Accepting Your Emotions

Published on
June 5th, 2018
8 minutes

Accepting Your Emotions

Mental Game of Trading ·
Featuring Denise Shull

Published on: June 5th, 2018 • Duration: 8 minutes

Master decision coach Denise Shull of the ReThink Group provides advice on how to manage the emotional swings that can come with professional investing.


  • ss
    sid s.
    5 June 2018 @ 23:23
    don't you hate it when you have to listen to a teenager trapped in the body of 65 year old woman. two minutes into this video and I was done..
    • CC
      Carlos C.
      6 June 2018 @ 03:29
      She maybe trans, menopausal, or just have an odd voice. In neither case is your comment funny or appropriate. Stick fox news where form trumps content. Maybe you can handle that.
    • BM
      Bryan M.
      6 June 2018 @ 07:35
      Gee...I thought she was great! But...perhaps that's because I'm a millenial trapped inside a 74 year old body! Ya think?
    • DS
      Denise S. | Contributor
      6 June 2018 @ 11:35
      sid - actually I am 58. Guess it's time to think about a little lift in my cheeks ;-).
    • PJ
      Paul J.
      6 June 2018 @ 15:51
      Find her work and research pretty brilliant.
    • LA
      Linda A.
      7 June 2018 @ 02:25
      To Denise - No, no no - please no lift to the cheeks. Leave yourself untouched sister! U are beautiful & smart!
    • PD
      Pat D.
      13 June 2018 @ 09:09
      sid, absolutely no call to be personally rude
  • HO
    H2 O.
    5 June 2018 @ 15:43
    Very important topic, and she knows what she is talking about. But, interpreting my feelings and emotions while listening to her, I find her affect and presentation irritating. The logical reaction is to change the channel.
    • DS
      Denise S. | Contributor
      6 June 2018 @ 11:37
      Yeah I did speak kind of haltingly didn't I? Don't know what that was about -- I guess trying to think in sound bytes. Thanks for the feedback. Will use it to make it easier to listen to next time.
    • PD
      Pat D.
      13 June 2018 @ 09:07
      Funnily enough, I did not find Denise's presentation irrtrating. Contrarily, I felt her emoting the content and thoroughly resonated with everything she said.
  • nd
    nicolas d.
    7 June 2018 @ 05:47
    Can you advise a couple of books to read on the subject?
  • MS
    Mitchell S.
    5 June 2018 @ 19:23
    Very interesting video. This series, deals with a topic that is critical to really achieving long term success. At first viewing it may seem less useful than someone explaining their thesis on commodities or consumer staples, but give it some time. It seems “fluffy” but it is not. For the longest time I thought that the ideal approach was to eliminate my emotions. But she is correct. My emotions are part of the data set necessary for better investing. I need to include them in my analysis process.
    • WS
      William S.
      5 June 2018 @ 21:32
      You sir, understood her message.
    • LA
      Linda A.
      7 June 2018 @ 02:28
      Emotions & thoughts are everything to being successful in business & in life. In business everything is personal so better treat your clients like gold.
  • RB
    Richard B.
    6 June 2018 @ 12:53
    I love reading the comments on here. Lots of people commenting with emotion :). This is probably the most important part of trading. Yet most people don't get it. Which is a good thing for the people that do.
  • JM
    Johann M.
    5 June 2018 @ 13:16
    Really enjoying Denise's contrarian view on using emotion in investing and trading.
    • DS
      Denise S. | Contributor
      6 June 2018 @ 11:37
      Thanks Johann!
  • WB
    William B.
    6 June 2018 @ 05:15
    I loved this video. Love is an emotion that should be understood internally, rationally, every time you have it. Self understanding leads to greater empathy (understanding if you will) of others which is priceless when trying to understand why they do what they do and what they may do next.
  • AG
    Amir G.
    5 June 2018 @ 10:46
    I have no idea what she talked about for 7 minutes. Thankfully it wasn't any longer than that.
    • DB
      Darko B.
      5 June 2018 @ 11:43
      Maybe she was too emotional?
    • WS
      William S.
      5 June 2018 @ 21:29
      As a Psychology student I can relate to what she is saying. Excluding the small percentage of true psychopaths, emotions are a staple of the human condition and few things bring out emotions in humans like money does. By embracing these emotions and learning to "read" what they are telling you, as opposed to ignoring them, individuals tend to increase the quality of their decision making process. Emotions tend to lead cognition, not the other way around. Emotions are a pillar of human action. Master your emotions and learn from them and your cognitive processes will improve.
    • ss
      sid s.
      5 June 2018 @ 23:25
      yeah..what the fuck was that ???????????????????????????
    • DS
      David S.
      6 June 2018 @ 01:31
      Will S. - Good luck at university. It is very important to "read" emotions, but they do not lead cognition. Good article about emotions coloring cognition. The coloring is the "read". Emotions color our world as we construct reality in our minds. DLS
  • DS
    David S.
    6 June 2018 @ 01:13
    You could have given Karl Popper credit for your random tidbit on science. He earned it. Science at least start out with definitions and assumptions which are stated. Here is a good quote that would help structure your monologue on feelings, senses, and emotions: Feelings are mental experiences of body states, which arise as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s responses to external stimuli. (The order of such events is: I am threatened, experience fear, and feel horror.) Then we move on to observations and/or experiments - nomothetic or idiographic. I understand why someone could return to the second lecture and not understand what you said it the first lecture. I am in the same boat after the fourth and for me the final monologue. DLS
  • BT
    B T.
    5 June 2018 @ 20:59
    No doubt that it is an important topic. That said, I wasn't able to take away much from this except to not disregard emotions as they are a factor. I don't expect the secret sauce for free and in a 7minute clip but more meat on the bone in regards to how she helps people would both help her business and us viewers.