Dr. Copper’s Housecall to China

Published on
March 28th, 2019
8 minutes

Dr. Copper’s Housecall to China

Technical Trader ·
Featuring Bob Iaccino

Published on: March 28th, 2019 • Duration: 8 minutes

"It's mob rules when it comes to price action," according to Bob Iaccino, co-founder of Path Trading Partners. In this episode, Iaccino unpacks key concepts in technical trading, using copper price action in the wake of China trade negotiations. Concepts include: Price channels, clear paths, and viewing a trade through multiple times frames and moving averages to shed light on price action. Filmed on March 26, 2019 in Chicago.



  • LC
    Lloyd C.
    31 March 2019 @ 09:13
    How about electrification of economies?
    • AC
      Andrew C.
      9 April 2019 @ 01:16
      India.... they are doing it and gunna grow their copper demand. China isn't the only story anymore.
  • DH
    Daniel H.
    5 April 2019 @ 05:18
    Great compelling TA.
  • MN
    Michael N.
    30 March 2019 @ 06:16
    this was great, i cant tell you the number of books and people I've went through before getting a clear explanation of clear path. thanks again. wish i could hear you speak more on it. in essence a return to the scene of the crime or the breakdown candle in this case.
  • WB
    William B.
    30 March 2019 @ 05:20
    Love the perspective here. Price is king, my fundamental thoughts are secondary.
  • AC
    Andrew C.
    29 March 2019 @ 21:02
    Chinese traders have punted on the ytd rally. Smashing vol the whole way. Gobs of OI around the $6,500 level (slightly higher). If the west can get the price up into & through $6,550/mt --- could be in for a massive squeeze. That said, macro view says to fade this move, which is ballsy given the whole world is expressing/pushing a long EM/short USD trade. Following the Chinese has been the wise move over the years - ala mid-'17 Gelin Dahua/coal baron trade. Wonder if this time they are wrong. Fireworks are coming ;)
  • SD
    Sebastien D.
    29 March 2019 @ 01:50
    If we look at it the Elliott way it's the opposite direction that is likely. We've just completed a zig-zag B wave hitting that upper resistance. Next move is a C wave down to complete the correction. Of course corrections not always that simple, that's just the theory. I wouldn't play Bob's trade short term. Medium/Long term (once this correction is over) I agree with Bob :)
    • BI
      Bob I. | Contributor
      29 March 2019 @ 18:06
      Fair analysis, everything is about duration. It's working out for the long-side today. Thanks for the comment and please keep them coming.