Myles Jardine

Published on
October 10th, 2014
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Myles Jardine

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Published on: October 10th, 2014 • Duration: 7 minutes

The refreshing perspective of a seventeen-year-old financial blogger ( on the future facing our youth and the risks with student loans that no one seems able to talk about.


  • OS
    Owain S.
    27 March 2017 @ 11:14
    Having come to similar conclusions and from a background of late home education and skipping university, not even obtaining high school diplomas because it becomes a relatively expensive external cost here in the UK after leaving the state school system, taking that expense into the real world of reading, playing poker, investing, trading, and traveling, I feel like so far I've learnt as much, if not more at a fraction of the cost. I'm pretty young myself at 23 now but it's amazing to hear these thoughts so eloquently put by such a young guy, yet also invigorating to know that there is always someone fresher than myself!
  • DG
    Dion G.
    18 July 2016 @ 06:09
    30yr repayment is to your benefit. It provides higher cash flow to you which could present opportunity to save cash at the same time. You may want to check if you can pay it back earlier with out penalty. Which I'm sure you could.... even if you couldn't the penalty would certainly not be near the cost of the interest amortized over the 30 yrs ( which you expressed at well over 6 figures on 54,00). Your contrasting this with your parents experience wbich provides a biast view to what your trying to express. I would suggest if you want a clearer view on your concern you compare with other countries (which generally have considerably higher university costs and shorter amortization periods). Good attempt at forming an argument for high education costs however no good data to back up. Education ( University or otherwise) is the highest return on investment possible, as this is the base for all capital created in the economy today. Consider your self lucky if your are in the position to go to university where the education is provided to you - learning/education is extremely difficult and hard for those not so lucky.
  • M.
    Milton ..
    2 June 2016 @ 22:19
  • SN
    Seth N.
    18 December 2015 @ 01:19
    Impressive young man. Higher education in the states is a mess. If you're reasonably affluent it will cost over $300,000 to educate your kid at a higher-end private school. That's unsustainable.
  • SH
    Shantel H.
    3 November 2015 @ 04:00
  • WM
    Will M.
    8 April 2015 @ 01:41
    As a student in the mid to late 70s the government paid my tuition and travel expenses. I was sooo lucky! I paid for both my daughters college believing its essential under natural talent abounds
  • KS
    Kashyap S.
    19 October 2014 @ 04:57
    Video keeps buffering even on a fast connection.
  • SB
    Simon B.
    16 October 2014 @ 14:37
    Very eloquently put. He will go far. James Altucher wrote a v interesting article on why NOT college. Find it at
  • RG
    Ric G.
    14 October 2014 @ 01:07
    Uni is a valuable life experience and parents need to pay to ensure their child benefits - governments are myopic re education & innovation.
  • jf
    john f.
    13 October 2014 @ 15:29
    word mortgage - origin: the root mort (fr) denotes death; and gage (fr) is "enter into contract" mortgage then becomes "contract unto death"
  • PR
    Peter R.
    13 October 2014 @ 14:08
    It is good to see someone who has taken the time to understand how the student loan system works and how damaging it is to their future life
  • BL
    Bruce L.
    11 October 2014 @ 16:08
    should be mandatory to watch that before signing up for a student loan!
  • MP
    Mark P.
    11 October 2014 @ 13:51
    This is great! A vastly under reported problem.
  • PS
    Patrick S.
    10 October 2014 @ 23:23
    Gotta get my 18 year old to watch this. Myles really gets it.