Winter is Coming — Will the Energy Crisis Follow?

Published on
November 11th, 2021
63 minutes

CPI Haunts US While China’s Real Estate Poses Risk to the World

Winter is Coming — Will the Energy Crisis Follow?

Live ·
Featuring Mish Schneider & Maggie Lake

Published on: November 11th, 2021 • Duration: 63 minutes

The last time Mish Schneider was on Real Vision Live, she introduced us to her concept of the Modern Economic Family and the factors she looks at to determine what’s going on in the economy in order to make predictions about the future. Schneider, the director of Trading Education and Research at MarketGauge, looks at “Grandpa” Russell 2000 and “Granny” retail (XRT) to determine whether the economy is growing. Schneider then turns to her “Grandchildren,” transportation, biotechnology, semiconductors, and regional banks and compares them with the “Grandparents.” Maggie Lake welcomes Schneider back onto Real Vision Live to discuss the rising oil and energy prices and how it will impact the U.S this winter. They will be taking questions from Real Vision Plus members.