Will the S&P 500 Finally Breakout?

Published on
September 26th, 2019
13 minutes

Will the S&P 500 Finally Breakout?

Technical Trader ·
Featuring Frank Cappelleri

Published on: September 26th, 2019 • Duration: 13 minutes

Frank Cappelleri, CMT, chief market technician at Nomura Instinet, sees the potential for a long-awaited breakout in equities. Cappelleri acknowledges that selling the breakout has been one of the best trades over the last few years, and explains why this specific breakout is different. He highlights failed breakdowns, tracks the reversals in bearish indicators like momentum verses value, and provides his price targets for the S&P 500. Filmed on September 24, 2019 in New York. For more information on bear oscillators, see Frank's previous interview here: https://www.realvision.com/tv/shows/trade-ideas/videos/10-steps-for-navigating-a-sloppy-market



  • TR
    Tobias R.
    28 September 2019 @ 16:12
    Classical example of how actionable advise on RV works: a high percentage of thumbs down "(like here) is the best predictor that the content will work and is of high quality! Put that trade on. If high percentage of thumbs up, fade the idea asap! Do the opposite!
    • JL
      James L.
      4 October 2019 @ 16:29
      right on, theres a lot of groupthink in here
  • JF
    Joseph F.
    3 October 2019 @ 00:45
    SPY Low today of 286.64 Oct 2/19.
  • DP
    Devraj P.
    28 September 2019 @ 19:39
    Out of many there are always few charts that one can use to support their idea and thesis so investors are expected to do their research😀
  • TS
    Tyler S.
    28 September 2019 @ 17:14
    This guy at the end of all the videos is horribly annoying. If real vision ever took my professional advice I have a solution for what they are play games trying to figure out.
  • MA
    Matthew A.
    28 September 2019 @ 02:56
    Damn, Ray Liotta is a technician now?
  • HS
    Han S.
    28 September 2019 @ 01:33
    Blah blah blah. Mr. Hindsight.
  • se
    steve e.
    28 September 2019 @ 00:42
    Great video Frank, some nice chart work. I think that the bull about to run.
  • TB
    Timothy B.
    27 September 2019 @ 10:00
    I couldn't stop laughing, this guy, a hilarious comedian. LOL
  • AR
    Andreas R.
    27 September 2019 @ 06:30
    Institutional investors haven't been this bearish since 2008 (BAML Survey).....for a crash to happen it has to be unexpected..triggered by panic selling.....i don t see this happening in a period where all u hear about is recession and krach....its easy to bearish these days...and thumbs up to the contratian guys
  • ag
    anthony g.
    26 September 2019 @ 19:20
    Not much here for me. Maybe he is right though. ....
  • TT
    Tungsheng T.
    26 September 2019 @ 16:59
    the stock now is trading on news the past 12 months. no technicals needed
  • CB
    Clifford B.
    26 September 2019 @ 12:45
    Great to see someone bullish come out.