Big Bucks Off Wall Street s Beaten Path

Published on
April 20th, 2018
59 minutes

From Mentor to Activist: Facebook Through the Eyes of Roger McNamee

Big Bucks Off Wall Street s Beaten Path

Real Vision Essential ·
Featuring Marc Lasry, Marc Levine

Published on: April 20th, 2018 • Duration: 59 minutes

From co-owning Milwaukee's NBA franchise to working with multiple U.S. presidents, Marc Lasry has worn many hats during his career. However, the co-founder of Avenue Capital Group says his core strategy for making money today does not resemble the approach he took a decade ago. In this in-depth interview, Lasry speaks with Illinois State Board of Investment chairman Marc Levine about running a successful hedge fund, finding value in Europe and Asia, and why he loves opportunities in aviation. Filmed on April 11, 2018 in New York.