Funny Money: How We’ve Created “Unsustainable Systems”

Published on
December 3rd, 2021
55 minutes

How Social Media and the Retail Revolution Changed Equity Markets

Funny Money: How We’ve Created “Unsustainable Systems”

Real Vision Essential ·
Featuring Simon Mikhailovich and Jared Dillian

Published on: December 3rd, 2021 • Duration: 55 minutes

In a wide-ranging interview with The Daily Dirtnap editor Jared Dillian, Bullion Reserve co-founder Simon Mikhailovich warns that globalization, financialization, and virtualization may be steering us down a perilous path. The contrarian investor draws parallels between his experiences growing up in the Soviet Union to the current political and economic climate in the U.S. Mikhailovich warns about the “gamification” of investing via trading platforms, which he likens to lottery machines. Mikhailovich also hints about a brave new world where current supply chain snafus may cause companies to reconsider long-standing, outsourcing practices, arguing that a geopolitical realignment with China may be underway. Recorded on November 22, 2021.