Shifting Sands: Managing the Rotation Trade

Published on
November 19th, 2020
59 minutes

VIX vs. Vax: Path Dependency and COVID-19 — Live with Naufal Sanaullah

Shifting Sands: Managing the Rotation Trade

Live ·
Featuring Tony Greer

Published on: November 19th, 2020 • Duration: 59 minutes

Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes back Morning Navigator editor Tony Greer to dive deeper into his macro framework. A beloved contributor for the Daily Briefing, Greer fleshes out more of what he’s seeing in markets from the rotation out of "pandemic performers" to imminent dollar weakness. He explains the drivers behind the breakout in U.S. yields, why commodities will continue to rally on structural deficits into the new year, and why FAANG stocks have moved beyond their best days. He also breaks down his long positions in homebuilders, transports, metals and mining as well as why he's bearish on bonds. Key Learnings: With this opportunity to go more in-depth into Tony’s investment framework and follow-up with questions, viewers will be able to glean more insight into how he blends his longer term macro perspective into his shorter term trading style. Understanding how to change course in the midst of rotation keeps investors agile so as to keep ahead of where markets are headed. To view Tony' charts, click here:



  • CR
    Christopher R.
    22 December 2020 @ 03:19
    anyone know how we can do something similar to calculate stock's standard deviation move in google sheets? :D
  • DG
    David G.
    29 November 2020 @ 09:39
    This was great, I tried to get on live but had tech problems and couldn't get logged back. Had to erase the cache memory and history, etc. I was one of the people who asked for this; I hope it happens again at some point. Thanks!
  • JN
    Jason N.
    27 November 2020 @ 21:01
    Can someone please explain what he means by using VIX to stop him from exiting long when its at 40 or 50?
  • JS
    Jon S.
    25 November 2020 @ 09:33
    Great one. I think rv plus should have tony one time monthly to let rv plus users consider the technichal view of this great interviewee.
  • IW
    Ian W.
    22 November 2020 @ 08:31
    Great video. I like Tony's clear, down to earth perspective.
  • PW
    Pratik W.
    22 November 2020 @ 00:33
    I was going to skip this video because of the number of comments and likes. but then i changed my mind. I am glad I did. TG is honest, open, vulnerable and a great teacher.
  • PP
    Peter P.
    21 November 2020 @ 14:20
    I am 30+ years in markets, and always appreciate TG's view for its clarity & logic - I always walk away with something to look for in the week ahead (e.g. Energy stocks clawing back performance outside of the FANG + / Value - rotation) Ash you as always get the best out of TG, and always add value as well. Well done gentlemen.
  • GH
    Guy H.
    21 November 2020 @ 12:44
    Thanks Tony, Ash for a really helpful video.
  • MO
    Master O.
    21 November 2020 @ 12:35
    Ash back in July you interviewed Dr. Kayvon Modjarrad from Walter Reed Army Institute of Research discussing the different types of technology for corona viruses vaccines. Can you please bring him back to have his opinion on the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and how the logistics of the distribution is going to be? Also I remember that his department was working on a completely different technology for all types of corona virus vaccine. It would be great to get an update on that work and research. Thanks.
  • JH
    Jon H.
    21 November 2020 @ 07:04
    60 minutes packed with exactly what I need to become a better trader. Brilliant Ash! Brilliant Tony!
    • AB
      Ash B. | Real Vision
      21 November 2020 @ 09:22
      Thanks, Jon!