Penniless Pensions

Published on
February 12th, 2020
3 minutes

Penniless Pensions

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Featuring Raoul Pal

Published on: February 12th, 2020 • Duration: 3 minutes

Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal launches the next step in exploring the retirement crisis: exploring how state and federal pension plans are serially underfunded. He introduces Konstantin Boehmer, Thomas Healey, and California Senator Moorlach who explain why public pensions are in rough shape, and how, as bond yields have continually sunk lower, assets cannot generate enough cash to meet obligations.



  • WM
    Will M.
    12 February 2020 @ 22:36
    This is a topic that just seems to get almost no visibility in the media. The entire idea in most Americans minds that the Social Security Fund is actually a "bank account", vs a bunch of Treasury IOUs because the money has already been spent, is astounding. These "pay as you go" systems are what the demographic evidence shows are in desperate trouble. Looks like only Australia has adequately tackled the problem.
    • JF
      Jennifer F.
      14 February 2020 @ 03:12
      As an Australian I can tell you two facts. (See Choice) We have the 3rd worst (in the world) Performing Managers in charge of the Investing in our Super Funds. Secondly the Australian Government set up a law a good 5 years ago, that has not been enacted as yet. But it means that if the shit hits the fan, they are taking the funds from commercial super to funds, to fund the Government. Then Aussies will be given pensions to live on. Enquire now about getting your super out and they will tell you, you can only get an annuity. - Weekly payment. You can't get a lump sum. Not the adds on TV by super funds, trying to get you to move to them. Note that the super contributions by employees has to go through a clearing house. You can't tell me the government does not see amounts going in! My husband I got our funds out of respective super accounts and set up our own super fund. We can control what it gets invested in.
    • TM
      The-First-James M.
      14 February 2020 @ 19:16
      Hey Jennifer. Do you know of any reason why the Australian Government won't be able to 'borrow' the contents of Self-Managed Super Funds like your own if the shit does hit the fan with Government Pensions? I ask as a fellow Aussie Citizen with his funds currently invested in an ING Living Super account, so am interested in any SMSF exclusions from this new Law in a legal perspective. I currently reside in the UK, but actively manage my Super from here.
  • JK
    Jay K.
    14 February 2020 @ 01:24
    That one thumbs down is from a pension fund manager.