Success and Failure: Timing the Precious Metals Cycles

Published on
May 31st, 2019
9 minutes

Success and Failure: Timing the Precious Metals Cycles

Perfect Timing ·
Featuring Ross Beaty

Published on: May 31st, 2019 • Duration: 9 minutes

Ross Beaty, chairman of Pan American Silver, joins Real Vision co-founder Grant Williams to discuss his experience building a successful silver company. This video is excerpted from a piece published on Real Vision on September 21, 2018 entitled "Grant Williams in Conversation with Ross Beaty."



  • bm
    brian m.
    1 June 2019 @ 19:01
    Isn't the silver price correlated more to the prices of copper , zinc and gold? since most production is by product supply.
    • GF
      Gordon F.
      2 June 2019 @ 03:07
      The price of silver is NOT directly correlated except when all commodities are rising. Since silver is produced as a by-product of those mines, production goes up when prices for those metals go up, and down when they go down, regardless of the market price of silver. Thus, when the price of silver goes up, it tends to go way up, because there are only a fraction of the mines that produce silver as their primary product that will increase production in response to the higher price. Likewise when the price of silver goes down, it tends to go way down, because mine production is not cut back just because the price is down, at least from the mines that primarily produce other metals.