Binance: The Creation of a Crypto Trading Platform

Published on
December 2nd, 2020
52 minutes

Binance: The Creation of a Crypto Trading Platform

The Interview - Crypto ·
Featuring Changpeng Zhao

Published on: December 2nd, 2020 • Duration: 52 minutes

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) joins Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal to discuss digital assets, Bitcoin, and Binance. Zhao shares past experiences from his career, how he first encountered Bitcoin, and what led him to start one of the most successful crypto exchanges in the world, Binance. Pal and Zhao discuss the difficulty of scaling up a global business within a short period of time, and Zhao explains what Binance is doing to help drive adoption for the crypto currency space. Filmed on June 29, 2020. Key Learnings: Crypto is an extremely fast paced and competitive environment. This video gives an insider view into the creation of one of the most successful crypto exchanges in the world. Understanding how they’ve built their business for this new asset class provides viewers an enhanced perspective on how quick the growth in this industry has been and what it takes to succeed there.



  • TM
    Tommy M.
    14 December 2020 @ 14:56
    Can you post the chapters of this segment so we can skip around?
  • MD
    Mason D.
    7 December 2020 @ 07:07
    STO - Security Token Offering CZ almost said XTZ Tezos
  • PD
    Pierre-Luc D.
    6 December 2020 @ 03:32
    Great interview with great content from a great guest. It was a pleasure to watch.
  • AW
    Aaron W.
    6 December 2020 @ 00:47
    This was a very intelligent play by Raoul, he handled this situation brilliantly.
  • ST
    Stric T.
    5 December 2020 @ 17:05
    so derivative everything?
  • EC
    Edward C.
    4 December 2020 @ 08:26
    Inspirational - Changpeng's passion for the space and the care of people and customers absolutely fantastic.
  • KS
    Kevin S.
    4 December 2020 @ 02:33
    I really enjoyed this conversation, some key components that stood out to me are the regulatory challenges CZ mentioned with KYC and how that is a challenge for the industry. The onramps of KYC and bringing fiat into the crypto space are so critical, like CZ mentioned, I suspect once these issues are improved that's when we'll see BTC realize its true value.
  • FB
    Fred B.
    2 December 2020 @ 21:10
    Would be nice if you support chromecast, so that we could watch the videos on a TV
    • GT
      Gerald T.
      3 December 2020 @ 14:20
      I agree, put on LG Smart TV and Amazon Firestick too
  • WL
    Will L.
    3 December 2020 @ 13:23
    Excellent interview
  • ID
    Isa D.
    3 December 2020 @ 08:11
    Always a pleasure to listen to such visionaries & gentlemen. Thank you. Lots of love from Turkey!
  • MZ
    Mark Z.
    3 December 2020 @ 05:58
    Your funds are SAFU
  • jW
    john W.
    3 December 2020 @ 02:07
    The quality of the answers depends on the quality of the questions. Raoul asks good questions.
  • lg
    lionel g.
    2 December 2020 @ 17:15
    great interview...learning so much about cz insight of the whole space!
  • DD
    Dmitry D.
    2 December 2020 @ 11:07
    Funds are safu!
    • DD
      Dmitry D.
      2 December 2020 @ 13:41
      On a serious note - great to hear from CZ. Binance's ascent is nothing short of epic, what an effort!