2020’s Intersection of Markets, Macro, and Politics

Published on
January 7th, 2020
31 minutes

Down the A.I. Rabbit Hole: Hedge Funds, Wall St, & Machine Learning

2020’s Intersection of Markets, Macro, and Politics

The Interview ·
Featuring Jason Trennert & Vincent Catalano

Published on: January 7th, 2020 • Duration: 31 minutes

Jason Trennert, chairman of Strategas Partners, sits down with Vincent Catalano to explain how Wall Street research house is looking ahead to the coming year. Trennert shares his analysis of markets, the macro landscape, and the political environment heading into the 2020 election. Filmed on December 16, 2019 in New York.



  • JA
    Jordan A.
    8 January 2020 @ 01:43
    Let's face it short term rates are going to 0.
    • TS
      Taranvir S.
      13 January 2020 @ 15:12
      short-term real rates aree already zero...sh*t...losing purchasing power in the "strongest economic expansion!"...needs some fixing
  • DS
    David S.
    7 January 2020 @ 19:11
    Mr. Catalano did a good job of bringing out Mr. Trennert's position of steady as she goes. IMO this position is betting on the continued market melt-up with QE money, the strong dollar and buybacks vis-a-vis market fundamentals as explained by Mr. Trennert. The market ignored many potential black swans in 2019 and may continue. Because of boots on the ground, I believe that Mr. Trennert will be able to pull the plug quickly. I am, however, sitting and waiting for the market to realize we are in quicksand – at least by historic standards. Therefore, the world’s smallest family office is on the sidelines. I will let younger investors take the risks and hopefully reap the rewards. DLS
    • PP
      Patrick P.
      12 January 2020 @ 03:26
      David ... do you mean historic standards before we had the Fed and central banks across the world in crazy land ... also we are experiencing historic growth through technology and the growth of our knowledge base ... not to mention the world has become really small.... so throw out the "HISTORIC STANDARDS" and realize they do not mean much today.
  • PP
    Peter P.
    11 January 2020 @ 19:04
    Thank you Vinny & Jason for sharing your time and your views with the RV community. Loved Jason’s early 2015 biography / memoir to date My Side of the Street discussing Donald Trump as a presidential candidate well before Trump came down the escalator in 2015.
  • AA
    Aymman A.
    9 January 2020 @ 15:08
    Excellent interview. Well presented ideas. I tend to disagree with such a bullish thesis but interviews like this allow me to comprehend the bullish argument.
  • JC
    John C.
    8 January 2020 @ 03:22
    Good interview. Not sure I agree with his S&P prognosis and general equity bullishness, but who knows the crazy Fed could keep this market levitated for quite awhile longer, even if the underlying data continues to be poor. Re PE amazing that there are 7000 PE firms with $3 trillion chasing deals. No wonder the market is so oversaturated and pricey these days.
  • TM
    7 January 2020 @ 23:54
    Seems like a really nice guy. I agreed with him on almost nothing.
  • RV
    Ryan V.
    7 January 2020 @ 22:15
    Had to double check the filming date. Sp500 P/E is 24.35 today. AMD is trading at 3X it’s dot com bubble valuation.
  • SC
    Sam C.
    7 January 2020 @ 19:05
    "That's Fantastic" :)