Profits, Politics and Conflicts – The next 10 years, Part I

Published on
April 5th, 2016
28 minutes

Profits, Politics and Conflicts – The next 10 years, Part I

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Featuring Siddharth Sarin

Published on: April 5th, 2016 • Duration: 28 minutes

Siddharth Sarin, Founder & Director of Perennitas Solutions Inc., applies business cycle and Kondratieff Wave theory to analyse the political and geopolitical spectrum, the S&P500 and a possible RMB devaluation. Siddharth studies US debt to GDP, wage inequality, the effects of a falling oil prices, the consequences of financial regulation as well as possible further monetary intervention by the Federal Reserve.


  • zy
    zhang y.
    16 October 2018 @ 19:57
    Still valid more than 2 years later
    • SS
      Sid S. | Contributor
      22 October 2019 @ 19:04
  • MS
    Matt S.
    3 March 2017 @ 06:36
    Meh... Kondratiev what? Winter?
    • SS
      Sid S. | Contributor
      17 November 2017 @ 16:42
      ...and your point is?
  • NS
    Niek S.
    2 May 2016 @ 12:06
    Top notch!
  • SS
    Sid S. | Contributor
    22 April 2016 @ 01:39
    @Emil - read the Howe Strauss theory- cyclical occurrence of large nos. of a certain archetype, along with l-term credit cycles, to me explains somewhat human tendencies n credit cycle manifestations
  • SS
    Sid S. | Contributor
    21 April 2016 @ 21:26
    @Alvern – net nets are a great opportunity even now in japan and some parts of Europe, although following probabilities I would wait a few months for a good entry point after a mkt correction
  • EK
    Emil K.
    21 April 2016 @ 14:05
    If Sid has any thoughts on the Juglar, Kitchin and Kuznet cycles pro or con it would be nice to hear. Very interested in hearing why these cycles work. What human behavior are they capturing?
  • LC
    Liliana C.
    18 April 2016 @ 05:21
    Hi Sid, than u so much for priceless presentation. Like idea of land with water. Anyou ideas of what stateshe in us or countries? Thanks!
  • WM
    Will M.
    17 April 2016 @ 18:56
    Excellent DATA based presentation. Strong bias toward probability based predictions. I can't understand why the down votes are so high when his data is solid & he clearly explains his predictions.
  • AV
    Alvern V.
    10 April 2016 @ 01:43
    Excellent take and outlook, although If we are still heading towards the trough of the Kondratieff wave, I'm not so sure I agree with the the equity suggestions at this part of the cycle.
  • KE
    Kenan E.
    9 April 2016 @ 09:23
    Why does he get so many down-votes??? Clear presentation full of highly interesting data on a probably not so bright future. But giving a down-vote doesn't change probabilities of events to come ;-)
  • JF
    Jennifer F.
    8 April 2016 @ 04:51
  • KA
    Kelly A.
    7 April 2016 @ 21:48
    Fascinating. Isn't one thing that could cause a bull run in USA be a congress that finally votes for fiscal spending on infrastructure!? Perhaps a black swan given the congressional myopia. But...
  • LA
    Linda A.
    7 April 2016 @ 04:18
    Sid, Sorry that I forgot to mention it is data based. I enjoyed your presentation. U have a great way of conveying your data & thoughts I look forward to your future presentations.
  • SS
    Sid S. | Contributor
    6 April 2016 @ 17:19
    Colin you can download the research paper from if you wait for 2 days i'm going to upload the updated paper on my site
  • CD
    Colin D.
    6 April 2016 @ 17:05
    Content and presentation was excellent. Unfortunately quite a few of the slides were on partially visible. Is it possible to get a copy, as I would like to rewatch with slides to hand?
  • SS
    Sid S. | Contributor
    6 April 2016 @ 16:03
    Linda, yes it is pessimistic but its all data based. My next preso shows the +ves. I hope i'm wrong and we bypass the challenges with maybe a growth spurt from the next killer app but if otherwise...
  • SC
    Sau C.
    6 April 2016 @ 15:27
    Excellent Presentation on cycles. Surprised at the high number of downvotes
  • LA
    Linda A.
    6 April 2016 @ 15:26
    Lovely & informative! Pessimistic overview in such calm fashion. Thank u!
  • KH
    Katrina H.
    5 April 2016 @ 22:32
    Fabulous presentation. I am looking forward to the next piece from Sid!
  • SS
    Sid S. | Contributor
    5 April 2016 @ 19:18
    You can access the full research paper at Sid
  • PV
    Peter V.
    5 April 2016 @ 17:58
    Very Interesting. Is it possible for RV to post copies of the presentation slides?
  • MT
    5 April 2016 @ 15:17
    Wow, he really knocked it out of the park with this presentation. Very clear, very sorted, very awesome! Thanks Siddarth and RealVision! @ RealVision: You continue to exceed my expectations!
  • CC
    Christopher C.
    5 April 2016 @ 15:09
    Tour de force high level summary. Many complementary synergies with other vids.