Stablecoin Regulation Puts a Damper on the Metaverse Hype

Published on
November 3rd, 2021
34 minutes

Real Vision The Defiant’s Premiere Episode: A Weekly Breakdown of Crypto News & Themes

Stablecoin Regulation Puts a Damper on the Metaverse Hype

Real Vision - The Defiant ·
Featuring Camila Russo, Elaine Ly and Robin Schmidt

Published on: November 3rd, 2021 • Duration: 34 minutes

Welcome back to Real Vision The Defiant—a weekly show recapping the hottest popular news in crypto. In today's episode, Camila Russo and Robin Schmidt from The Defiant join Real Vision's Elaine Ly to discuss stablecoin guidance and the impact of Facebook's "Meta moment" on the Metaverse. They begin by covering the US Treasury's recent report on stablecoins. The 26-page report urges Congress to regulate stablecoin issuers like banks to safeguard against potential runs, payment system risk, etc. Our hosts also deep-dive into Metaverse news. Although it may appear that Meta (formerly Facebook) is leading the charge, many see it as just another power grab by Big Tech. However, this move has a massive halo effect on the whole industry, bringing valuable attention to developers building what matters: an open Metaverse. Tune in now to listen to this fascinating discussion. The content mentioned in today's video can be found here:,, and Recorded on November 3, 2021.