Carlos Asilis – Master Class

Published on
March 16th, 2016
60 minutes

Carlos Asilis – Master Class

Master Class ·
Featuring Carlos Asilis

Published on: March 16th, 2016 • Duration: 60 minutes

Carlos Asilis, CIO of Glovista Investments LLC., features in this Master Class discussing macro themes both looking forward and in hindsight. Carlos gives his outlook for the dollar, treasuries, and the precious metals market, discusses his investment framework and risk assessment process, and looks back at the '97 Asian Crisis to see what lessons we can take away to apply in today's markets.


  • MS
    Matt S.
    31 October 2016 @ 16:55
    That was pretty dull... a couple of good tidbits here and there but... Eight out of ten owners said their cats did not prefer it.
  • JF
    John F.
    16 October 2016 @ 21:48
    Consumer Staples outperformed historically at the bottom of the commodity curve (middle 10 years). Utilities outperformed historically through the deflation of the 1980's even past the crash of 1987. Which is something we have not seen in our first 10 years of the commodity cycle so far. It is overdue.
  • BL
    Brian L.
    1 May 2016 @ 22:44
    I would have liked to have heard him flesh out why he was wrong in his estimation of the recovery time from game theory.
  • NV
    Nicola V.
    25 March 2016 @ 00:40
    Fabulous Interview! Very impressive, what stood out to me was that the smartest guys really can't call how it will end...extreme measures will result in an extreme outcome, but up or down?!?!
  • AA
    ALI A.
    19 March 2016 @ 14:42
    The macro constructs were very useful. Seems a growing number of thinkers drawing parallels with late 1800s, perhaps an econ historian like Niall Ferguson could flesh this out
  • DS
    David S.
    17 March 2016 @ 15:15
    Excellent. Dr. Asilis compared the whole of the late 1800s with the whole of the present. Most pick and choose events to confirm their own agendas. This is a great lesson on objectivity.
  • DH
    Dale H.
    17 March 2016 @ 11:07
    A very impressive and interesting interview. Good questions and a wealth of knowledge shown. -- It was very worth staying up late to watch. I would definitely like more from Carlos. Good night all.
  • ET
    Ed T.
    16 March 2016 @ 20:41
    Fantastico! I do hope that we will get to hear from him again in future.
  • TF
    Tim F.
    16 March 2016 @ 17:06
    Great, repeat.
  • A1
    Animal 1.
    16 March 2016 @ 17:04
    ditto Robert - although I think they are just reducing bearish bets. The thesis remains intact.
  • rs
    robert s.
    16 March 2016 @ 15:10
    Just from observing the demeanor of all the experts from these interviews; it seems like all of the smart money is already in crisis mode and slowly exiting without trying to make waves while doing so
  • GC
    Gary C.
    16 March 2016 @ 15:09
    Scary brilliant person who wields a incredible memory with analytical genius ,combined with passion for his work,.....and incomparable experience. Not too many of these folks on the planet.
  • DC
    Dale C.
    16 March 2016 @ 15:06
    No matter how many times we ask, no one knows what or when the endgame is. I think we can all agree it will come slowly at first and then very quickly.
  • OT
    Oliver T.
    16 March 2016 @ 15:05
    How about Satyajit Das?