Debt Deal Buys Time for Greece and EU

Published on
June 29th, 2017
19 minutes

Debt Deal Buys Time for Greece and EU

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Featuring Michael Nicoletos

Published on: June 29th, 2017 • Duration: 19 minutes

Michael Nicoletos, co-founder and CIO of AppleTree Capital, assesses the investment landscape for Greece, in the wake of the European debt agreement, against a backdrop of significant interest by funds. Michael dissects the financial settlement and outlines the structural reforms still needed in Greece, as well as what the decision means for EU unity and the signals to watch for on the road ahead. Filmed on June 16, 2017, in London.


  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    29 April 2019 @ 02:18
    Got to feel sorry for the Greeks. So thankful I have this subscription. I was able to advice a girlfriend, and she got her money out of Greece before the shit hit the fan. Regrettably she's got it into an Italian bank.
  • DS
    David S.
    29 June 2017 @ 20:44
    I really feel for the Greeks - a great country and one of the greatest histories. This crisis will damage generations of Greeks as the US depression damaged generations of Americans. In like manner when WWI war reparations caused a depression in Germany. In 2001 when Greece entered the Euro, economic incentives favored borrowing to the hilt, retiring early, and collecting elevated pensions in many Euro countries. Now that Trump has made it clear that Europe is basically on its own, members of the Euro community must get their club in order or dissolve the Euro. Continuing the status quo will not work! Postponing crisis after crisis will not work! Increasing Greek debt will not work. DLS
    • FM
      Fraser M.
      9 July 2017 @ 09:03
      I don't agree with your contention that the US depression damaged generations of Americans. My father lived though the depression and I learned to greatly admire his frugality, hard work and understanding of the limitations of government policies. What do you think the snowflake generation is learning from the current refusal of central banks around the world to allow economies to follow the Schumpeter's natural cycle of creative destruction?
  • WM
    Will M.
    8 July 2017 @ 14:05
    So... what I picked up from this interesting segment is that Greece has NOT really addressed its problems. The country has not seen any real improvement, its government still spends way too much as a proportion of the economy, debt is still rising, it remains trapped in the Euro, the officials who caused this problem remain free in society. There may wish opportunities there for speculators but I see the country as ripe for a political shock and eventual drachmatization.
  • RP
    Ryan P.
    6 July 2017 @ 01:43
    Anyone see the circle at 5:18 go from the top right screen to the bottom?
    • HK
      H K.
      6 July 2017 @ 13:34
      Saw couple of circles after that as well.
    • WM
      Will M.
      8 July 2017 @ 13:56
  • DM
    Daniel M.
    2 July 2017 @ 14:55
    While on the topic of Greece, RealVision, could you please try to get Yanis Varoufakis? Look at this presentation where he talks about what money is and how it IS politics: He has such insight into the problems facing greece and the EU.
  • HK
    H K.
    30 June 2017 @ 12:32
    Just give 3% of your nations resources in prepetuity to a system that was designed to fail. Sheer lunacy!! Get out of the Euro, devalue the Dracma have a several years of pain and get on with life. Good luck Greek people - beautiful country with good people.
  • RM
    Ron M.
    29 June 2017 @ 20:30
    How about the significant amount of Chinese infrastructure and tourism investment as part of Belt and Road? Athens/Greece should benefit greatly from this. What is your view?
  • MS
    Matt S.
    29 June 2017 @ 15:05
    So the Fed bailed out the Wall St banks, now the Eurogroup is bailing out the European Central Bank (using Greece as a proxy), so someone (probably the IMF with Yaun in it's SDR basket) will bail out the Eurogroup one day... what a stinking mess. Greece will never, ever, be free of debt.
    • DS
      David S.
      29 June 2017 @ 20:04
      Neither will the USA. DLS
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    29 June 2017 @ 14:20
    This is a good use of time if your crazy enough to have a position in Greece!!!
    • TM
      The-First-James M.
      29 June 2017 @ 19:20
      I am crazy enough. Cheers. OBOR...
  • NP
    Nikolaos P.
    29 June 2017 @ 12:31
    What opportunities do you see on the non-listed side?