021 @ 03:45
      Yes, was not a fan of the music.
    • JS
      John S.
      5 February 2021 @ 19:25
  • JS
    John S.
    5 February 2021 @ 19:23
    Nice video- the music in the titles is a little bit of a headache. Sounds like my cat... my cat got nervous with the music... suggest something else but I do not know what so I guess is fun to keep it :)
  • JK
    John K.
    3 February 2021 @ 15:26
    Smile Dollar was a treat!
  • RG
    Rob G.
    3 February 2021 @ 07:38
    apart from the music (I would suggest Sabbath's "killing yourself to live") that was very helpful thanks
  • GA
    Gabriel A.
    3 February 2021 @ 03:29
    the transition music gave me a fuckin headache! LMAO!
  • TD
    Trevor D.
    1 February 2021 @ 03:03
    good series, terrible transition music
  • WS
    William S.
    31 January 2021 @ 16:50
    Great synopsis - keep it up with other topics.
  • SG
    Stuart G.
    31 January 2021 @ 00:38
    Good info. Please never use that weird segue music again.
  • CE
    Cliff E.
    29 January 2021 @ 07:37
    Great content. Essential learning for a newbie like myself and much appreciated. Delivered in an easy to keep up with pace. Any more like this will be gratefully received, keep up the good work.
  • BT
    Brandon T.
    28 January 2021 @ 07:38
    Great! But please get rid of that awful music during transitions.
  • LM
    Linda M.
    28 January 2021 @ 03:39
    Absolutely amazing information - so many apparently "simple" things explained - things that I didn't know I needed to know. Would love to see more of these. Jamie is a fab presenter. Is it possible to get the transcripts as well - I'm better with reading than listening.
  • KM
    Katherine M.
    28 January 2021 @ 03:26
    An excellent presentation, plenty to unpack. Thank you Jamie.
  • RP
    Ron P.
    27 January 2021 @ 22:59
    Great graphics. Great teacher. You should consider a tutorial on Bitcoin getting deep into the woods
  • JG
    Jonnie G.
    27 January 2021 @ 20:49
    An absolute amazing introduction for someone like myself. It was quite funny coz when I go on holiday I'm like I want the pound stronger than the Dollar. Now coz of my investments, I'm like please let the Dollar get stronger. Thanks for this one. Music was ok for me so all good here
  • AK
    Andreas K.
    27 January 2021 @ 20:09
    Apart from commodities being denominated in USD, what exactly does it mean that the USD is the ‘world reserve currency’? Thanks!
  • ND
    Nivtej D.
    27 January 2021 @ 18:41
    Yes a deep dive into the dollar system would awesome
  • PG
    Philippe G.
    27 January 2021 @ 18:26
    This is useful! A potential pivot for next episode would be sovereign debt, balance of payments, and high-level macroeconomic issues and topics.
  • RD
    Ryan D.
    27 January 2021 @ 16:15
    Fantastic idea. Well done agree about the music. Would like to see a deeper dive on this topic !
  • DN
    Duncan N.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:39
    I have been watching A LOT of financial videos since the March crash and the fed pump. I've been in the stock market for 30 years but never educated myself much in economics. So I find I'm able to follow almost all the sophisticated experts - with the exception of a few really boring or convoluted minds. I'll even put up with some pretty poor production quality if the presenter has a novel point of view. This presentation has no technical problems and the presenter speaks clearly and emphatically. Interminably emphatically IMHO. I found myself really struggling to understand what he was saying. Like a someone yelling at you in a foreign language expecting volume to bridge the gap. It's been interesting, in the youtube age, observing the difference between real experts speaking on subjects they deeply understand and mass media talking heads. This presenter seems to be a mass media speaker trying to deep dive. You asked for my opinion and there it is. Hope it is taken constructively. I really appreciate the work Real Vision and others are doing.
    • DH
      Damian H. | Founder
      27 January 2021 @ 10:58
      Thanks Duncan This is all super helpful (as are everyone's comments - and YES we will change that music for the section headings which I thought was cool but is probably a bit 'out there' for most tastes - sorry ) As regards the presenter I think we can probably speed up the delivery (last time people said we were too fast!) but as you can imagine it is hard to get it right for everyone. One thing to know though - Jamie is not a 'mass media speaker'. Before we lured him out of semi-retirement to join us - he worked with Steve Cohen at Point72. Believe me - he knows his stuff (!)
    • CM
      Cory M.
      27 January 2021 @ 14:29
      Damian, I love Coltrane, but I don't want him blaring at me 25 times during a financial video. Due respect, but "cool" is not the editing standard, good sir.
    • DN
      Duncan N.
      27 January 2021 @ 16:11
      Hello Damian - I didn't know anything about Jamie but I was thinking along those lines. So more along constructive lines: I'm a trained actor so I find myself constantly analyzing the presentation qualities of financial (not theatrical) experts. Two of my favorite presenters are Raoul Pal and Pomp. They both come across as very natural. David Lin and Lyn Alden also pull this off despite their machine gun delivery. What I want to get at is Jamie has all the tools (voice, expression, intelligence) to be a good presenter but I would recommend he spend some time studying (practicing) acting (generically speaking). There are probably a sh*tload out of work actors right now to be had online. More subtly Real Vision might adjust their scripting to jive better with and modulate the presenter's style. Take a look at classical music composition. If you read the scores you'll see all kinds of changes in tempo and emphasis - you can incorporate this into your scripts to help the presenter. Thanks again for your work! BTW I am unable to reply to your reply so I hope this finds you.
  • ES
    Elizabeth S.
    27 January 2021 @ 13:17
    I’m excited to watch more from this series. Thank you for breaking down the dollar smile and presenting the content clearly. I also agree with all the comments about changing the music between sections.
  • PC
    Petros C.
    27 January 2021 @ 12:16
    Will transcripts with charts be released?I think a must for tutorials, thanks!
  • SC
    Sam C.
    27 January 2021 @ 10:23
    I welcome this new series!
  • FP
    Fram P.
    27 January 2021 @ 07:23
    need watch it a couple of times to unpack all the information but don't know if i can the music is really annoying
  • TW
    Tess W.
    27 January 2021 @ 02:17
    Thank you! I’m going to watch this several times. It’s a lot to unpack but I found it valuable
  • LT
    Lisa T.
    27 January 2021 @ 01:58
    Hopefully a transcript is forthcoming. Like the presentation and information presented.
  • ea
    edwin a.
    27 January 2021 @ 01:07
    on the plus side: I think this is a good idea for a series, and I thought the content was good and well-presented. on the minus side: I agree with other commenters that the musical section breaks were too frequent and too long. And -- perhaps strange to say -- I think he actually spoke too slowly. I understand that he shouldn't race ahead, but he spoke *so* slowly that it seemed a bit unnatural and became distracting.
    • JJ
      Jeff J.
      27 January 2021 @ 01:25
      Edwin, it is possible to increase the play speed to at least 1.5x. I haven't gone beyond that, but this at 1.25x was good.
  • VW
    Vic W.
    27 January 2021 @ 00:47
    Keep it coming!!! Change the music!!!
  • DA
    Dina A.
    27 January 2021 @ 00:40
    Fantastic content. Very annoying music.
  • MH
    Michael H.
    26 January 2021 @ 21:08
    Good summary. I could do without the music between various segments
    • GT
      Guillaume T.
      26 January 2021 @ 22:13
      Was thinking the same. Good for suspense on the final result ;-)
    • AW
      ANNA W.
      26 January 2021 @ 22:36
      +1 for the music.
  • JK
    James K.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:33
    I would like to "2nd" William T."s suggestion as an Investor Tutorial: William T. Jan 26, 2021 @ 14:58 Excellent series. A suggestion for a future episode; an immense help would be an episode on bonds and the bond market and why many professionals claim that the bond market tells the truth of what is really going on in the economy and markets. Furthermore, if you could also include how the bond market is correlated to the stock market, the dollar, inflation/deflation, precious metals, and anything else that can affect it in a significant way. Also what carries the most weight vis-a-vis 2yr, 5yr, 10yr, 30yr. Thank you
  • SM
    Suzanne M.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:27
    I so appreciate when Real Vision explains basic concepts like this, because you explain it better than anyone. Thank you. (have to say, the mournful wailing in between segments was rather off-putting)
  • ER
    Ernesto R.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:24
    this is the value content thanks very much
  • WG
    Wesley G.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:10
    I am new to RV and enjoy the daily briefs and did not know RV also had these. These are good products and I hope I see more of these.
  • TV
    Tyrell V.
    26 January 2021 @ 22:07
    Great stuff
  • CS
    Carol S.
    26 January 2021 @ 20:13
    Love this new series of educational videos, That said, if this is meant to be suitable for complete novices, then it assumes too much knowledge for complete novices to grasp all the points being made. This video is good for someone with at least some foundation on which to build. (Sorry to say I found the vocal musical refrain to be somewhat annoying.)
  • KT
    Kevin T.
    26 January 2021 @ 19:42
    This is excellent. Looking forward to more from this series
  • JM
    Joeri M.
    26 January 2021 @ 18:40
    For those who want some additional information, I wrote an article on the dollar smile and a historical example here: I also wrote a big picture article on the USD (what drives it) and emerging markets here:
  • AS
    26 January 2021 @ 18:06
    Great video. I'll be watching this a few times...
  • LL
    Lexi L.
    26 January 2021 @ 17:41
    That was a excellent, easy to understand and well presented video. I look forward to more!