Precious Metals: The Talk of the Town – Live with Ross Beaty

Published on
May 27th, 2020
52 minutes

Reopening: A Macro Question – Live with Naufal Sanaullah

Precious Metals: The Talk of the Town – Live with Ross Beaty

Live ·
Featuring Ross Beaty

Published on: May 27th, 2020 • Duration: 52 minutes

During these times of instability, irrationality, and profound uncertainty, market participants the world over have gone on what seems to be an epic search across asset classes to find the right mix of safety and yield for their portfolios. Not surprisingly, as is often the case in times of economic turbulence, many have landed on precious metals. They have become the talk of the town as of late, and in doing so, have fomented not just exuberance, but a bit of confusion as well. To put this issue to rest, we have invited mining legend Ross Beaty on this week's Real Vision Live where he will guide viewers through the process of precious metal mining, while explaining how we can go about investing in the space during times of crisis.



  • wj
    wouter j.
    15 June 2020 @ 07:33
    Annoying vs Awsome
  • AR
    Anthony R.
    31 May 2020 @ 05:15
    Ross was very gracious here. I'm sure he'll be back. Would be great to have Grant Williams interview him. Where is Grant?
    • WM
      Will M.
      31 May 2020 @ 19:17
      Grant has moved on from RVT Anthony. It was announced a month or so ago.
  • JL
    James L.
    31 May 2020 @ 11:58
    awesome, awesome
  • JB
    Joseph B.
    28 May 2020 @ 14:50
    • AR
      Anthony R.
      31 May 2020 @ 04:59
      and, um........Awesome!
  • DS
    David S.
    31 May 2020 @ 02:06
    The joy of this presentation was how well Mr. Beatty delivered his message to RVTV subscribers. It is apparent that Mr. Beaty is a class act and respects others. I especially like his focus on how he worked to develop his companies for all shareholders who were supporting him. How much luck and perseverance has to do with being successful. You still need to pick up the fumble and score. In addition, how many times he had narrow escapes. It was a great interview. Mr. Bessette will learn from some of some of our comments. There was certainly too much piling on. I would love to see some of the commenters doing an interview. I would be terrified. DLS
  • JB
    Jamie B.
    30 May 2020 @ 09:24
    Ross "Risk is my Bitch" Beaty Vs Drew "Awesome, Awesome" Bessette. With the greatest respect to Drew, he was simply out of his depth. Everyone needs to learn the ropes and deserve opportunities. I applaud RV for bringing up new talent. However, Drew was outclassed and it really hurt the interview. All I could hear in my head was Samuel L Jackson saying "Say AWESOME one more time, I dare you. I double dare you" Keep going Drew, these things make you better mate.
  • sa
    stephen a.
    29 May 2020 @ 18:35
    Totally agree with the comments regarding the interview. Not blaming the interviewer per se, but RV needs to give someone like RB the respect due by putting a seasoned professional in the chair...
  • WM
    Will M.
    29 May 2020 @ 13:44
    Love Ross Beatty and enjoy listening to a true professional any time. I do understand the question of how to get experience to be a good financial interviewer and you have to start somewhere. In this case the interviewer should watch this interview several times and take notes on where he somewhat embarrassed himself. Hopefully he can get tuition from whomever at RV is supposed to be coaching him.
  • tc
    thomas c.
    29 May 2020 @ 09:29
    A guy like Ross really needs a more experienced interviewer. he was wasted on this one.
  • FD
    Fausto D.
    29 May 2020 @ 04:26
    RV, next time you decide to interview a titan in an industry make sure you deploy a titan in your team to interview them. There could have been so much more value extracted from this interview. Cringed at the Altera question, honestly a little homework goes a long way. Very interesting perspectives on passive investments, liquidity, scale and what "today's" investors are looking for. Beaty will keep adding value and "those" investors will be forced to keep bidding up the stock, its a natural consequence. Refreshing for a squillionaire to still be humble and credit his serial success to his team... Ledgend!
  • CR
    Clarke R.
    29 May 2020 @ 02:30
    Last question ended up being the best, with a fascinating answer.
  • NI
    Nate I.
    28 May 2020 @ 21:19
    I'm glad to be a part owner in EQX. Ross is a great guy.
  • lm
    luke m.
    28 May 2020 @ 00:09
    conspiracy theories are theories until proven fact. just a stigmatised label developed by the CIA to cover up JFK inside job, wake up Ross.
    • NI
      Nate I.
      28 May 2020 @ 21:16
      Building 7 didn't kill itself ;-)
  • DR
    Danilo R.
    28 May 2020 @ 04:03
    Awesome, just awesome. Ross was awesome, and Drew was awesome for almost no interruptions which is the new normal for interviews. Awesome, that’s interesting, hmm, wow, just wow, I never thought about it that way, OMG, for reals, dramatic pause, sure, moving on, if we could pivot, following up on your comments, no effing way, duh, totally, cool, ditto, what do you mean there is social and government risk in the US, I did not know that, to quote Franklin a reputation takes .... to build, I have always seen xyz business in terms of people, process and product ... tell me more regarding your ... what can you tell me about bitcoin ... you seem to be a natural risk taker but at the same time you have developed an expertise in managing risks, can you explain the paradox? As you said we are in a bull market for gold, what kind of levers do you have available to bring more gold to market?
    • TS
      Thalia S.
      28 May 2020 @ 05:45
      I keep asking why are some subscribers so rude and mean?
    • PJ
      Peter J.
      28 May 2020 @ 15:36
      Give him a chance FFS; I'm sure he will have learned a lot from talking with someone with Ross's status and knowledge. Experience and technique are gained, no one starts with it on day one. I thought it was a decent interview.
  • PB
    Pieter B.
    28 May 2020 @ 10:51
    Thanks for the great interview! I am a holder of equinox and I was happy to see a nice bump in the stock price when this interview was happening even though most other gold stocks had a down day.
  • EM
    Eric M.
    28 May 2020 @ 10:27
    Needed a higher caliber interviewer. It’s natural as a listener to pay attention to when certain things are said over and over again. I’m sure I’m not the only one who by the end of the interview started paying less attention to what Ross was saying and more attention to if the interviewer was going to respond with — awesome awesome.
  • JA
    John A.
    28 May 2020 @ 00:37
    Interviewer needs a different response to remarks he likes other than "awesome." Not everything is "awesome." Vocab 101.
    • AT
      Alun T.
      28 May 2020 @ 09:05
      Everything is awesome, when you're part of a team. Young man obviously living the dream.......
  • HR
    Howard R.
    28 May 2020 @ 08:17
    It's been said a few times below, and for good reason - such a great guest deserved a better prepared host.
  • JS
    John S.
    27 May 2020 @ 23:53
    Katusa's swap line 'risk' is just a marketing pitch that the likes of Ross and Rick Rule don't take seriously
    • BC
      Burton C.
      28 May 2020 @ 00:32
      Exactly, Katusa is just a self promotor, name dropper always trying to impress
    • BP
      Bryce P.
      28 May 2020 @ 07:20
      Not so fast my friend. I think there is a ton of merit to Katusa's thesis. I am a surprised Ross says he never even thought of this before Katusa mentioned it. Even I thought of this a couple yrs back and I'm a nobody. Swap lines or no swap lines when shit hits the fan just wait to what you see all governments do. Just wait!!!!!
  • PP
    Patrick P.
    28 May 2020 @ 01:41
    Ross Beatty is the Babe Ruth of mining ... One of the great business guys of this era. Today gold is the investment on everyone's mind. It is and IMO will be, a very hot topic for the foreseeable future. Now my question... whose idea was it to put this unprepared kid in front of this rock star? Very disrespectful.
    • BP
      Bryce P.
      28 May 2020 @ 07:15
      The young man did a decent job in the interview. You have to start some where to get experience just like Ross had to start some where. I'm sure interviewing a person like Ross also helped to add to the nerves Drew probably had. It's still always good hearing what Ross has to say no matter what. Hope Ross is back soon.
  • RB
    Raghav B.
    28 May 2020 @ 05:29
    Guys pls put marks on the itmes-scale earmarking the topics being discussed. Helps all viewers scroll to the topics they care for
  • BC
    Burton C.
    28 May 2020 @ 00:51
    My comments are intended to make Real Vision better and not to be unduly harsh, however I am ruled from my past as I am an old fighter pilot and back in the day our post mission debriefs were knock down-drag out brutal. So much as a bad radio call during the mission and one would be excoriated. We all became better pilots for it. Yes, I'm old school. This young buck interviewer needs to go or he needs to get his stuff together immediately. Clueless with no preparation. I go to all the mining conferences and Ross is a world class player. There is so much to extract from him for us Real Vision viewers...and they put this sub-B class high school league interviewer into the ring to interview him? Seriously? His mind is so vacuous that the ONLY thing he could respond with was "awesome-awesome". No follow-up questions as he didn't know anything to follow up with. Case in point, when the subject of the Escobal mine came up he should have been all over it asking questions of how long until it could get into production, will the company be able to acquire a social license? Etc. Ross addressed these, but our young interviewer would have never asked because he has no clue. The only qualification he claimed to have was that he knew two guys who worked in the office....Jeesh. Real Vision has such a great team of highly qualified people, even the up and comers, but this guy doesn't make the cut. I know this is harsh, but let's get real, you'll be better for it.
    • CA
      Chris A.
      28 May 2020 @ 05:04
      Real Vision has been pushed into a new operating model and is doing what they can to bring us as much content as possible under the largest economic dislocation many of us have ever seen. Clearly, in this case, the interviewer is stepping out of his comfort zone to try to bring us valuable information. He has room to improve of course, but I really appreciate the interview and I'm sure he'll learn from this and get better.
  • AB
    Alastair B.
    28 May 2020 @ 04:05
    “Governments are going to be starved of money, they are going to squeeze the lemon.....” thank you for this insight. The connection between stimulus and hiking taxes on foreign miners is worth keeping an eye on as we go forward, and is the major takeaway from this for me trying to balance exposure to miners and physical.
  • km
    ken m.
    28 May 2020 @ 02:37
    I am a very happy investor in all of Ross's companies and have been for a while. He is clearly a great operator - but much more important to me is his record of integrity, reliability, etc. going back many years.
  • JK
    Jason K.
    28 May 2020 @ 02:13
    Its hard to interview anyone so can empathize with Drew, but he could use some obvious help. Body language like continuously nodding and then the awesome x 2 needs to be addressed.
  • PP
    Patrick P.
    28 May 2020 @ 01:21
    Drew... you're a young guy just getting your feet wet... do yourself a favor and get rid of the word "awesome". If you don't quite understand why ... watch the video.
  • MH
    Michael H.
    28 May 2020 @ 01:17
    RV did a disservice to Mr. Beaty by having an unprepared interviewer with lousy questions.
  • RO
    Robert O.
    27 May 2020 @ 22:37
    On a day when gold does not move up and most of the miners are slightly down (XAU minus 0.21%), Pan American Silver (PAAS) is up 0.50%, Equinox Gold Corp (EQX) is up 5.20% and Lumina Gold Corp (LMGDF) is up 4.32%. It looks like Ross Beaty is even luckier than Mr. Lucky's Franco-Nevada Corp, which is down 2.05%.
  • Wl
    Will l.
    27 May 2020 @ 16:16
    Love Ross, but the interviewer was not awesome, and I think you could have gotten a lot more value out of this

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