The New Hyper Growth Sector: Crypto

Published on
October 30th, 2020
44 minutes

The Growing World of Crypto Assets and an Approach to Valuing Them

The New Hyper Growth Sector: Crypto

The Interview - Crypto ·
Featuring Thomas Lee

Published on: October 30th, 2020 • Duration: 44 minutes

Thomas Lee, managing partner & co-founder of FSinsight, a unit of Fundstrat, joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss the correlation between crypto and traditional markets, Bitcoin's outperformance of all sectors, and the blurring of lines between banking and technology. Lee describes how he views the crypto asset world overall and how his background in hyper growth sectors, like mobile, has shaped his approach to understanding crypto as an asset class. Filmed on October 21, 2020. Key Learnings: Lee shares valuable insights and charts for crypto, comparing and contrasting its performance to traditional assets over the past several years. This provides an extremely clear understanding of just how much crypto has outperformed other assets. He explains how it has been received by institutional investors and their view of the asset class. As a veteran technology analyst, Lee breaks down crypto to its fundamental components as technology and shares useful analogies to help understand it and how it compares to previous hyper growth industries. For more information on Thomas' research, please visit



  • MP
    Matias P.
    9 November 2020 @ 01:56
    annoying that video is not indexed so you can navigate the video without having to watch the entirety
  • VN
    Vano N.
    6 November 2020 @ 19:37
    Great comment by Tom about some of the unique projects out there - "if you're looking at Ethereum, or Horizen, or Chainlink, and each is trying to really put its place within crypto". Crypto is no longer a game of forking another chain and creating your cryptocurrency - you need to differentiate yourself and give something unique and demanded by companies and community.
  • AW
    Aaron W.
    5 November 2020 @ 03:48
    Cryptocurrencies are not equity. Most of this interview is a conflation.
  • PJ
    Paul J.
    31 October 2020 @ 23:30
    Welcome to the end of the video.
  • BG
    Brent G.
    30 October 2020 @ 13:43
    This is the talking head that made me seek out real vision and turn off cnbc. There could be inbound nuclear warheads in flight and this guy would have a bullish spin!
    • PU
      Peter U.
      30 October 2020 @ 21:12
      Second that, but Tom is still a sharp thinker.
    • KB
      Kirk B.
      31 October 2020 @ 04:48
      No comparison between Thomas Lee being interviewed on CNBC and this interview on RV. The entire focus of the under 2 minute interviews on CNBC are: What is the future price of the particular asset and when? In this lengthy interview on RV skillfully led by Ash, Thomas presented a nuanced depth of insight into the crypto sector.
    • TP
      Timothy P.
      31 October 2020 @ 17:14
      I like Tom, but honestly if the Crypto channel was broken out into its own paid tier -- I wouldn't subscribe. It just seems every huckster that has a token to sell has glommed on to it, and the signal to noise ratio is low.
  • Jd
    Jarno d.
    31 October 2020 @ 15:16
    Quant Network deserves more attention and recognition in regards to what they are trying to achieve in this space. Their Overledger OS will provide ANY: ANY Interoperability; blockchain DLT and legacy interoperability without additional overhead. Also, Quant CEO G. Verdian is literally on the frontline of establishing the standards and the regulations for DLT and Blockchain.
  • sc
    sung c.
    31 October 2020 @ 02:37
    I love and believe in BTC. Having said that, as for me, I would love it if a bank like institution would hold my crypto holdings, send me a monthly statement, and insure it as the FDIC insures bank accounts, let's say up to $250K, in the event hackers take over their system. If there were such an institution, I would certainly place my BTC holdings in their care, and I believe many others would open more BTC and ETH accounts.
  • GZ
    Grace Z.
    31 October 2020 @ 01:27
    Great interview! Tom Lee and Raoul Pal were the two principal figures who finally convinced me to get into the crypto rabbit hole about 6 months ago, and I haven’t looked back since.
  • JT
    John T.
    30 October 2020 @ 22:40
    Interesting. I ended up going with Coinbase because I preferred personal ownership of the bitcoins to a trust/etf structure and it was the biggest/most popular way of doing that. It has its limitations- I love my tools with Ameritrade- but I'm starting to think of it more as a side play like my physical gold and silver. I plan to accumulate more if prices decline, but once I hit my target (maybe another $10k but no more) I don't plan on messing with it much. My Ameritrade account will continue to satisfy my trading appetite.
  • JH
    Joshua H.
    30 October 2020 @ 17:21
    Thanks for the video. Any chance Tom’s latest crypto deck will be shared?
  • MR
    Michael R.
    30 October 2020 @ 16:14
    Thanks guys, great discussion. Glad to see Tom on RV.