Days of Thunder – The Rainmaker

Published on
March 3rd, 2016
31 minutes

Days of Thunder – The Rainmaker

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Featuring Alejandro Reyes

Published on: March 3rd, 2016 • Duration: 31 minutes

The Rainmaker Alejandro Reyes brings us a mid-week assessment of market action in the S&P and beyond, with actionable trades and charts to augment your approach to the markets.


  • JV
    JP V.
    8 March 2016 @ 11:06
    Rainmker, if you read this : what should people do with those "big notes" once cash is outlawed ?
  • EB
    8 March 2016 @ 07:54
    Excellent. I always take notes and the time to think about his presentation. Very, very informative and helpful. Thank you!
  • PT
    Pamela T.
    7 March 2016 @ 19:59
    Always enjoy the Rainmaker. Thanks for the GDX trade,!
  • cr
    chris r.
    7 March 2016 @ 18:32
    I enjoy the Rainmaker I just wish he could "Snap too" or something. I do not think the fed would go negative in the USA.
  • CP
    Constantin P.
    7 March 2016 @ 13:43
    Wasnt his top trade short "copper"? Up 12% in the last 3 weeks. unfortunately he never catches up on the things that went wrong. dont know what to think about that.
  • CD
    Charles D.
    6 March 2016 @ 16:26
    Excellent....speaks about hypothesis ...not certainty ...which really is what sensible investing is all about.
  • NT
    Norman T.
    6 March 2016 @ 05:35
    need to rebuild the car, not just try to catch up...
  • AE
    Alex E.
    6 March 2016 @ 01:11
    One of the smartest cookies in the box, but I agree with Shashwat that Chinese data is rigged like their banking and market systems. they're in deeper trouble than they want to admit...
  • DK
    Dimitris K.
    4 March 2016 @ 12:39
    Great approach, Great Tie Alejandro
  • sp
    shashwat p.
    4 March 2016 @ 07:17
    Awwww... He still has some residual faith in Chinese Data. Soooo Cuute!!
  • LC
    Liliana C.
    4 March 2016 @ 06:37
    I wish Alejandro wou OK do make his points faster. Agree with comment that n I think all points accurate or forego b email conclusions.
  • TM
    Taylor M.
    4 March 2016 @ 04:51
    Great overview. Agree with most of this. HELOC comment not entirely accurate. People just refi their heloc before 10 year full amortization.
  • cb
    chris b.
    3 March 2016 @ 22:48
    There's $2trillion of both corporate and US government debt coming due in 2019, they'd better start refinancing.
  • PS
    Patrick S.
    3 March 2016 @ 20:24
    Very easy to watch and I loved how simple and direct he was with each point
  • mg
    mark g.
    3 March 2016 @ 18:51
    Wish I saw the value others have. His observation of the market is not accurate regarding "all stocks are going up/down in sync". The growth/value dispersion is a major issue for professionals.
  • mm
    miguel m.
    3 March 2016 @ 17:58
    If that's not a "Real Vision" I don't know what is. A superb distillation. Bravo.
  • CW
    Cole W.
    3 March 2016 @ 17:25
    Damn Alejandro you did it again! On point every show. The analysis you provide are always right to the point. The NASCAR analogy was on point.
  • AM
    Aaron M.
    3 March 2016 @ 16:38
    Wow, great insight. Love his logic and line of thought.
  • RF
    Raoul F.
    3 March 2016 @ 15:45
    Fantastic as usual.
  • JO
    John O.
    3 March 2016 @ 14:25
  • RM
    Ryan M.
    3 March 2016 @ 14:12
    Always a pleasure to watch The Rainmaker. I appreciate his observations.