Picking Winners: The DeFi Venture Capital Success Story

Published on
December 22nd, 2021
62 minutes

Dressed for Success: Why Fashion is the Metaverse’s Next Hot Property

Picking Winners: The DeFi Venture Capital Success Story

Featuring Richard Chen and DeFi Dad

Published on: December 22nd, 2021 • Duration: 62 minutes

One of the youngest general partners in crypto VC, Richard Chen at 1confirmation, joins DeFi Dad, head of marketing and portfolio support at Fourth Revolution Capital (4RC), to discuss his journey through crypto. 1confirmation touts an impressive list of financial backers, including Peter Thiel and Mark Cuban, and has demonstrated prescient use of client funds with early investments in Polkadot, OpenSea, and Coinbase. Chen discusses the investment thesis which led to such ludicrous returns, emphasizing the importance of picking a small number of companies with high conviction, the strategy of the highly successful Stan Druckenmiller. DeFi Dad and Chen reflect on the recent bull run in crypto, how the industry has changed drastically since 2017, and what may be in store for the near future. Recorded on December 9, 2021.