Welcome Home: An Introduction to Housing Week

Published on
December 15th, 2019
2 minutes

Welcome Home: An Introduction to Housing Week

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Featuring Justine Underhill

Published on: December 15th, 2019 • Duration: 2 minutes

As the baby boomer generation ages, what will happen to the housing market that millennials have been late to enter? Perhaps Australia’s housing market — which has shot up over 400% in the last 25 years — could provide a look into the future. Join us this week to explore the impact that record low global interest rates, stagnant wages, speculative bubbles, and politics have had on what is one of the most controversial, but accessible areas of the global economy — housing.



  • ZL
    Zach L.
    15 December 2019 @ 19:19
    Here in Vancouver thre average cost of a house is CAD$1.5 million. Only the top 1% of income earners (+$180k) can afford that, and even then it'll take 30 years to pay off the mortgage. I'm interested to ssee how this story ends.
    • TB
      Thomas B.
      16 December 2019 @ 00:27
      Vancouver has been a prime destination for asian offshoring due to a number of factors, while still being a relatively small market.
    • ZL
      Zach L.
      16 December 2019 @ 01:39
      Agreed. Very similar reasons to Australia or any first world city with a direct flight from a major Chinese city.
    • HW
      Henry W.
      17 December 2019 @ 14:06
      Doesn't even have to be a direct flight, Boston experienced a good deal of it as well.
    • PP
      Peter P.
      19 December 2019 @ 08:00
      A stab at how this ends....When the Millenials are ready to reset the system: Raise interest rates at the front of the yield curve by 300-500bps Keep the curve inverted for 3 years Everything unwinds
  • SP
    Scott P.
    17 December 2019 @ 21:52
    Stop with the teasers just release the video
  • PD
    Pere D.
    16 December 2019 @ 17:15
    There is a housing bubble building up in major Chinese cities, Vancouver, Sydney, Melbourne, Seattle, San Fran.,San Jose, LA.....It will be interesting to see how this develops.
  • DM
    Don M.
    16 December 2019 @ 11:23
    Does anyone know what happened to ReaVision this week? - after this 1:27 intro, I get thrown into a podcast - "This Week" on RealVision is actually last week (as of 6:20am ET) - is "Housing week" going to be political opinion, or will it have any investment value? Hope someone knows what is going on.
    • BB
      Brooks B.
      16 December 2019 @ 13:58
      Looks like the up next on this is based on their special episodes/announcements category so you're getting some older videos.
    • KJ
      Keith J. | Contributor
      16 December 2019 @ 14:26
      Don, I can't speak about the rest of the week, but my interview will close out housing week and air on Friday. As always, I will discuss what is really going on in US housing markets and the substantial risks that are out there now. Keith Jurow MarketWatch real estate columnist
  • PG
    P G.
    15 December 2019 @ 16:30
    Looking forward!