Building Businesses at the Frontier of Money

Published on
June 27th, 2019
48 minutes

Building Businesses at the Frontier of Money

The Interview ·
Featuring Marc Bhargava, Yin Wu, and Jalak Jobanputra

Published on: June 27th, 2019 • Duration: 48 minutes

In this Crypto Week special, Real Vision speaks with three businesses founders in the blockchain and crypto space. First, Marc Bhargava, co-founder of Tagomi, sits down with Real Vision’s Justine Underhill to discuss the creation of his crypto electronic trading platform. Then Real Vision’s Tyler Neville talks with Yin Wu, the founder of the protocol DIRT, a blockchain-based method for vetting information. Finally, Justine speaks with Jalak Jobanputra, the founder of Future Perfect Ventures, an early-stage venture fund focused on blockchain technology, and they discuss the potential of Facebook’s digital currency business. Filmed in June in New York and San Francisco.



  • cm
    carlos m.
    9 July 2019 @ 00:03
    All 3 were great. I liked Marc's breakdown of the type of coins (store of value, utility, etc) - helpful to retail investors in building out of portfolios. Thanks!
  • KA
    Kevin A.
    30 June 2019 @ 04:54
    These three interviews were actually pretty interesting. Marc and Yin, being rather young and so heavily into the space, seemed pretty realistic about the industry. I didn’t get the snake oil salesman feeling I got from a lot of people during crypto week. I still think the “asset class” is a joke but these RV interviews have helped me get a sense of who is on the other side and to understand their thoughts better. On a side note, if my kids dropped out of Stanford their senior year, I think I’d need to be institutionalized!
  • SP
    Steve P.
    28 June 2019 @ 11:52
    We're closer to 1995 than 2002 - that's a major comparison