Global Recession: What’s Next?

Published on
May 11th, 2020
42 minutes

Trading Through Turbulence: Portfolio Management in Uncertain Times

Global Recession: What’s Next?

The Expert View ·
Featuring Raoul Pal

Published on: May 11th, 2020 • Duration: 42 minutes

"What's going to happen next?" It's the question on everyone's mind, and no one person has the answer. That's why we've put together two incredible weeks of content with varying perspectives from some of the biggest names in finance. Raoul Pal returns to kick off the campaign and update viewers on how his "unfolding" thesis has evolved over the past month. He argues that swift policy response has ended the liquidity phase and ushered in the hope phase faster than previous bear markets -- but the question still remains, "Will hope turn to normalcy or will it give way to insolvency and depression?" Raoul also explains why the bond market is screaming that U.S. rates will go negative and informs viewers on his personal asset allocation. Filmed on May 6, 2020.