In Charts We Trust – Live with Peter Brandt

Published on
August 11th, 2020
65 minutes

Navigating Turbulent Waters – Live with Peter Boockvar

In Charts We Trust – Live with Peter Brandt

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Featuring Peter Brandt

Published on: August 11th, 2020 • Duration: 65 minutes

The expression, “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” is a perfect analogy for how investors, traders and participants of all kinds view financial markets. While the goal of generating a profit never changes, the way individuals go about making decisions vary substantially. Some choose macro for example to build an argument for why gold and Bitcoin may appreciate. While others prefer looking at charts to determine where price could go. Peter Brandt of Factor LLC is in the latter camp. He’s a master technical analyst that has been studying charts for decades now, and has turned this skill into a fine art. So much so, that we often refer to his charts, as “the charts of truth.” In this segment of Real Vision Live, he’ll be joining Max Wiethe for a trip into the most action packed asset classes of today, particularly FX, precious metals, and Bitcoin to explain what price action could be telling us about future expectations. Please find Peter's chart deck here:



  • JS
    Jon S.
    6 September 2020 @ 14:02
    I enjoy a lot Peter's sessions, can I know how often he normally appears on RV plus?
  • RK
    Roger K.
    16 August 2020 @ 09:11
    Bitcoin is a good fundamental product but Tether crooks ( including so called exchanges) have stolen it. Real Etherium is actually now called Etherium Classic. Etherium cannot be scaled as they have screwed up with the hard fork on the DAO hack ( could only imagine how frustrated are the Etherium devs right now). Peter's wisdom...! thoroughly enjoyed Thanks! . Max can you please keep RealVision+ only for yourself as you are good (non-bs) interviewer.
    • JA
      Joseph A.
      30 August 2020 @ 07:15
      I'm sorry , but this is just plain wrong. #1. Bitcoin has very little to do with Tether, a stable coin which is now predominantly an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. While Tether is under criminal investigation , there are plenty of more secure, better audited stable coins that track the $ like USDC and PAX, not to mention DAI a fully decentralized stablecoin. #2 Ethereum classic suffered as many as 3 51% attacks on their network just this month. Not sure what this has to do with scaling though. ETH classic were just a small minority of devs who took a hard view of 'Code is Law' during the DAO hack. #3 Ethereum is getting upgraded to 2.0 with a POS algorithm with sharding, not to mention it already has plenty of level 2 solutions like optimistic rollup and zk-snarks. There is a literal DeFi bonanza going on with new projects and products being launched every week. The only thing that Ethereum Devs are getting frustrated with is the amount of misinformation that gets posted like this.
  • SG
    Sashi G.
    20 August 2020 @ 11:33
    Normally enjoy Peter's sessions but I found this one a bit too rambling.
  • TP
    Timothy P.
    12 August 2020 @ 16:20
    I love Peter Brandt, I really do. His charting skills are fantastic. Where I had a laugh was "Bitcoin can't be a global settlement currency because.... no big companies, etc..." and then when discussing custody mentions large institutions that offer it, like Fidelity. That kind of cognitive dissonance is highly interesting to me. Its as if he WANTS to see the value, but too much of his legacy experience leans against it. He'll probably change his tune after further adoption. Look at Schiff, he has an anti-bitcoin stance but takes it on his website. Its an amusing contradiction as people try to wrap their heads around the abstraction of money, which Bitcoin is becoming. I'd point to peer-to-peer trades and the volume worldwide as a metric. So Peter, we get it - you're half-in, half-out -- but I think you'll convert fully later on. He's absolutely right about most altcoins suffering the death on the "long tail" of cryptocurrencies. He's also correct that Tether is a risk -- but mostly to the exchanges that are using it. Bitcoin will be just fine.
    • MD
      Matt D.
      12 August 2020 @ 23:44
      I respect your comments yet you would have to admit that the same could be said that many "Bitcoiners" WANT to see the value in it and their present "fiat" experience bias' that. If Bitcoin was associated with a source wealth creation then the demand would be more intuitive. At the moment it is moreso a digital gold but without the history (one where those in power had the gold). Bitcoin is tech-dependent/exclusive (like many people interviewed - they trust someone else to verify BTC but don't get how it "works" themselves) gold not. Your point on peer-peer is the essential thing. It is interesting nevertheless that governments aren't too bothered with BTC - if you could forge currency for eg. (meaning threaten their monopoly on supply) they'd go to war. I understand BTC by the way. Decided not to buy - may trade it but that is perhaps where many are - trying to make money from it (ironically USD's from it).
    • TP
      Timothy P.
      13 August 2020 @ 03:25
      @Matt D - I find it interesting that you'd pass on a definitively scarce asset that is used in a global network. I suppose there were a few that thought Henry Ford was nuts, that the Wright brothers were just too far ahead of their time. The best thing about Bitcoin is it doesn't need you to believe or invest in it, you'll end up a user whether you want to be or not. I say this not from hubris, but acknowledgement that a first mover of innovative technology doesn't give laggards a choice -- you all end up with it in your pocket on way or another, just like any other historic invention of mankind.
    • MD
      Matt D.
      13 August 2020 @ 07:51
      @Timothy P - the thing is I am and I'm not that impressed - it is a clever compression algo with a bit of randomness. To me the maths and tech make it not scarce - in that you can replicate the math with a tweak, and the tech can be outdated. Yep cryptographically bulletproof (almost) and scarce in that sense, and a brilliant creation. Amazing that it has established the network it has too. I have the utmost respect for it. But as a trader something's not right. I don't know what... yet. The concept of it I agree with you 100% - I will have it or something like it. Value is subjective until it gets to the point you mention where there is no choice. Tokenization I can see are a definite - and DeFi. Anyway, I don't have FOMO with it at the moment. Appreciate the discussion too. Thanks.
    • AF
      Andre F.
      14 August 2020 @ 07:38
      Timothy, your most recent comment to Matt was not an argument. It was Halo Effect (linking the historical import of the products of Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers with Bitcoin). And your second paragraph was also not an argument, it was more like what the Borg used to say "resistance is futile, we're gonna assimilate you whether you like it or not." There's a time and place for arguments of inevitability, but not in the case of Bitcoin. I think Bitcoins enthusiasts do need to make an argument for it. Halo effect does have a place in human affairs, but when we make use of it, we are no longer in the realm of rational argument. Halo Effect is for myth making, for stirring emotion, etc; it's never used for rationally getting to the truth or brass tacks of a thing. Matt, You said, "I have the utmost respect for it [Bitcoin]. But as a trader something's not right. I don't know what...yet." I was only going to read the exchange between you and Timothy but what you said there, you sounded like a detective. I thought you might find the following useful. Perhaps you know of Al Brooks. I watched a video of his recently. I was searching for information on Gold but in the video he also had some things to say about Bitcoin. The Bitcoin segment is at ~40:40.
    • MD
      Matt D.
      15 August 2020 @ 18:15
      Thanks Andre - appreciate that. I'll watch the video, sounds interesting. Cheers
  • JD
    John D.
    15 August 2020 @ 13:36
    Great Conversation... Nice Job Max ...Would like to see more of you both...
  • PR
    Private R.
    14 August 2020 @ 09:48
    Think Peter doesn't really know what a hard wallet is, 'keep it on a USB then lose it in your car' - wouldn't make any difference to me if I lost mine in the car
  • JT
    Jarl T.
    12 August 2020 @ 11:10
    Any chartist out there that could help me how you guys act based on Peter’s comments re BTC. Would you sell BTC at 13600 and buy back if it breaks 14000? Or do you hold to see if it breaks and risk selling lower than 13600? Just curious on TA tactics.
    • TP
      Timothy P.
      12 August 2020 @ 16:26
      I think Bitcoin is in Bull mode, and has been for a while on the Daily. My next target upside is 12,325. On a monthly basis we've been in a very large symmetrical triangle and have broken to the upside prior to its apex, which lends further to the Bullish stance I have.
    • JW
      JAAP W.
      12 August 2020 @ 22:20
      Tactics: HODL
    • JP
      John P.
      13 August 2020 @ 12:41
      A break above 14000 would complete a multi year symmetrical triangle pattern and would be a BUY signal for me. I personally wouldn't sell at 13600 as it is not the trade plan I use, however that trade/price you have specified could work for those selling off resistance levels. I have never liked flipping trades (sell BTC at 13600 and buy back if it breaks 14000) as I do not enjoy getting caught up in the whipsaw phenomenon.
  • RT
    13 August 2020 @ 05:51
    Love Peter's mindset and analytical process. He is a must once a quarter for me to help me develop my own thoughts. He puts macro into technical charts as well as anyone. Max - good interview.
  • MS
    Mark S.
    13 August 2020 @ 03:04
    Great interview Max! Peter has some refreshing takes, especially on Bitcoin. I am a hodler
  • CM
    Cory M.
    13 August 2020 @ 00:46
    I don’t care much for charting, BUT I love Peter. He wraps his charting into useful macro concepts as a result of his experience and talent. Max is always great.
  • TM
    The-First-James M.
    13 August 2020 @ 00:27
    Not sure if Peter understands the Bitcoin itself is not stored on these USB hardware wallets. Its the private keys to your Bitcoin's location on the Bitcoin Blockchain (Ledger). If you've backed up your wallet recovery seed securely (or memorised the 12-24 random words it consists of), it also doesn't matter if you drop your USB wallet down your car seat. Speaking as somebody who's already recovered 2 wallets, it's hardly an extinction level event for your Bitcoin if you've taken prudent precautions.
  • Sp
    Scott p.
    12 August 2020 @ 23:45
    Nasdaq companies with a Bitcoin line item? It's just started guys :) . To be fair, the news only came out the day of the interview.
  • AF
    Alex F.
    12 August 2020 @ 07:48
    Why has this been disliked so many times? RV are doing a great job during the Covid and its great to see them trying out new features such as live interviews which allow live questions from members. Great interview from Peter with tons of valuable information. Well done too Max.
    • TM
      The-First-James M.
      12 August 2020 @ 23:40
      Probably because Bitcoin was discussed, combined with a vocal minority of Bitcoin haters on RV.
  • DT
    David T.
    11 August 2020 @ 22:56
    Looks like bitcoin crowd did not like what Peter had to say. He is absolutely right on bitcoin and shitcoins. :) His view on the dollar was also interesting and refreshing.
    • MW
      Max W. | Real Vision
      11 August 2020 @ 23:03
      I wouldn’t read to much into thumbs up or down. The live stream was delayed for technical difficulties and we had to record and upload around 6PM. It was 16👍 to 37👎 before anything was even up.
    • TP
      Timothy P.
      12 August 2020 @ 20:04
      Ridiculous. You can tell me that Bitcoin is going to zero, and we'll disagree - but I wouldn't downvote because of it. That's just petty muppetry. I know Peter isn't convinced its a Bull market yet in Bitcoin - and that is fine, a rally doesn't need anyone's particular blessing to occur.
  • JP
    John P.
    12 August 2020 @ 12:32
    Great interview and top guest!......but then I am biased. I have been a member of Peter's factor service for several years. First you had Schabacker, then Edwards & Magee, now Brandt! Watch this interview again in a months time! Peter's analysis generally ages well. That said, the profit mainly comes from him his trade management.
    • RM
      R M.
      12 August 2020 @ 18:04
      Peter is an excellent guest! And to John P. point, lets have Peter discuss trade management next time. It is not covered much on RV, and Peter is excellent at it.
  • MT
    Mike T.
    12 August 2020 @ 07:00
    I'm not a great advocate of TA, subjectivity layered upon subjectivity, but I do believe Peter is genuine and authentic, I sincerely wish him and his followers well and if collectively they make actual real trading decisions using TA well done to all concerned. In a world with more than might ever be counted of TA newsletters of highly dubious quality Peters product stands out as one of the best I've seen. Small tip, ask any Chartist making a predictive forecast, what is the mathematical % probabilities of profit and then carefully critique the response to the point of requesting to see the calculations.
    • TP
      Timothy P.
      12 August 2020 @ 16:35
      Anyone trading using algorithms that rely on classical Gaussian distributions is going to go home crying. Financial datasets do not conform to that, as LTCM found out with their failed "mean reversion" strategy. Ironically one of the inventors of options pricing was involved. The problem with TA is that people using "canned" indicators that look like detrended price action normalized to an arbitrary scale (Hello, RSI and others) are just looking at price transformations in a very literal way, so they're wrong often. The ones that do true TA and have developed their own tools and methods - which they never advertise or sell - are the people who do technical analysis correctly. You never hear of it, because they jealously conceal their edge in the market. So yes, conventional TA practiced with garbage indicators is indeed garbage.
  • SW
    Scott W.
    12 August 2020 @ 15:11
    Peter got fired up toward the end!
  • JK
    Jake K.
    11 August 2020 @ 23:57
    Worth the wait. Peter should teach a charting Masterclass on Real Vision, would be a must watch.
    • JP
      John P.
      12 August 2020 @ 12:40
  • MD
    Matt D.
    12 August 2020 @ 04:56
    Great interview - love the honesty and the depth of experience/knowledge. Might cause a bit of a "discussion" around BTC. I am watching it keenly - love the insight of the triangle dissolving if no follow-through and a break lower. Thanks Peter and Max.
    • TN
      Tim N.
      12 August 2020 @ 07:49
      If the triangle is not validated the outlook for Bitcoin is grim given the gale force macro tailwinds we are experiencing
  • BK
    Brigitte K.
    12 August 2020 @ 07:00
    A great interview, and thank you for the many nighttime giggles thanks to Peter's REFRESHING views and analysis! And great to find out that we are basically neighbors in the Twin Cities.
  • SP
    Stephen P.
    12 August 2020 @ 05:12
    Great interview. Lots to consider going forward.
  • RG
    Rob G.
    12 August 2020 @ 05:00
    Love Peter's no BS approach and the way he calls it as he sees it. Ego doesn't have a place in good trading, respecting price action probably does though and that's what Peter teaches you if you're open to it.
  • BA
    Bruce A.
    12 August 2020 @ 03:02
    Really enjoyed this. Thanks RV.
  • MS
    Mark S.
    12 August 2020 @ 02:12
    It would be good for someone who is unaware of altcoins to pass on discussing them. Most are junk. But when you see Samsung start to accommodate and thus invest in Decentralands platform, that’s real capital that will have a lasting impact in their altcoin. Best source on altcoins is Grayscale.
  • AS
    Arpat S.
    11 August 2020 @ 23:49
    I think the dislikes are for technical difficulty. Peter added a lot of value with his opinions and it was a good interview.
  • MW
    Max W. | Real Vision
    11 August 2020 @ 23:01
    Hi folks, sorry about the technical difficulties today. We are working on a new video hosting solution. Today’s video was recorded and we got a few non live audience questions in at the end. BTC convo starts around 35-40 minutes in.