Interview with Dave Floyd

Published on
August 10th, 2016
38 minutes

Interview with Dave Floyd

The Interview ·
Featuring Dave Floyd

Published on: August 10th, 2016 • Duration: 38 minutes

Dave Floyd, founder of Aspen Trading, explains how to isolate the price action on a fundamental idea, as well as the art of sitting on your hands when the charts don't match the fundamentals.


  • MS
    Matt S.
    11 August 2016 @ 13:22
    Brilliant - more trading process video's please
    • MS
      Matt S.
      18 June 2017 @ 16:18
      are you me? :)
  • MS
    Matt S.
    18 June 2017 @ 15:21
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease allow some modicum of buffering... I'm suffering trying to watch this here in Asia : (
  • DH
    Dan H.
    10 October 2016 @ 16:50
    best interview ive see thus far. would love to hear more from dave
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    27 August 2016 @ 06:28
    Sid V.....thanks for the positive comments
  • Sv
    Sid v.
    25 August 2016 @ 21:23
    really good to listen to a real pro talk about how he does his business
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    22 August 2016 @ 17:45
    Thanks for the feedback Ryan
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    22 August 2016 @ 17:44
    Raoul glad the position sizing was helpful. In terms of patience, it is something that is required/acquired....not optional IMO
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    22 August 2016 @ 17:43
    Thanks Salvatore
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    22 August 2016 @ 17:42
    Hi Hubert....while not the cleanest way, an ETF allows for short exposure to European bonds.
  • MF
    Mohammad F.
    22 August 2016 @ 10:42
    Very good and honest interview, It would be great to have Fred back... please!
  • HS
    Hubert S.
    20 August 2016 @ 14:26
    question Grant should have asked: LONGER dated (put) options on European Gov bonds - where exactly do these trade ? Or only OTC with investment banks ?
  • RF
    Raoul F.
    18 August 2016 @ 18:52
    Fantastic as usual Dave. The parts about position sizing and patience were particularly helpful.
  • RV
    Ryan V.
    18 August 2016 @ 14:16
    Fantastic interview, being a trader myself, this definitely resonates with me. One of my favourite interviews among a sea of great interviews!
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    16 August 2016 @ 11:36
    Suzanne - so glad to see my interview helped you with your process and confidence. Trading solo can be tough at times for sure... Take care, Dave
  • SJ
    Suzanne J.
    16 August 2016 @ 05:27
    Excellent! I will now renew my subscription. Don't know why I hesitated! Cheers, Real Vision and David - I don't understand why, but every now and then I need reassurance that processes I have in place are worth keeping. I guess it is the lot of the solo trader. This interview renewed confidence in my methods. Learning to trust oneself is probably the hardest lesson - for me, at least.
  • RA
    Robert A.
    16 August 2016 @ 00:20
    Great one Grant and nice to see Dave in this different setting so we can get a better grasp on his methodology. This will help to get an even better feel for his chart work. Clever idea to use this additional format with him. I noted that you did this once as well with Greg Weldon.
  • SC
    Sajad C.
    14 August 2016 @ 21:14
    Very good interview, real insight into todays markets, i have just watched this interview twice. Well worth a watch.
  • PJ
    Peter J.
    14 August 2016 @ 16:09
    Excellent interview
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    13 August 2016 @ 08:40
    Hi Miha L. Great question. The better way to look at it is what % will I risk of my total portfolio on any 1 trade? For me that will be 1-2%....
  • DS
    Dan S.
    13 August 2016 @ 00:18
    The problem we have with trading advice is we have been living in a bail out culture. That cannot last. What happens when your counter-party is NOT bailed out? Mathematically speaking charts can inform on risk profile but not the future price due to non-linear variables that have built in uncertainty (why weathermen and CNBC talking heads are usually wrong longer term). Check out Chaos Theory and Fractals. A very troubling strange attractor is revealing itself
  • ML
    M L.
    12 August 2016 @ 18:20
    @Dave I am wondering what leverage do you usually use (if you use it) when opening mid to long term positions?
  • RM
    Ryan M.
    12 August 2016 @ 15:13
    Dave trumped his last episode, which at the time I thought was his best. In this instance, Grant put it perfectly at the end. Getting to talk to Dave for half an hour vs seeing Dave on the charts, once again shows Dave's handle on the fundamentals of good trading which all retail traders should aspire to. The specific ideas he mentions are, to me, not the most important part of the interview. Ideas come and go, and if you depend on others for tips, you will fail. However, the first 30min explains the mindset and execution that makes a trader successful.
  • HJ
    Harry J.
    12 August 2016 @ 14:16
    This helps as a retail investor. Long term ideas and methods employed to get ideas and patience to see them thru to a win is worth my time and effort. Glad I'm a subscriber! Thank you
  • SP
    Steve P.
    12 August 2016 @ 07:46
    Think the BIG takeaway from this interview are thoughts on gold and the philosophy of trading re taking losses EARLY ie a humble position when markets indicate you are currently wrong. Thanks for an enlightening interview Dave
  • IH
    Iain H.
    12 August 2016 @ 05:39
    Great interview Dave. Some really helpful insights for me. Great work Real Vision. Thanks
  • JD
    John D.
    12 August 2016 @ 04:16
    Hi Dave - I hope you smash the AUD NZD trade for purely selfish reasons - I am a Kiwi with my [gold] portfolio predominantly in Australia. I hold the same view as you. There is no way the NZ economy justifies the relative currency position we have vs. our neighbours. Cheers John.
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    11 August 2016 @ 14:33
    Sorry for the delays in responding to the comments....travelling in the UK/Norway.....back home in a few weeks. Will keep checking comments periodically and keep you posted on a future project that should be a ton of fun and very useful.
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    11 August 2016 @ 14:31
    Hi Jon.....I'm a cool dude? Right on....and I would like to think I have been blessed with the right make-up to be a trader.
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    11 August 2016 @ 14:28
    Hi Buck - be it Fred Hickey or the other 3rd party resources I view....the fact is, ALL traders need info/analysis from people that think and see things differently or simply have skill sets that I/you may not possess.
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    11 August 2016 @ 14:27
    Matt S....thanks for the suggestion....I/RVTV have some ideas in the works that should be right up that alley.....push the envelope a bit. Details to follow.....
  • DF
    Dave F. | Contributor
    11 August 2016 @ 14:25
    Mark S....thanks for the nice comment.
  • CN
    Chasen N.
    11 August 2016 @ 03:56
    It's interesting how David Floyd and Alex Gurevich came to the same conclusion on AUD/NZD. Both cited the multi-decade range on the pair.
  • MS
    Mark S.
    11 August 2016 @ 00:05
    I didn't think it was possible for me to like a Dave Floyd piece more than his chart walk-throughs. But this was somehow even better. Thanks to both Dave and Grant!
  • bb
    buck b.
    10 August 2016 @ 22:14
    Fun interview. His Fred Hickey shout out was well made. Hickey is having an epic year as I've watched his picks closely. Grant might betime to follow up with Fred if you can find him...he might have called in rich.
  • de
    dale e.
    10 August 2016 @ 22:01
    As always Dave is always excelent.
  • JS
    Jon S.
    10 August 2016 @ 20:49
    Dave is one cool dude. He's built for trading.
  • TB
    Taylor B.
    10 August 2016 @ 17:07
    Any thoughts on mechanisms/instruments for US-based retail investors to short various European govt bonds?
  • KO
    Kieran O.
    10 August 2016 @ 14:20
    The point on building your conviction through a narrative that helps you stay on a trade is so important.