Cullen Roche

Published on
June 19th, 2015
45 minutes

Cullen Roche

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Published on: June 19th, 2015 • Duration: 45 minutes

Cullen Roche, founder of Orcam Financial Group LLC and publisher of Pragmatic Capitalism, joins Real Vision for a conversation on the divergent markets and policies in today's economic universe, going into U.S. bipartisan gridlock, high and low volatility in markets, and a world of negative interest rates.


  • MA
    Melanie A.
    10 October 2015 @ 22:06
    Always interesting to get different perspectives. A lot of finance reminds me of the Monty Python "I'm an individual" scene.
  • MB
    Mike B.
    26 June 2015 @ 21:57
    ...No one knows how long a world sustained by debt will last. Look at Japan.
  • MB
    Mike B.
    26 June 2015 @ 21:55
    All over the map with this interview. Can't say I learned anything new or insightful with this interview. Raoul summed it up best when he said no one knows how long a world sustained will last.
  • KF
    Kalen F.
    26 June 2015 @ 03:22
    Weather, really?
  • VB
    Vincent B.
    23 June 2015 @ 15:18
    Loved the change of pace
  • KS
    Kashyap S.
    22 June 2015 @ 10:29
    The point of RVTV is not to get interviewees who toe the party line. It is to engage intelligent people in conversation no matter how differently from the mainstream they view the world. Good job, RV.
  • VP
    Victor P.
    22 June 2015 @ 08:45
    Plain BS.
  • JP
    Jeronimo P.
    22 June 2015 @ 06:11
    Someones definitely been reading "Calafia Beach Pundit". :)
  • AA
    ALI A.
    21 June 2015 @ 06:02
    Too much time spent on "state of the world" which we are very aware of. Raoul's devil's advocate role is the sole reason to watch this interview
  • JW
    Jim W.
    20 June 2015 @ 12:08
    An clear voice with a different view than mine (and most of the RV members). I've been wrong for a while, and his comments have helped me with perspective, and possibly ways to get right.
  • JB
    Jeff B.
    20 June 2015 @ 05:33
    this guy should run for political office, he has no idea of how things work on the street but a really good idea of how they should work in theory! I'll guess he comes from money & hasn't built a biz.
  • JB
    Jeff B.
    20 June 2015 @ 05:14
    really?Central banks were buying T-bills and T-bonds during the financial crisis? what they bought was the bad assets that the banks bought and couldn't unload during the crisis....I need more space
  • NA
    Naiem A.
    19 June 2015 @ 22:40
    his analysis of balance sheet accounting concurs with that of Steve Keen. i agree 100%
  • TJ
    Terry J.
    19 June 2015 @ 17:30
    Refreshingly different views. Really enjoyed it.
  • CC
    Christopher C.
    19 June 2015 @ 15:31
    Great Interview... In regards to US.. Believe the Texas Bullion Depository is first step in intra state financial Dis-integration. Will be interesting to see if other states follow suit.
  • RM
    Randal M.
    19 June 2015 @ 15:18
    187 central banks+Keynesian economics=wealth transfer, centrally planned economy, destruction of truly free markets Derivatives/deficit spending=weopons of mass consilidation
  • JD
    John D.
    19 June 2015 @ 15:08
    Basic, but good high level primer for those that don't understand how modern $ is created vis-à-vis collateral.
  • RM
    Randal M.
    19 June 2015 @ 14:59
    Deficit spending+shift to "service economy"+no tariffs+quantitative easing=wealth transfer, lower living standard, debasement of currency. Solution: Tariffs+productive jobs+less regulation/tax