Painting a Picture of the 2021 Market Landscape – Live with Danielle DiMartino Booth

Published on
January 20th, 2021
59 minutes

Market Outlook for 2021 in Charts – Live with Peter Brandt

Painting a Picture of the 2021 Market Landscape – Live with Danielle DiMartino Booth

Live ·
Featuring Danielle DiMartino Booth and Max Wiethe

Published on: January 20th, 2021 • Duration: 59 minutes

Danielle DiMartino Booth, CEO of Quill Intelligence, joins Real Vision editor Max Wiethe to discuss her outlook on the risks and opportunities she sees on the market landscape for 2021. As Biden has now been made the next U.S. President and gets to work tackling the COVID-19 crisis, Booth explains that even while stimulus spending has a long-term price, a setback in passing a subsequent spending bill quickly under the new administration will cause agitation in markets as swift and expansive stimulus continues to delay the start of the household credit cycle. She also warns of the possibility of negative rates for the bond market, describes why the U.S. equity bull market has run its course, analyzes the dollar’s price action, and considers what’s next for commodities and precious metals.



  • AW
    Aaron W.
    8 February 2021 @ 05:22
    Danielle always comes prepared and offers her wisdom, delivered with a passion that proves that she cares. Always great to see her here!
  • AS
    Ash S.
    22 January 2021 @ 23:40
    Danielle is great!! Would love to see ed interview her.
    • TS
      Tom S.
      27 January 2021 @ 01:56
      I agree that Danielle is great, and was again delighted with Max as interviewer. Max is brilliant at what he does. He always comes to his interviews extremely well prepared and focussed on what he wants to draw out. He has a sophisticated knack of putting his questions in an unpretentious and disarming manner, invariably triggering great responses. Ed, on the other hand, tends to inject his own opinions. Too often that inhibits open and vivid response. I definitely want to hear Ed's opinions which I value, just not in an interview where I feel it inconsiderate to steal focus.
  • AB
    Alastair B.
    23 January 2021 @ 05:41
    They know exactly what the next variation of the virus will look like - there has been plenty of research on it in London. Current figures are suggesting an increase in both virulence and lethality, and we also have a good idea of when it is predicted to be the dominant strain in the USA - by March.
    • LS
      Lemony S.
      26 January 2021 @ 02:33
      Thus, plandemic, indeed.
  • ND
    Nivtej D.
    25 January 2021 @ 21:33
    TG mentioned the FED had signed onto a global or European initiative that will see central banks essentially pumps the ESG market. In the future would be good to hear DDMB thoughts
  • JJ
    John J.
    24 January 2021 @ 20:29
    Great interview, great content and good moderating. Go Max!
  • PW
    Patrick W.
    24 January 2021 @ 12:12
    During the live chat, one of the participants commented that DDB's view seems the opposite of ECRI's view, but I got from listening to the October 6, 2020 interview on Grant's Current Yield Podcast is that Achuthan stated at the end that structurally he believes the direction is deflationary even if the current indicators state inflation. If others have listened to the same podcast, you can let me know if I heard it correctly.
  • TP
    Timothy P.
    23 January 2021 @ 18:22
    Danielle tells it like it is. Probably one of the few ex-Fed employees that I actually respect. We're on tap for Trillions, because you know damn well once the taste of "free money" has been given -- no one in D.C. has the spine to stop it.
  • ph
    phil h.
    23 January 2021 @ 00:13
    Well done. Your best interview yet. And I love your integrity.
  • np
    nick p.
    22 January 2021 @ 22:28
    Fantastic interview
  • KL
    Kunal L.
    22 January 2021 @ 02:56
    Danielle - you mention markets are overvalued and suggest increasing allocation to gold / cash. You also say that the FED is likely to jump in to rescue markets if it falls 10%. So why cash out if the FED has your back? (FWIW - I agree with what you say but this is the same question I ask myself)
    • ac
      adam c.
      22 January 2021 @ 21:28
      Is it not simply because if the fed comes too the recue that would be very bullish for Gold and having a stack of cash in a crash would also be very useful especially if you expect the FED to jump in.
  • ML
    Marc L.
    22 January 2021 @ 18:54
    What a great and informative interview 🤓
  • JK
    John K.
    22 January 2021 @ 17:38
    To their point about have nots not being able to enter the VC world. Cryptocurrency is the answer. Lol you can literally buy access to new crypto companies in here. I’m telling you it’s not all about bitcoin there’s some real value here
  • WB
    William B.
    22 January 2021 @ 15:14
    Mrs. Martino-Booth is a brilliant mind. Thank You Real Vision, Thank You, Mrs. Martino-Booth.
  • mw
    michael w.
    22 January 2021 @ 07:10
    Stagflation is here. Been here.
  • MN
    22 January 2021 @ 06:12
    Danielle interviewing Lacy Hunt was the very first RV that I watched on the $1 subscription. Of course I'm a full paying sub since. Gave me a starting point to understanding the money landscape
  • JS
    John S.
    22 January 2021 @ 05:23
    Sharp and straight to the point - Danielle is unique.