Find the Pattern, Get Ready for the Cycle

Published on
January 6th, 2022
50 minutes

Find the Pattern, Get Ready for the Cycle

Real Visionaries: Pippa Malmgren ·
Featuring Alexander L. Fernandez, Hector Fernandez and Pippa Malmgren

Published on: January 6th, 2022 • Duration: 50 minutes

An early passion for video games has paved the way for two hugely fulfilling career paths in gaming and metaverse solutions for Hector and Alexander Fernandez. They believe “everything is better when it’s a game” and that the transition from a legacy world to the metaverse comes with an infinite number of opportunities for investors. The Fernandez brothers explore the emerging markets that will have more advantages in virtual worlds, LC/NC applications that allow anyone to create, and share their thoughts on investing in knowledge over technology