Predicting Others Emotions

Published on
July 31st, 2018
6 minutes

Predicting Others Emotions

Mental Game of Trading ·
Featuring Denise Shull

Published on: July 31st, 2018 • Duration: 6 minutes

Once investors have learned to take better stock of their own emotions, how can they benefit by predicting the emotional responses of others? Famed decision coach Denise Shull discusses.


  • JC
    Joe C.
    7 August 2018 @ 15:41
    I would really like to watch an hour-long deep dive interview with Denise
  • LP
    Lionel P.
    31 July 2018 @ 11:12
    I find these videos on psychology very interesting but always a bit short, it would be even more interesting if there would be concrete examples or situations.. use a case to show how these skill/techniques are used Thank you
    • CY
      CHIHLUN Y.
      1 August 2018 @ 04:03
      Agree with Lionel's suggest, interesting videos and would be great if we can ask her to give some concrete examples
  • BV
    Bogdan V.
    31 July 2018 @ 20:59
    I am interested how can this be applied to individual traders, prop traders, lonely wolves trading alone from their desk, isolated from the world, without access to trading flows, commentary, etc...
  • RA
    Richard A.
    31 July 2018 @ 11:55
    She mentions an app they developed to help people bring out their inner shape talent lol, but is it available and how does one get it? Rich