Maintaining Privacy in an Increasingly Transparent World

Published on
October 5th, 2021
34 minutes

Rekt Capital: Marrying Technical and Psychological Analysis to Bitcoin

Maintaining Privacy in an Increasingly Transparent World

Featuring Santiago Velez, Roman Storm and Ash Bennington

Published on: October 5th, 2021 • Duration: 34 minutes

Privacy is a controversial topic—many believe it to be a fundamental human right while others believe it unnecessary and that only criminals need monetary privacy. Part of the promise of blockchain is its immutable paper trail, but how do we protect individual identity? Roman Storm, co-founder of Tornado Cash, joins Santiago Velez, entrepreneur and digital asset investor at Block Digital Corporation, to walk us through the technical and philosophical challenges faced by him and his team at Tornado Cash in developing a product that can both protect users’ privacy and comply with KYC and AML regulations required by federal authorities. Velez and Storm also discuss the intricacies involved with building on top the Ethereum chain and incorporating elements of decentralized governance. Interviewed by Ash Bennington on September 24, 2021.