Sustainable Excellence in Investing and Life

Published on
October 8th, 2019
33 minutes

Sustainable Excellence in Investing and Life

Mental Game of Trading ·
Featuring Dr. Gio Valiante

Published on: October 8th, 2019 • Duration: 33 minutes

Dr. Gio Valiante, founder of Fearless Golf and head performance coach at Point72 Asset Management, coaches individuals at the highest levels of sports and finance. Dr. Valiante provides a handful of tips and anecdotes focused on improving performance and sustaining excellence over long periods of time. Please note that this video is comprised of shorter clips that previously appeared on Real Vision, compiled here for ease of viewing.



  • LF
    Liam F.
    24 July 2020 @ 04:39
    Great to hear this meta strategy, game player psychology. Very useful.
  • PC
    Peter C.
    7 June 2020 @ 21:10
    Need him back
  • AP
    Anton P.
    10 May 2020 @ 05:37
    More shows for the mental game please :)
    • PC
      Peter C.
      7 June 2020 @ 21:09
      need him back
  • RO
    Robert O.
    8 October 2019 @ 16:48
    Old content with a new title.
    • RS
      Randall S.
      2 November 2019 @ 17:46
      I'm glad this previously segmented interview was posted in full. Content is great.
  • JL
    John L.
    9 October 2019 @ 04:29
    Fascinating . Thank you. With all due respect Dr Valiante, your comments on Catholicism...Well, lets just say we disagree. Theologically, and I'm only paraphrasing Aquinas, Catholicism does not make us feel "Guilty" about wanting more. No, No. Rather it teaches us to order our desires. It teaches that the most powerful desires of wealth, pleasure, Fame/Honor, power, will not ultimately bring sustained happiness and peace to one's soul. It teaches that our restless hearts, ontologically, will only find joy when it rests in God ( hat tip to St Augustine ). Bottom Line; Seek wealth and use it for kingdom purpose. Bravo Seek power not for self, but in order to serve mankind. Bravo But above all, seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God and his righteousness. (Mt 6:33) Sorry guys for talking religion, but i just had to give my $0.02 worth.
  • GF
    Gordon F.
    9 October 2019 @ 00:23
    This is a repeat, but one that is well worth watching again (and again!). The section on entitlement and gratitude is especially important, and needs regular review, at least in my life.
  • JH
    Jesse H.
    8 October 2019 @ 10:05
    Dr. Valiante is a pleasure to watch and brilliant as usual. Top notch stuff. Will be watching this again.
  • SU
    Shakeel U.
    8 October 2019 @ 07:12
    Brilliant & insightful 😀